Morning Music (in the late afternoon)

My first crack at a return obviously must begin with MM.

Confession that most already know: I love Halloween.  Now that August has finally waned completely, my mind is already turning to the fantastic feelings that the ghoulish holiday brings.  The songs, the movies, the sounds, the costumes, the crackling leaves, the brisk wind, the pumpkin pie, the jack-o-laterns…I could go on forever.

Along that line…

Red Right Hand – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Morning Music – It’s Back

TVit has inspired in me a return to the basics in life…smiles, optimism, laughter, and morning music.  When you get an email music recommendation this good, you must share.  I have a feeling this inspiration will propel me for weeks, perhaps months, maybe years, or forever.

My favorite part: the whispers at 2:30     …we are not what you think we are…we are not what you think we are…

Mika – We Are Golden