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Prickles & Goo

I wrote a letter to Mom. Or a letter to me. Or a letter to everyone. Or a daydream to the sky. —- Hi Mom- I feel wiser now than last we spoke. I know more facts and have more questions. I have less confidence and more contentment. I won’t figure it out; thriving in…

The Morning After Pill

I did not know what to do this morning. Eventually I decided to write a short task list for myself. The are reminders for right now as well as the next four years. I want to share that list, in case it was helpful to anyone else…

On Friendship

Last week I finally got around to reading the only Andrew Sullivan book I’d neglected: “Love Undectectable: Notes on Friendship, Sex, and Survival.” It is three essays on various topics, connected loosely on the AIDS epidemic and his reflections of living through it.  The third struck me as the obvious gem. It’s on friendship. Is there anything…


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