Think Really, Really Hard Before Voting for a 3rd Party Candidate. Really.

Unlike any major candidate in generations, Donald Trump is temperamentally, emotionally, and intellectually unfit to be President of the United States. He would be an embarrassment and, more importantly, present far too high a risk of precipitating an economic, social, or military catastrophe.younghillary3

If you disagree with that assessment, this post is not for you. It won’t persuade you of anything. Though I reserve the right to try to persuade you at some point before the election (and I hope you feel the same about me).   

But assuming you agree with the lunacy of a President Trump, you are left with 4 options:

  1. Vote for Hillary Clinton
  2. Vote for Gary Johnson – Libertarian party
  3. Vote for Jill Stein – Green party
  4. Not vote

Even among those who would never vote for Trump, I’m increasingly hearing things like:

I hate Trump, but Hillary is just as bad.

We have two terrible options this time.

One is a liar and one is an idiot, so I’m voting for a third party.

younghillary1I cannot state it emphatically enough: Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton, under no reasonable assessment is she “just as bad” as Donald Trump.

The demonizing of Clinton reached a peak this week with the Republican convention acting as round-the-clock infomercial promoting the Lucifer-like qualities of Hillary. If a stupendous claim is made enough times, many will believe it–the truth is pliable. Clinton is far from a saint, but the truth about her record bears little resemblance to what Trump allies scream.

Hillary Clinton served as First Lady, US Senator, and Secretary of State. She received impressive plaudits for her policy acumen, preparation, and willingness to collaborate. Just take the word of many Republicans:

  • I know Hillary, and I think she’d make a great President.” – Donald Trump, 2008
  • Clinton is an intelligent, hard-working professional….the best single choice that President Obama has made [as Secretary of State]. – Newt Gingrich, 2009
  • I think she’s done a fine job [as Secretary of State]. The problem isn’t Hillary Clinton, who’s great. – Condoleeza Rice, 2013
  • Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy. – Jeb Bush, 2013
  • She’s a policy genius. – Mike Huckabee, 2014
  • I know her. I like her. I’ve worked with her.” – John Kasich, 2015
  • She’d make a tremendous President. […] She was extraordinarily resolute, determined and controlled in the wake of the [Benghazi] attack. – General David Petraeus, 2014

Hillary’s political opponents believe that she is highly capable—except when they are trying to beat her in an election. Then she is evil.younghillary4

There is no reason to apologize for supporting Hillary or hedge your bets by saying that both candidates are equally terrible. But, I understand that you may have deep philosophical differences with Clinton and are considering voting for a third party. Please think very hard before actually doing that.

I support third parties and have voted for a few. But this is not the election to cast a presidential vote that way.

  1. The latest polls have the race as a dead heat, with anywhere from 10-20% of voters undecided or thinking about a third party vote.
  2. A swing of even 1 – 2% of third party voters to Trump or Clinton may decide the election.
  3. Clinton’s share of the vote almost always drops in polls where third parties are included–third party candidates are hurting her more than Trump.
  4. Gary Johnson will not be elected President. Jill Stein will not be elected President.
  5. The genuine growth of a third party will be based on actually winning elections at the lower levels and building a base of support locally. Random performance in presidential elections is not the crux of the effort.
  6. Very marginally indicating support for a third party candidate’s agenda is far less important than adding your weight to prevent President Trump.  This year is not normal.younghillary2

The most important outcome in this presidential election is that Donald Trump not become the Most Powerful Person on the Planet. I am not a fatalist. I will not move to Canada if Trump wins. But if this Republican National Convention has taught me anything, it is that I’d forever regret not doing everything in my power to prevent the party of Abraham Lincoln from being smothered into oblivion by a Donald Trump presidency.

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  1. Anonymous

    Not tryin to start anything here on a Friday night however you’re not making too many compelling points for or against Hillary. It is easy to pick and choose quotes about anyone of importance and those quotes you chose as in all politician based quotes on the positive or negative side aren’t frequently made from a genuine standpoint regardless of the side of the line they fall on. They all have something to gain from said comments. People said great and horrible things about MLK, Ghandi etc. People need to stop allowing themselves to be influenced by the masses and make up their own minds with information that is fact based and verifiable…end rant. Well that and political lines are beyond an antiquated sheep based mentality. Think for yourself people 🙂

    1. Anon7

      Hey, Anon! How’s your work on the Trump campaign going?

      1. John Castle (@saintlegion)

        So you’re basically agreeing with his point, right? I mean, it really looks that way, since you’re attacking him instead of his point. Right?

      2. Anonymous

        That anon made a better point then anybody else on this page, and they did not specify who they were going for, nor does it matter because what they said is a 100% true statement for either candidate (or any person really). You’re just showing how closed minded you are. Try to read things with a positive, open attitude think for yourself!!!

      3. Thomas Âû Wall

        *groan* the Author, I will credit for trying not to condescend to people voting their conscience, when that conscience prohibits them from voting for Trump *or* Clinton, but political gaslighting is gross and won’t persuade anyone to do anything, Anon7, btw, did you know that there are more than 2 parties, and the only people who are “voting for” or “supporting” Trump are those that actually work to speak favorable of him, or those who mark their ballot EXPLICITLY FOR TRUMP, voting against Hillary IS NOT THE SAME THING, “Democrat Loyalists” are starting to sound like that abusive spouse/ex that senses you’re going to leave them, then uses psychological abuse to talk them into staying (mostly by using fear or guilt) it that the “strong candidate” you want, or are you just not yet willing to accept the fact the DNC and, assuming you actually believe those who were denied the right to vote don’t exest, the Democratic voter, picked as their candidate, I say “their” candidate because as soon as they rigged *this of all primaries* it became “my party” no longer (#demexit)

        Author: we respectfully disagree, but thanks for not being TOTALLY condescending, or like Anon7, even though you still used tired and arguably factually untrue statements (you won’t know if Gary Johnson or Jill will win or not, but I can tell you that both Clinton and Trump should be a lot more worried than they are, their supporters should be taking a step back, and re-evaluating a lot of their political tactics, and foundation, condescending to and abusing the Left and Independents will not get you far with us)

      4. Martin Kinnaman

        The people that would believe this article of “lessor evils” over a conscientious and informed appraisal of not only the candidates but the “party’s” themselves are getting and should get what they deserve. Sad that you blockheads must take so many with you.
        Both party’s have been in the pockets of the banking cartels since before the Civil War. It really takes little effort on the internet to see this. That an article written with such a perspective of your intelligence and gullibility should be the real shock. That she is probably correct should not.
        Have you noticed that they are both authoritarian? Does it concern you that the media is so concerned with the hype but don’t even realize that the Oath of Office is a legal and binding contract to do what is Oathed to whom or what is Oathed? In other words, they don’t have the Constitution to back up their words and actions, neither one.
        Dream on that you can just vote for corruption and that it won’t get worse. Dream on that you are “free” when the choice you see is of these two “people” and their backers.
        The 1%. Do you honestly believe they get there or stay there because of good business accumen? Do you think that the 1/3 of the planet that is in abject poverty is just that bad that these wonderful bankers or the wonderful governments and world government just can’t fix it? If you do, then this woman and her article is correct.
        Stupid is as stupid does. How does that apply?

      5. brch2

        Thomas Âû Wall… your claim about people voting for Trump being because of actually supporting him and specifically the things he’ll do is not correct… anyone that truly feels Hillary is the more dangerous of the two, or will lead to worse outcomes between the two, or outright do not want her in office HAVE to vote Trump. Because while the system is broken and two parties have all the major power or chances to win, then voting 3rd party is the bad choice if it will increase the chances of the candidate you want kept out above all others to win. A vote by anyone that despises a candidate is no better than a vote for the candidate if it doesn’t go to the only other candidate with a chance to win. At least as long as the 50%+ of voters that hate both choices, and a large number of them that don’t care specifically much for either party, refuse to be convinced to vote together against them.

        And even if there is an option for 3rd party, you assume Trump voters are voting for him because of the things he claims to want to accomplish. That’s also not entirely true. What I want/ed him to accomplish is to split the Republican party and force a political realignment, hopefully to an end where the Tea Party/evangelicals (aka, worst of the bunch) are rendered powerless, and we get left with a more moderate and accepting party that isn’t against anyone specifically, but that will remain steady in refusing to pander to liberal emotional bullshit. Of course, although the party split is still possible based on how they’re all reacting to their own candidate, the further realignment I hoped from a Sanders win failed to come to fruition, largely because the corruption I hoped to see pushed from the party was used to help push Sanders aside and keep it. I want a few of the things Trump has claimed to want in order to try to regain and maintain some sense of control and security over our borders and country as a whole… but I voted him specifically expecting all of those things he’s said he’ll do are outright either lies, or not ever gonna get approved by Congress. Nevertheless, I voted for him because overall he’s the better option, could cause the necessary damage required to try to force our politicians to get a clue and the country in a position to try to get on track… and any unnecessary or harmful damage he causes can be cleaned up a LOT faster than any Hillary causes will be, because he doesn’t have half the government, or nearly as many blindly led voting base sheep overlooking, excusing, and covering for all of the crap he MIGHT do like Hillary does for not just the crap she might or will do, but all the crap she’s ALREADY done. I’d rather risk the 4 years max a horrible Trump presidency would cause, than the very likely 8 years Clinton will get despite how horrible she ends up being. (Speaking of, at the time in the primaries, he appeared to be the only one that would be able to stand up to her bullshit attacks while certainly was the one guaranteed not to back down from them… there was no reasonable expectation his attitude was going to get worse, or that it was as openly hostile as it seemed for any reason more than targeting a certain voting base and because it proved to work with that base).

    2. Anonymous

      I don’t think the point was to convince people to vote for Clinton based on her qualifications. I think the point here is to convince people to vote for her because the alternative is a very dangerous mentally ill con artist with fascist tendencies.

      1. John Castle (@saintlegion)

        If the point is to convince people to vote against Trump, there’s no reason to vote for Clinton. (And a whole assload of reasons not to, including her apparently depthless corruption, callousness toward the American people, pathological lying, sociopathy, and more.)

      2. Anonymous

        And the other one is Trump.

      3. Mollie

        On what do you base that. His embarrassing rude remarks ?? Again brainwashed. What exactly in his records that are so egregious ?? Truth now !! Not media hype. Some bankruptcy filings. The media does not report what his employees say about him. Don’t really like his personality. But if I were to vote for HC, I would feel such shame at losing all integrity and ethics. Voting for her is accepting 3rd world countries standards. Kill gays, women who don’t obey and on and on. Plus accepting abject dishonesty and lying I couldn’t look myself in the mirror ever again

      4. Kayti

        it is close to unlikely that I would take anything posted by someone who called themselves “anonymous” seriously.

      5. J

        Ummm Mollie – I think you’re confused. That’s DT’s record not HC lol

      6. Anonymous

        How true he is a mentally mess up man to say words he has said and think the nation will vote for him, I have more faith in this nation to think he could win’ Thing that should be put out there is Fox News is owned by Murdock and an ARAB…his name is something similar to this name Alwee something, young go
        on google find the name and past it all over the internet

      7. Anonymous

        Quite agree I think he could start ww 3 he’s a very dangerous man,and his wife is a dumbbo.

      8. kay

        As opposed to her FBI recognized exposure of classified data and national security. She’s a much bigger risk.

      9. Tjaye Jefferson

        The saddest part of this blog is that it is directed at people who don’t think into the future or of the consequences. These are emotional voters; they fall for soundbites and follow the mob mentality. They can’t look at facts or scrutinize the evidence against Trumper (Trump + Hitler), because they don’t care. They simply want to vote against Hillary Clinton. Her resume is irrelevant; they just don’t want her in office (I will keep my thoughts of why to myself). Trump won’t release his tax returns because it will disprove his claim that he is a successful businessman, as opposed to a rich kid who inherited wealth and has use the laws designed to protect the wealthy from their own debt and misappropriations to keep some of his wealth. They won’t look at the studies that show that Trumpler is far less successful that he claims. They overlook his charges of rape of a 13 year old, but likely are waiting for the firing squad for Dr. Bill Cosby. They overlook his blatant inconsistencies and lies, they dismiss his racism and support by neo-nazi groups, kkk and david duke….who openly attributes his new run for senate to the success and acceptance of Trumpler’s campaign. They ignore his 180 turns on policy and issues. They wave off the many lawsuits from employees for discrimination and failing to honour contracts and commitments. They either don’t understand or they don’t care…or they choose to disregard his comments of how he will jeopardize our connection and standing internationally by dishonouring our commitments with NATO. These people DO NOT CARE what Trumpler does, he’s not “that woman”. They are willing to support a racist – he’s not “that woman”. They don’t see the dismantling of our nation that his presidency will cause. Most only see the team that beat their team losing to another team. And that other team only sees the golden years of discrimination being legal and acceptable and ….that “woman” will not be in the white house intended for men….white men (they are still salty about the Black family in the house)….and sadly many just want their “team” to win, too. They see this like the super bowl of elections and they just want the Broncos to beat the Panthers, so they can have a beer and bbq to celebrate. They don’t see or look for the consequences, so they aren’t bothering to weigh the consequences. And the only good part about it is that, just like during the Bush Administration, the hardest hit by the failures of these red candidates is felt in the states that support them strongest. “In a democracy people get the leaders they deserve.” Joseph de Maistre NOT Alexis de Tocqueville or Abraham Lincoln….that’s what happens when you research.

      10. Deborah Finnegan

        Sorry to tell, I agree with all that. It was soon to be told to the public about the seriousness of Trump’s mental illness, and how destructive he would be as a President. I watched the excellent interview today with the writer from The New Yorker, and it was a finality to hear Trump being spoken of as a “sociopath”. It’s a very dangerous type of skewed mental perception. I’m not a doctor, but I know something about people like this. We cannot allow Trump to be elected.

      11. Anonymous


      12. Anonymous

        God you brainwashed idiots don’t have a clue. Trump is the only chance we have before we have to overthrowour corrupt government. The only thing Hillary is qualified to do it bankrupt our country

      13. Rachel Robards

        Tell that to to four dead Americans that were killed in Benghazi!!!!

      14. Mike

        The way I see it is the Clinton campaign fears a third party success because it would mean a definite indictment for the Clintons and a large percentage of the government.A third party win would expose all the criminal activity of the past couple of decades, and the great purge of the establishment of both the DNC and the RNC career criminals. We now need a third party more than ever this is the only way to get real change and take America back.

      15. Mike B

        Anyboby who talks as anon is obviosly a demo crat working for hilary. Your sneaky and thats what yall do. Ya aint fooling me nor most people. Give it up!

      16. Brian

        I have one question no one has been able to answer what has Hillary done? A positive bill she has gotten passed. Politically what has she done

      17. Sandra

        Right, because she has no real qualifications that would make her a great president. Maybe a good military general, but not a president of the most powerful country on earth.

      18. Kathy

        You do realize all that you have said about Trump can easily be said about hilary? Except Trump isn’t responsible for any one’s death. And he supports Conservative values. So you see, people will formulate opinions based on the information they have, the person’s record and their gut feeling. I’ll never vote democrat. Their values don’t align with mine.

      19. Anonymous

        Exactly! It says A LOT about a candidate when your qualifications are not enough to win against Trump.

      20. Marie Stoll Wallar

        you missed the point. He was trying to point out if you vote for a third party that one small one or two percent that did not get voted for Clinton or Trump can basically throw the election because it is going to be so close. Basically we have to look as the “lesser of two evils” because one of them WILL get elected, not the independents.

    3. SheepODoom (@sheepodoom)

      If you can name one person MORE QUALIFIED for the job out of all the candidates than Hillary NAME THEM

      1. Terry

        Both third party candidates are more coveted for the Presidency than an outright liar!

      2. Crimson Titero

        That would be trump. That being said, You are kind of a clod

      3. Anonymous

        Charles manson

      4. Anonymous

        Um…Bernie Sanders. He’s still a candidate.

      5. Robin M

        Qualified: Gary Johnson. Reason for favoring him over Hillary (at present) is less about qualifications and more about the ripple effect of a president who is deplored by half the country. There will be a backlash in local and congressional elections if she wins. The Obama backlash has been devastating here in North Carolina. And I was/am more excited about Obama than Hillary. Johnson’s social stances appease “liberals,” and his fiscal track record should be appealing to “conservatives.” I don’t think he incites a large segment of the population the way the two major party candidates do.

      6. Anonymous

        Bernie Sanders

      7. George Heid

        BERNIE SANDERS !!! is MORE QUALIFIED… always has been, always will be. Un-informed, non-critical thinkers loose again.

      8. Joe shmoo

        1. Gary Johnson.
        2. Donald Trump

        Hillary, moreover, the Clintons are as corrupt as they come. The vehicle they currently use is the Clinton Foundation. Corruption has followed them since the early days in Arkansas. ..Long before and Republicans ever knew them…

        Certainly before any right wing conspiracies

      9. Anonymous

        Experience does not equal qualification. I have experience flying. I am not qualified to pilot.

      10. Anonymous

        Ummm…. Gary Johnson!

      11. a fan

        Trump enough said

      12. Kelly

        Gary Johnson

      13. kay

        Any number who will not jeopardize national security.

      14. onechance

        Bernie Sanders is still a candidate.

      15. Sgreco

        I don’t want anyone elected president that would have been convicted of charges against they if they weren’t “who they are”. Nor do I want a president who puts our nations security as risk. Not a person I would want “protecting” me. Qualified sure…loyal to America???? I think NOT

      16. KATHY

        What happened? Bernie Sanders was the thinking person’s choice. Definately a better alternative to the two we are forced to choose between. How and why did he and all of his followers ( which were many) just disappear in thin air not to be mentioned again??

      17. Anonymous


      18. Kevin B

        Gary Johnson

      19. John Meredith

        There are none. Hillary is far and away the most qualified.

      20. Anonymous

        Any body else on the planet is more qualified than Hillary! What has she accomplished?

      21. Anonymous

        Both Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are more qualified than Hillary. I’ll take successful governance over a mixed record in Congress and the state department.

      22. Shaun

        Depends on how you define qualified… and what exactly you would like accomplished. Clinton will be best at breaking down bipartisanship that Obama only built up in his 8 years (some his fault, some Republicans fault). That being said, I don’t trust her. I also don’t trust trump. If I had to pick between them, I would probably pick Trump because he gives a voice to a very underrepresented group: the poor, uneducated, blue collar worker. Honestly, they are the last group of people you’re allowed to harbor prejudice against: rednecks, hillbillies, yokels, whatever your preferred slur. Everyone says that liberals help them with welfare programs and conservatives only hurt them; or maybe it’s hard to understand their struggle perched on that ivory tower.

        But thankfully I don’t have to vote for either! I will stick with my third party candidate. You can be happy knowing that is 1 less vote for trump.

      23. Sondra


      24. Justice Gal

        Qualifications aren’t always what they are cracked up to be. Just for the record, there is James Buchanan. He was a Senator, a Congressman, Secretary of State, Ambassador to the UK, and our 15th President. Historians across the board also rank him as one of the worst presidents we’ve had.

      25. Dale Kinyon

        Tell me what is the qualifications. Is it that you have to be an Attorney? That’s all that Obama was. He didn’t even have a year in Washington before running for President. I do believe anyone can be President as long as they are legally able to and have the votes to achieve it. So many cry baby’s in this world now. They will be the first to ask God to save them as soon as they are rapped and tortured. To make this Country tough again, I believe the draft should be brought back, so all the cry baby’s will run to Canada.

      26. Stella Miller

        Donald Trump

      27. Mark

        Everyone is more qualified than that lying snake. Just because you have spent years manipulating the system doesn’t mean you are qualified. She is an evil bitch.

      28. LEBRON DAVIS

        DR. BEN CARSON

      29. Allen

        We can stand four years of Trump but we can’t take four years of lies and corruption. We have had enough of the Bushfamily and enough of the Clinton’s. I’ll take my chance with Trump to prevent another four or eight years of the Obama policies

      30. Jeff

        Psssh, not only does Gary Johnson have a better record of actually running government, bill weld also has a far better record of actually running government… This is just another article trying to keep concerned people from voting who they support to instead hold your nose and vote for Hillary… This election cycle has proven the two party system is imploding in on itself. I am proud to vote for the most qualified candidate and I do not need anyone telling me to not use my vote as my voice. #GaryJohnson2016

      31. Anonymous

        Show me a liar and traitor less qualified if possible !!!

      32. Anonymous


      33. Anonymous

        Ben carson… billionaire, neurosurgeon, business owner, conservative christian. I wonder why he didnt make the nomination.

      34. Christopher Russell

        Gary Johnson is more qualified. A successful businessman, athlete and very popular two term Republican Governor in a very, very blue state of New Mexico.

      35. Anonymous

        All of them.

      36. Phil Moreaux

        What job? Laundry duty at Rikers? Nahow you’re right Noone is more qualified than the criminal HRC

      37. Kurt Jensen (@firemankurt)

        Sanders, Stein, Bush, Kasich. But I have thought carefully about the points made by the author and I will be voting #JillStein .

      38. iLoveMyGoats

        At this juncture, Trump is the only one who can stop this country from going down the toilet. Too much is at stake.

      39. Anonymous

        You mean more qualified at steeling this country blind and having all the right people and connections in her pockets to pull it off and beat it in the justice system then you are right

    4. Anonymous


      1. Anonymous

        Where do people live? In a cave? The Clintons have been corrupt for years!

    5. Harding
      1. Anonymous

        Incredible read, thank you.

    6. Anonymous

      Great reply

    7. Anonymous

      Hmpf, you are a real hater, obviously. Who will you vote for?

    8. Judy moat

      I do not understand at any level how people would vote for this man. He is vulgar, immensely uninformed and what he has said is to pull in people who really believe that he can do what he says. I would also say that his level of arrogance makes him truly. I agree this is not the time to vote for third party candidates. Cast a vote that will count. This is the most important vote that you will cast in years. Make it count!

    9. Freedom

      There’s no choice in my opinion.
      I’ve witnessed a hostile takeover attempt by Donald Trump years back.
      He is mentally, and emotionally unfit for the presidency, and I am firmly sticking to that.
      Easily Hilliary has the most experience to be the first woman president of our country, and to lead it confidently, and correctly.
      Hate overides common sense, and facts.
      Cell phone misuse, minor.
      Trump is a emotional typhoon ready to land on any suspecting country, or foreign national that he wouldn’t like their looks of.

      1. Anonymous

        What has Hillary done correctly? The FBI just said she put the whole country at risk!

      2. Richard

        Has this last week swayed you? Confidently and correctly??? You have to be kidding?

      3. Brian Mumford

        I was registered as a Democrat until this year. Anyone who thinks Hillary should be president should not be voting. Cell phone misuse? Are you kidding? She denied having sent classified and top secret info over her private email, the FBI investigated and proved she did have them (breaking the law), and they let her off the hook.

    10. Vaughn Fulkerson

      Well said. We voters have not gotten ourselves into this state of poor candidate choices. Its the candidates that have disqualified themselves. To now expect the public to support the failed policies of bad politicians before something even worse happens is pretty absurd. As always, think and vote for yourselves.

    11. Cheffzilla

      Here’s are indisputable facts: 1) a Trump presidency would be a disaster for the U.S. and the world; 2) no third-party candidate will win the presidency; 3) if 537 votes in Florida in 2000 had been cast for Gore instead of Nader, George Bush would not have been elected president; 4) anyone who botes third party or elects not to vote will have a significant impact on the outcome of the 2016 election; 5) a Trump victory will be on the heads of those mentioned in item 4. They’d better be prepared to shut up and accept the consequences without whining.

      1. Anonymous

        You don’t know what a fact is. Stop.

      2. Anonymous

        Trump can not be worse that what we have had for the last eight years!

      3. Anonymous

        I’m not sure you quite grasp the concept of “fact”. First of all, all your points (except number 3) are future events and can’t be facts until they do our do not happen. Second of all, a disaster is defined differently by different people and Clinton has been part of a legitimate disaster in Benghazi. Independent of the disputed facts, Americans died and Clinton didn’t send aid (this actually is a fact). Trump may be a jackass and sue happy, but he has never been responsible for the deaths of Americans. I’m sorry, but that is unforgivable where I come from.

    12. Shannon

      Well said. Ty.

      1. Shannon

        @ Cheffzilla

    13. Shannon

      Pls disregard @ Chefzilla.

      Well said was directed @ Anonymous:
      “People need to stop allowing themselves to be influenced by the masses and make up their own minds with information that is fact based and verifiable…end rant. Well that and political lines are beyond an antiquated sheep based mentality. Think for yourself people:)”

    14. Edwin

      It’s called “references”. A key part of thinking for yourself is finding out how others (her peers in this case) rate her. It’s impressive that these favorable comments were all from Republicans. We do it when we hire people and for this job its critical.

    15. Anonymous

      Amen………and now explain the “leaked” emails from the Democratic chairperson about Bernie…….. As ND how she’s not going to speak at her own convention!!!

    16. Anonymous

      Well said, ‘think for yourself’. Democracy asks only that one votes for ones’ choice. The pundits on Fox or NPR will try to convince you to vote for the party fave. It is your choice, people, not theirs.

    17. Lisa

      I agree. But I also agree that trump is not the answer to our country’s problems! He just isn’t!!

    18. Anonymous

      I agree that this is mainly quotes. People need to read the facts about Hillary, I was hoping to see more of that. The attacks on her are all matched up with facts that destroy the attacks.

      1. Stella Miller

        I agree

    19. Anonymous

      Brilliantly stated, couldn’t agree more

    20. Bob H

      So weighing what I know I’ve heard coming out of Trump’s own mouth it’s no hard choice to vote for the only other electable person in this race, Secretary Clinton.

    21. Nancy

      Afraid to admit you dont know the real issues?

    22. Anonymous

      When someone prefaces their comments with “Not tryin to start anything here”, they usually proceed to start something

    23. Craig

      Right..!! Unfortunately the uninformed voter, that can be bought with false destructive promises premains the biggest threat to America…

    24. Anonymous

      Don’t tell me how to think or what to think, I a not a Democrat

    25. Robert Tate

      All you people on here that signed as anonymous, I do not consider anything by anybody known as anonymous. In my opinion, all any of you should do is look deeply into her and Bills lifetime record and then watch this film about their corruption, criminality, and self-satisfying greed. You will probably have to copy & paste the URL.

    26. David Bridgman

      Yet you make this post anonymously .. must not want people to know who you are or why you made this comment .. ugh! Why are people afraid to stand up and accept responsibility for their comments? I don’t get it.

      1. Jon S

        Who cares if people post Anonymous. Are you gonna stalk them or something like some freak. You don’t know these people from Adam, so their names are meaningless. It’s the ideas shared that anyone cares about. No ones here to find David Bridgman’s opinion on the subject, but they’ll read his or Anonymous opinions and ideas. No one gives a f&$* about WHO anybody here is. Unless you’re some sicko. So stop with the “Use your name coward” because it doesn’t make a lick of sense.

    27. Anonymous

      you are kidding of course –all you are trying to do is keep people from voting for Trump —knowing he is the only hope we have to get our country back –stop lying about what you want -you want to push hillary —I have known the clintons sence Ark. and believe me the last thing you want is put this bitch in the White House

      1. Krissy

        Go Anonymous!!!

    28. GLO

      So other than following Hillary and Trump around leaving my job my home my family to do that What facts will I listen to according to you?

      1. John Wright

        I’m really curious about your comment about following Trump and Clinton around..

        As it stands, I think the point is that there are more than two options and people are ignoring that as a fact. Gary Johnson is the most likely to get in the debates but those that are further left will more likely align with Jill Stein depending on viewpoints. Look them up, do some research, or even just go to isidewith.com for an overview.

    29. Brenda Blythe

      Well said

      1. Brenda Blythe

        “Well said” was for anonymous. Like the other post, I don’t care who made the statements, only what is being communicated. That’s so I can be open minded, pull from the facts, and make an informed decision. Not from idle rhetoric meant to confuse or stand only on party lines. And not just to get our own point across. What’s popular is not nearly enough and when you take a critical look at all sides, then it’s only you and your conscious that will deal with a bad decision.

    30. Steve

      Well said. Avoid career politicians.

    31. Anonymous

      Love you guys!

    32. Anonymous

      Let’s see: Lincoln was a naive rail splitter, so we were supposed to go with Douglas or Breckinridge instead. Young Kennedy wasn’t a seasoned politician, so we were supposed to go with Nixon instead. Reagan was merely an actor, so we were supposed to go with George Bush or Jimmy Carter instead. Hmmmmmmm …… It seems that this country has done much better with unseasoned non-politicians, than it has with the same old corrupt insiders, who have sold their souls to the rich / special interest groups!

    33. Rico Upton

      The main subject here is who is the best choice to be our president and I don’t think any reasonable person has not made their mind up by now. But my point is just this, if you are a mugwump, which means you can’t come to a conclusion and straddle the fence, mug on one side and wump on the other, vote for a party that has no dog in the fight, a libertarian. (not sure of the spelling as I don’t use that term more than I have to) If you are inclined to vote for a DNC candidate, slap yourself three time to clear your brain. Then consider that thought again, you are looking at least 4 years of the same results that obammie gave us, which was a bad period in time for the middle class. And the blacks did not farewell by any means. Also the main providers for employment (small business) were taxed so much, they also came upon hard times. Trump for instance has had more experience in everyday business dealings than all candidates put together. So if anybody wants to be a little bit better this time next year, do the obvious. You may not agree but facts are facts.

      1. John Wright

        Rico, actually Gary Johnson is a self-made millionaire. Trump took an inheritance and made a lot of bad business decisions. For comparison, Johnson started his company in 1976 where Trump took over his in 1973, so, yes, a whopping 3 years more business ownership experience. However, Johnson also has 8 years of executive government experience so, definitely winning there.

    34. Anonymous

      Thank You..:)

    35. TheAwakenedOne

      The two party system needs to end now. It is the best time for change. The best time to vote third party. Hillary belongs in the Big House not in the White House again for any number of terrible wrongs she has done with this email scandal being the least of them. She has taken the Democratic Party back to its roots, which you left out, where they with the help of the KKK invented vote rigging, and voter intimidation. The party that formed the KKK, brought you the IRS, the Federal Reserve Bank, Alcohol Prohibition, WWI, Cannabis Prohibition, WWII, Dropped the Bomb twice on Population Centers, the Korean War, the Vietnam War (under false pretenses), and CHilary voted for the IRAQ War. Hillary and Bill also murdered everyone at this religious sanctuary (commune) in Waco, Texas, killing over a dozen defenseless women, children, and infants; and that is just the start.

      Is it just coincidence that Clinton’s adversaries seem to meet untimely deaths? JFK Jr. was running for the NY US Senate seat filled by CHillary Clinton. He could have run for president and won. What do you know about that?

      So really what it comes down to is NOW, the National Organization of Women. NOW wants to protect a women’s rights, but not push through equal rights. They want better rights. A license to kill with impunity, just like Queen Hillary. The right to exterminate full term babies, that the religious right would bend over backwards to adopt.

      So now it is just a matter of time before Hillary’s entire political base is eroded, and women see through her all manipulative, crooked schemes, how she and her husband exchanged bribes for pardons, and political favors; that this alliance with Muslim Extremist against the Christian Conservatives was a bad idea; and, then suddenly they will come to realize all the harm she has done, and do not want to be seen with her, and the Party is Over.

    36. Clyde Mitchell

      So true. Use your head and do your homework.

    37. Anonymous

      Agree 100%

    38. trisha

      Lmao Hillary already served as President for 8 years she shouldn’t be able to run again. Lol

    39. Anonymous

      Good comments

    40. Rex

      Trump should pay to help the third party ads for millions that way he will win it’s the new conspiracy lmao

    41. Anonymous

      I think you lost everyone when you said “think for yourself people”, if people did that we won’t be in this mess.

    42. CW

      If people thought for themselves and voted with their conscious, we’d be rid of the two party system ages ago. I’m casting my vote for Gary Johnson because he is most closely aligned with my beliefs. I refuse to use my vote to manipulate the system and just add to the political cesspool that currently exists.

    43. Tracey

      We must voting as sheep and feeding the machine. I hate our two party system and the only way to break away from that strangle hold IS to vote third party.

      If ALL the dissatisfied people for both the Republican and Democratic parties put their vote in a 3rd or 4th candidate we would have change. Real change. Hold your nose if you want but I’m done voting party lines. I want better and more options.

    44. Alternative Conservative Partier

      I agree , your points are quotes of nonsense ! Clintons 250 million value is from her faux slush fund that gives 5 percent to charity !!! Fact ! So from being broke leaving the WH ? To millionaire ! No Job ! Sells American influence for money period ! Corrupt and a liar ! No feelings either ! What difference does it make how 4 americans die ! None to Hillary ! To the families and freinds it means having closure to a terrible loss ! The deaths of family members and loved ones means nothing to obama and hillary ! They lied and pretended it was a movie protest ! So You Can Pretend that Movie protesters always bring mortars, mortar launchers , machine guns , grenades , weapons , walky talkies and military training to their protest ! Lady ! Wake up , Stop cutting your hair , Wearing new glasses and putting photoes of yourself on line ! You sound ignorant and you are a hack ! The Clinton foundation Had 5 donors this quarter ! 2016 nice hih ! What a wonderful Foundation! Mam , you are full of crap ! I agree with the person whose comment i am adding to ! ! Any one who voted for Obama and Hillary are morally Corrupt ! Obama is a liar ! Hes anti white , anti american , look at his 20 year buddy reverened white , Michelle obama was never proud of america before obama won the W.H. ??? Come on Ivy league college ! $300, thousand plus job that obama got her salary increased by over $150 thousand when he became a US senator , clearly a political trade! Michelle isnt proud of america ! Well of course not shes a hater of all things smerica !!! her Obama always said i knew nothing until i saw it on tv ! Golfed while isis, the jv team ,according to obama , became internet stars by chopping off heads ! Hillary and Onamas Russian reset ???? Russia invaded the Ukraine and Syria , shot down passenger plane , and killed 100 ,000 of thousands in both places in war yet Both obama and Hillary are wonderful ??? NOT !!!! Look at the Billons obama gave iran and now iran will finish their nuclear weapons program and become a nuclear power ! So what did the loser Obama gain for america ??! Nothing ! Hillary signed off on the uranium mine deal ! $140,000 million changed hands over thst deal ! Totally illegal to export uranium out of america !

  2. Audrey Parente (@ParenteAudrey)

    no matter, a vote for third party is a vote for Hillary

    1. SheepODoom (@sheepodoom)

      Depends if Liberals vote green party then they are denying Hillary a vote that could beat Trump. We might have another 2000 Election where the Green Party elects Trump. I do NOT see Hillary running in 4 years & your NOT going to have ANYONE running as qualified for the job as her.

      1. Anonymous

        So true

      2. Anonymous

        What exactly are her qualifications? First Lady is not a political office. As secretary of state she put the nation at risk. As Senator she did nothing.

    2. dudleysmama

      No, actually a vote for a third party is a vote for trump!

      1. Brando

        This is a pure lie. A vote for a third party is specifically NOT a vote for Trump (or Hillary). It is simply a vote for that 3rd party and a vote against the status quo. http://independentflorida.com/why-vote-for-3rd-party-candidate/

    3. J.T. Owens

      What utter crap. A vote for anyone not Hillary is not a vote for Trump, advice versa. A vote for someone is just a vote for that person. No vote is wasted if you vote for your candidate. Stick your two party propaganda up the old poop shoot.

      1. Nicole

        Excellent! You’ve solidified what I felt. It’s just more propaganda trying to guilt me into voting for someone I do not want to vote for. I vote for whomever i want to vote for…that’s America. And if I find out I made the wrong choice, then so be it. We have got to work on having more viable options than two parties.

      2. Laura Gares

        And when your third party candidate loses, and Trump is president, then don’t complain. You helped put him there.

      3. Anonymous

        If I vote for a third party, all I did was try to elect someone I agree with. It is not the same as voting for Trump and electing him president. I didn’t vote for him to be the Republican candidate. And I didn’t vote for Clinton to be the Democrat candidate. I didn’t rig the system and sabotage Sanders campaign. And if the Democratic Party hadn’t done that then I wouldn’t HAVE to vote for a third party candidate in order to vote for someone I agree with.

      4. Anonymous

        Only the people who actually vote for Trump will be responsible for putting him there. And have some faith in our Constitution. Trump won’t be allowed to go all Hitler on America. If he wins, Congress will likely just do as they have the past 6 years. Stonewall until the next election.

    4. Justice Gal

      first, you are assuming that all votes are equal. They are not. If you are not in a swing state your vote basically does not count. Frankly speaking, it is a small number of States that will decide this election. Second, there are benefits to helping a third party get over the 5% threshold in the general election as it allows that party in future elections to obtain federal funding. Also, any third party candidate that can garner 15% in 3 national polls can be a part of the Presidential debates. There is value to having multiple voices heard and breaking up the binary choice we’ve always had. So with that in mind, I hope folks vote for whomever they see as most fit and others should just be accepting of the fact that votes are private decisions. It’s just you and the ballot box. Don’t let anyone strong arm you into voting for who they want. Vote your conscience.

  3. Anonymous

    Voting for a third party and costing the Democratic party the election bitch slaps the smug off of party elites faces.

    1. SheepODoom (@sheepodoom)

      Enjoy a Trump Dictatership then. The only ones you hurt are well EVERYONE then I can bitch slap the stupid out of you.

      1. Crimson Titero

        I bet your wrist has enough flapping action to do it

      2. Anonymous

        If you want to build a third party please hold on till after Hillary wins so we get a less radical Justice.

      3. Oldtimer

        If your vote for Trump directly or via a third party vote gets him elected then you will be dragging the rest of us down the black hole with you. I don’t fancy spending my next four years under a fascist dictator. Every word out of his mouth is reminiscent of Hitler! I vividly remember the news reels of him when I was a child. Chilling!

    2. Anonymous

      And hurts women, and likely reverses Roe V Wade, reverses gay marriage, hurts public education, hurts the environment, hurts hardworking and law abiding immigrants, hurts minorities, hurts religious freedom (and freedom from religion), hurts military and vets. etc. But sure, if giving the middle finger to “the man” is more important to you than all of those other things, go right ahead. That speaks volumes about you and your desire to protect your fellow Americans.

      1. Anonymous

        Arguing a vote for a third party candidate doesn’t matter because he/she won’t win is the same as saying why even vote because your vote won’t decide who wins. You’re saying all this bad stuff will happen assuming a third party candidate won’t win because there isn’t enough people. But it’s not the day before the election, it’s a month before the debate. The goal here is to squash the idea of a third party candidate before they can get enough support to make it to the first debate. from there they could gain traction in the national spotlight.

      2. Jai

        Both Kaine and Pence are anti abortion pro tpp pro bank vp candidates. Differences are negligible.

      3. Stella Miller

        Trump wont hurt women, most of his executives are women, Hillary kills babies, even Judge Ginsburg doesn’t like Roe vs Wade, there should be no gay “marriage”, civil unions OK, why exactly would he hurt religious freedom (and it’s freedom of religion, not from religion), and why would it hurt vets and the military? No you don’t know, it’s just easier to throw out insults without details. He will not be a dictator,thats why we have Congress, and calling him a Natzi or comparing him to Hitler is just plain untrue hate speech. Hillary is a liar and compromised national security, stole the nomination from Bernie, and has a temper to rival Godzilla. Do you really want Bill Clinton back in the white house? He is a joke, a liar and a cheat. Don’t forget they trashed the place and stole stuff the last time they were there. Believe me, if the Dems would have had another candidate, Hillary would have been indicted. There are actual facts for a reason not to choose her but only suppositions about Trump.

      4. Brenda Blythe

        How is it that every topic in this list is in the Trump agenda too, but has not been well ptotected by the current administration. The actual statistics show, for instance, many more black people are out of work now than 8 years ago. One way that fact is hidden is that the unemployment numbers don’t include those on welfare, only active job seekers that have not yet given up looking for work. There are many ways to mislead those unaware of these facts so we have to be diligent about our fact checking before we speak. By the way, taking bankruptcy is legal in this country and companies sometimes have to do that due to economic downturns to protect their business from closing and their employees from losing their jobs. There is a lot that people who don’t have a business and wouldn’t necessarily know that so let’s not be too quick to judge or too lazy to look at the facts so we appear uniformed. It’s the quickest way to lose your audience.

    3. Mary

      Well except you are very wrong. It bitch slaps minorities, poor and the average American trying to make a living. You think you are making some big statement protest vote, but you are not because the average person won’t pay attention to how Trump won. They will be too busy trying to survive in Trumps police state.

      1. KilO

        I believe you meant pro life.

      2. Oldtimer

        You are spot on, Mary!

    4. Sheesh

      Anonymous still inthere trying to steer the votes huh? I thought u were ganna say one thing think for urself. then be off. I guess ur trying to be a candidate. Lol u want trumpet really bad. And swaying people to third party. Ur quite a liar urself. Thanks for helping make up my mind. HC maybe a liar. But i think she smart enough to balance a huge war. Trumpet mouth might blow it with his trumpet. Sheeesh! What kind of person r u.research him if u can. Don’t just vote because he reminds u of ur????

  4. John Castle (@saintlegion)

    You’re right in saying that Clinton is not as bad as Trump.

    She’s worse. Far, far worse.

    1. SheepODoom (@sheepodoom)

      Care to prove that? How many companies has she owned & driven into bankruptcy? How many Marriages has she had? Too bad she’s running this year I would kick back & watch people like you bitch & moan about how royally screwed your getting by Trump. LOL Trump will HAVE to ban all guns to run his dictatorship.

      1. Crimson Titero

        4 out of over 500…The results look pretty good to me. Your name is pretty interesting, I bet it is fitting

      2. Anon

        Just one marriage, where she stayed with a piece of shit who cheated on her and lied to congress. And privately attacked the woman he cheated with (showing us that she is only politically correct in front of the camera). She is a shit role model for young women saying “hey, stay with your cheating pos husband if you might become president by doing that”

      3. Rob

        Hitlary had no other choice than to remain with her partner in crime.
        Imagine the skeletons HE would drag out against her, had she left him!
        She’s an all out criminal who’s biggest accomplishment so far has been her ability to wag the dog!!!

      4. Anonymous

        How many people have died because of her? Guess you can have one marriage when you both are allowed to have numerous “affairs” !

      5. Anonymous

        Its not about her marriages or companies. How bout her disastrous proposed policies? Her putting the nation at risk? Her changing her stance to suit whatever is popular at the time? Her own past showing she is the exact opposite of what she claims to be. You can put make up on a pig and it still be a pig, not saying Trump is a good choice. Its like trying to decide if Bleach or Hydrochloric Acid would be better to drink.

      6. Irish bitch

        He’s owned 515 & 4 have filed for bankruptcy. That’s better than 99% success rate. What’s your success rate? 3 wives. Who cares? How many women has Hillary fed to her husband just so she didn’t have to play with his peepee??? How many children has she aborted? How many Americans are dead because of her? How many foreign countries know our secrets because of her? Clearly, judgement of character is not your strong suit.

      7. corinnevit

        Killary & KillerBill only stayed in the Marriage because they both would have been in deep shit if one of them ratted on each other of all their corruption & murders, and also for the Power & Money, Husband & Wife don’t have to testify on each other.

    2. Anon8

      How do you come to this opinion?

      1. sylvia rab

        Basically you bought into 25 years of GOP hate against Hillary Clinton. Her career has focused on children’s health and education from the beginning.She was able to get free health care for 7 million poverty children which helped poor mothers. Her speeches at Goldman Sack’s were for directed toward helping women in poor countries to get loans. She has donated huge amounts of money on behalf of the improvement of women and children. Look at her 30+ years of taxes that she willingly handed over to the public. Did any of the other politicians hand over their taxes like she did ? Every year she has paid the highest % of taxes and has given large donations. Out of all the false allegations, trials, etc NO MERIT has ever been found.

    3. Terry


      1. Anonymous

        @Sylvia rab her record says otherwise. When her husband was governor of Arkansas, it was her own ideas that caused much needed assistance to many families with children to be cut off. Her allies include Saudi Arabia a huge violator of women’s rights. How about the time she knowingly defended a man guilty of rape and laughed about it, on tape.

    4. Matia

      What is wrong with you people

    5. Anonymous

      Finally! Someone gets it right! Go see Hillary’s America, get informed before you vote for this crook!

      1. Oldtimer

        You are soooo full of it! You must be a well paid troll!

      2. Eunice Babbitt

        I have to stick my two cents in here. I just saw the movie and believe me even though I am 89 years old I learned a lot
        about the Democratic party that I should have known but didn’t. Everyone should see this movie before they vote!

  5. Matthew Stillman

    If you live in a swing state to vote for Stein or Johnson is madness. I live in New York and have the privilege of voting for Stein. I don’t hate Hillary Clinton but she embodies a corrupted system and is not even close to being liberal enough for me. If I lived in a swing state I would sadly vote for her. But Clinton is going to swamp Trump in New York and so I can fight for ballot access here. If Stein can get 15% here then Green is a ballot line for five years. The Working Family Party did the same thing and Democrats had to earn their line on the ballot with policy changes and positions and that worked. WFP has made New York Democrats better in some regards. Having Green could do the same here.

    1. Mary

      You don’t have the privilege to vote for Stein. Not this year even in what you think is a solid blue state. This is a year to make a very clear message the the dangerous rhetoric of Trump and the bigotry of many of his followers is not OK. That message is sent by very large numbers of individual votes in every single state no matter if it is red, blue or white.
      You can send your message to the DNC in 2018 by helping to slate excellent third party candidates up and down ballots.
      I say this with all my heart and soul after decades of absorbing politics and campaigns and suffering my own disappointments and cynism many times.

      1. Anonymous

        are you insane “You don’t have the privilege to vote for Stein”. In THIS country they can vote for whomever the fuck they want to and if it screws your candidate then tough

      2. timinhi

        Actually, in our Electoral College system in which in every state (and D.C.) except Maine & Nebraska, it’s “winner take all” (electors), if Hillary won a significant majority of states by just one vote each, it would be considered a “landslide victory.” I’m a staunch Hillary supporter. It saddens & disgusts me that so many presumably otherwise intelligent commenters here have fallen for the relentless false propaganda against her that she’s “dishonest,” “corrupt,” “beholden to _____,” “a war monger,” that “she put national security at risk” or whatever. They say it’s “indisputable” but they don’t cite actual proof beyond repeating the debunked charges or mere insinuations & innuendos that her political opponents have cooked up over the years. It drives me crazy because I’d like to refute them one by one, but a comment thread is not the most advantageous venue for publishing an argument that would take numerous pages.

        So just do the work yourselves! Research it! And don’t rely on obviously biased sources that have an axe to grind one way or the other. Go to Snopes.com or Factcheck.org or similar nonpartisan sources. And use common sense. A lie is intentionally saying something you know to be factually untrue when you say it. Mistakes, opinions, matters of faith, beliefs, and changing one’s mind about an issue based on new evidence or belief do NOT qualify as “lies.” As a former prosecutor, even if these things were done under oath, I’d lose if I used them to charge someone with perjury. And don’t rely on concepts you don’t fully understand. “Corruption” and “treason,” for example, are terms that are liberally bandied about by Clinton detractors, but which have very precise legal & technical definitions. There are specific reasons why Hillary never has and can’t be charged with any crime for the things her detractors claim “she belongs in prison!” for. Nothing she has done or been accused of based on actual evidence qualifies as a violation of law. And if these people actually READ the FBI report instead of parroting the inaccurate statements others have made about what it says, they’d know that to be the case. The same is true about the findings of all the politically motivated republican-led congressional investigations of Hillary’s supposed misdeeds.

        All that said, although I support Hillary and wish everyone could see things my way, I only ask that people make their choice based on a truly informed examination of the relevant facts and their own political philosophies, not on untrue propaganda. You can believe as I do, that Hillary IS honest & trustworthy, and that she’s eminently qualified based on her education and long experience & training, but still choose to not vote for her (or to vote AGAINST her) because you disagree with her actual policy positions based on what she states they are TODAY. You can even choose to not support because based on her having changed her views over time on some issues, you can’t feel certain that she won’t do the same about some issue with which you presently agree with her and about which you feel strongly. That’s fine.

        So Matthew Stillman above, if he truly feels better aligned with Jill Stein, and he still fears a Trump presidency, is actually correct about voting Green in a state expected to go heavily blue. As long as the people who vote third party do so because they support those candidates on reality and their own philosophies corresponding to those candidates’ views and not based on false smears, their numbers are not likely to prevent Hillary from winning at least the necessary plurality to win a state like NY. But if you live in a swing state, and you agree that a Trump presidency would potentially be the most disastrous, it makes sense to vote strategically for the candidate whose presidency you feel would be less so and who has the more likely chance of defeating Trump. Even traditionally strong red states may be in play as swing states this year because many republicans have stated they cannot in good conscience support Trump, so be aware.

  6. Temporary Insanity | The Dole Blog

    […] are those that beg you to never vote third party, and there are those that propound that a Trump presidency would be better than a Clinton one.  […]

    1. Maggie Richards

      That Joseph Boots article is the biggest pile of BS that I’ve read in quite some time. Most of the reader comments are just as bad. Yee gods, I am still flabbergasted that some people in this country are so dumb & uninformed.

      1. Anonymous

        Me Too! Please get informed before you vote!

    2. corinnevit

      Because I believe what he has been saying, they all make sense to me, sometimes I don’t like the way he say’s things, But the bottom line is he’s saying what the people are thinking. and he is right in almost everything. he has wonderful children that respect him, and that say’s a lot, he is not a racist, He just doesn’t want people in this country that will harm us. and want’s us to be proud of America. I feel in my heart he will do as he say’s to make America great. I do not Trust Killlary with everything she is getting away with from way back in the 80’s she’s in the hands of many corrupt people starting with herself & her husband.

  7. Annonymous

    This is THE BIGGEST, SMELLIEST pile of propaganda BULL SHIT!! You moronic she that vote for Hillary Clinton should be locked up, and convicted of treason right along with her.

  8. Ian

    To me it seems like your title should be why you should think so hard before voting for hillary. You are well aware that their is a damagingly large contigent who don’t vote for hillary and since you are more than willing to vote for whoever so that trump doesn’t win I really think you should reconsider throwing your vote away on someone who is proving herself more and more unelectable. People will love to blame people who vote their conscious when hillary loses but frankly I will be looking square in your eyes if trump ends up our next president. Is your right to throw away your vote but don’t you dare blame me that you do

  9. Angela Gonzalez

    Michael Moore says Trump will win, and this coming from an uber-leftist liberal filmmaker and die-hard Hillary supporter. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michael-moore/5-reasons-why-trump-will-_b_11156794.html

  10. Dave

    Your logic was so faulty and your opinions so politically motivated that there is no use teasoning with you. I hate both and am voting for Johnson and sent him money. Moronic and opinionated comments and vitriol won’t change my

    1. Mary

      Without looking it up tell me what Johnson’s policies are.

      1. Oldtimer

        One very ‘Big Red Flag’ that stands out for me is he favors privatization of Soc. Sec. That would be a deal breaker for anyone retired or close to it!!

    2. Oldtimer

      All I can say is, I hope ya like DT if you get him. Be careful what you wish for;

      1. Stella Miller

        I’ll take my chances. Both the Clintons are amoral slugs. Didn’t you listen to the FBI report? Anyone else would have been locked up by now. That’s proof and details.

  11. Anonymous

    Please stop the fear tactics to make people feel like they have to vote a certain way. Votes have to be earned and people are free to vote for whoever they want to vote for, even third party. During the primary there was massive voter fraud, so votes where not counted or where suppressed, and the peoples voices where not heard. The people need other options to be heard. The majority of the people I know will voting 3rd party if the democratic convention goes a certain way.

    1. Mary

      You need to stop repeating things that are not true and have been proven over and over to be wrong.
      If you didn’t understand the process you can’t cry fraud. There was a very small number of people who had messed up registrations. But it is by no means the numbers that some tried to claim. The rules were set years in advance. The Sanders campaign knew the election rules and Bernie himself has said so.
      Please move beyond this and set your efforts on future elections where you can help to fix voting rules. But helping to elect Trump will not lead to the changes you hope for.

    2. Mc

      The real issue is the DNC rigging the election for a widely disliked candidate. Nothing unites the GOP like Hillary Clinton. Get used to the idea of President Trump.

      And when you need a place to vent your anger point it at them because this whole mess is their fault. They could have supported a respected candidate. They could have had millions of new members, people who volunteer and donate, and are passionate about politics, but after the latest revelation of DNC fraud, we’re leaving like rats off a sinking ship. Don’t ask us to vote for your figurehead.

      1. Oldtimer

        Show us the proof or shut up! All you are really doing is deserting YOUR man. You don’t have the good sense to realize that this is only the first battle, not the entire war. Bernie is trying to tell you that but you are too dumb to listen!

    3. Oldtimer

      How about some links to this supposed ‘massive voter fraud’. I’ll wait!

  12. Think Really, Really Hard Before Voting for a 3rd Party Candidate. Really. | …ThirtySomething… | word pond

    […] Source: Think Really, Really Hard Before Voting for a 3rd Party Candidate. Really. | …ThirtySomething&… […]

  13. J-rob

    Classic argument: don’t believe what they say if it’s bad , but if they say something good then they are credible! Why would you discredit a source, and then start your argument with a quote from that same source you just discredited? I am concerned about both, significantly. If I were to select Trump, the reasoning would be, while maybe outrageous it would at least be transparent, so that our checks and balances system could temper him. Clinton’s history of viewing her actions as legal, when repeatedly investigations by the legal investigators have shown her action were not legal, or excessively poor judgement of the intent of the law, the checks and balances system would be rendered useless.

  14. Chloé Jo Davis

    Thank YOU for writing this and being so brave.
    They are politicians. Not Angels. They are all liars. Even the most radical and fringe politicians bullshit and make promises they can’t keep. This isn’t the the election for a write in. The stakes are too high. You want a KKK nation – vote third party because all it will do is allow a win for Trump. Far scarier than politicians doing what politicians do (make promises and raise money – even Jill and Bernie do so).. is a legacy of hate. When the republican candidate is rational, a third party write in can be sensical… but when we have a man who wants to send us straight to war… Look at the polls. He’s winning. We go third party and we are doomed. And by “we” I mean anyone rational minded or of color, gay, a woman, disabled, or (gd forbid) physically not living up to the Trump standard. IM W HER!❤️

    1. Anonymous

      You mention the KKK but forgot that the Democrats owned slaves and the Republicans freed them.

  15. KP

    How quickly people forget a crucial reality: if Ralph Nader had not stubbornly insisted on carrying his third party candidacy through to the general election in 2000 we would NOT have had a contested ballot between Al Gore and George Bush which inevitably ended up with a politically manipulated Bush presidency. The key in that election was Florida. Gore only needed less than 600 votes to beat Bush but 97,421 Floridians voted for Nader which gave Bush the electoral votes. If the liberal leaning voters who threw away their votes on Nader had rationally voted for Gore, Gore would have been our Presidnet. Al Gore had a MUCH keener grasp of geopolitical issues and national security than the bumbling puppet, Bush and his hawkish handlers. I genuinely believe that 9/11 would not have happened under Gore’s watch.

    I continue to see nothing new in the castigations of Clinton in the responses on here. All repeat discredited charges against her. The email “scandal” is just an inflated pile of BS and she has NOT been charged with any illegal actions in handling the communications, just minor infractions in storage that did NOT result in any breaches in security. In fact various members of the Bush administration committed far more reckless and illegal manipulations of electronically transmitted communications, including intentionally deleting millions of transmissions so they could not be investigated by Congress.

    There are enough people being willfully in denial about how inappropriate, divisive and downright dangerous the inexperienced, emotionally reactive and arrogant Trump is and would continue to be once in a position of power. His utterances prove that he really does not even understand what the limitations and responsibilities are of the Executive office. He is used to bullying people to get his way and that does not work when you are under strict Constitutional constraints. The POTUS does NOT have control over local law and order. The POTUS can NOT control global economic realities. The POTUS can NOT force changes in the country or the world that will magically create the blue collar union-protected industrial jobs that were the result of the world rebuilding after the depredations of the Great Recession of the 30’s and the destruction of World War II. In fact, there are blue collar jobs in our economy that go begging, particularly in the skilled building trades (I know because I have spent a 35 year career in them). But a large portion of the largely male white working class that whines about the lack of factory jobs is either unwilling or unable to enter this job market. In fact one reason those jobs are less attractive than they used to be is due to decades of the working and middle classes voting against their own interests by electing Conservative and Republican local and national politicians who destroyed the union, rewarded big corporations for moving offshore and enacted policies that drove small and domestic manufacturers and construction firms out of business, much as Trump himself has done, by making it impossible for them to get paid or to operate profitably.

    Trump has offered ZERO in the way of actually policies and plans that would achieve any of his grandiose goals. How can all you people be so enthusiastic about somebody who clearly has no idea what he can and could do? And someone who is not only a documented serial liar but refuses to release his tax statements and has apparently lied to the Federal Election Commission about his financial status, which is an offense for which he could be imprisioned? And who has switched his opinions, political leanings and even his religious attitudes constantly over his career, in each instance clearly to get what is best for himself and his lust for money and popularity? Do you REALLY not recognize a scam when it is being perpetrated on you? Being a manipulative, bullying loadmouth is not “refreshing” or “transparent”. It’s a game to him and you are all falling for it. Honestly, I believe he has continued his campaign because it’s an ego charge for him and he has neither the temperament or any actual desire to serve as the President. He is easily bored, has a poor attention span, does not like to play by rules, has little character or self-control, is touchy and reactive. My instinct is that if you elect him he will either resign early into his first term or (as the GOP party elite is likely hoping) he will cede all real power and control to proxies. leaving himself free to pursue his money-making schemes, golf games and next wives.

    The one thing that I think may save us is the female vote. We women learn early on that there is a certain kind of guy who will make us all kinds of fabulous promises to gain our affection, but we know the bottom line is that all those promises are BS and he just wants to get up our skirt and then move on to the next conquest. If and when Trump voters succeed in installing this goon, the “walk of shame” afterwards is going to be the national equivalent of being shoved out of your dream date’s apartment the next morning with your panties in your purse and the dawning realization that you’ve been had.

    1. marcos

      I don’t blame Bush II for spoiling Nader.

      It is never your opponent’s fault when you lose a political contest.

    2. Deborah Finnegan

      That was absolutely fantastic!! Are you a writer for your occupation?? I kept agreeing with each sentence, and the next one was even better– you have a magnificent vocabulary , so I hope every person who is reading this discussion, will recognize that excellent writing can move people to a completely new position. Let’s hear it for SuperWriters!!!

    3. Oldtimer

      Thank you! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    4. BB

      So many words to utter the same old rhetoric as has already been posted over and over again. Head in the sand – the sky is not really falling.

  16. Lori Olson-Peters

    Why did I see NO option to write Bernie in??

    1. Mary

      Bernie isn’t running any longer. He is standing with Hillary against Trump. Bernie does not want votes wasted on write in votes for him.

      1. Oldtimer

        That’s because Bernie understands politics better than these fools. He knows exactly what he is doing. Too bad the followers can’t listen. They happily follow when he is saying what they want to hear, but not when he tells them what they NEED to hear.

    2. Oldtimer

      It’s a lost cause, knucklehead!

  17. Anonymous

    What qualifies Paul Richardson to make such a statement?

    1. Larry Lipton

      Why do you not show your name? Anonymous says that you won’t really put your reputation up against your opinion.

      1. Oldtimer

        He’s a troll!

    2. ericada

      Because he is writing what we already know. He read our minds.

  18. Anonymous

    It’s not who you vote for, it’s who counts the votes.

  19. Anonymous

    I’m really disappointed that I spent time reading this. Was not convincing.

  20. jacnoc

    Telling people not to vote 3rd party is a really stupid thing to say.
    Voting 3rd party is the only way to tell the DNC and GOP that we’re sick of their crap. And the only way to tell them that we won’t put up with their corruption and the shitty two-party system any longer.

    1. Bob H

      They don’t care. But working for a 3rd party after the election may be a step towards building a viable 3rd party. I think that’s what Sanders wants his devotees to do- vote for the democratic nominee. I wish it were him but it’s not going to be.

    2. Oldtimer

      If you want that to happen, this is not the way to go about it! These folks have not done the hard work of building a consensus at the grassroots level by getting people elected at the local level and working up. This takes years and a lot of hard work.This is the only way it will ever work. They just lump a presidential candidate out there every four years and expect a win??? Never going to happen!

  21. Fr8bear

    Vote for who ever the F**K you want, Hillary, Gary, Jill or Sh*t Pile Trump. But when Trump wins because of “Your Morals” go F**K Yourself because you just F**Ked the country. You self righteous hypocrites.

    1. Oldtimer

      Absolutely right!

  22. Nancy

    A vote for Hillary is a vote for Kaine. Consider
    That her criminal activities or apparent health issues take down her presidency. Now it is Kaine vs Trump. Who is better?

  23. Anonymous

    So what you’re saying is don’t vote for someone who.might do what Hillary has already done!

  24. bossdarcie

    Reblogged this on bossdarcie.

  25. Deann

    Trump is spiteful, trash talking reality TV show host.He changes his stance on his political views daily. he is joke,if you want proof look at that mess he calls hair.

  26. KtHathSpoken

    Reblogged this on daringbelief and commented:
    *This year is not normal.* (#6)

  27. Hayley Miller

    Hi Paul, I’m an editor at Huffington Post. I just read your piece. Great read and seems like something that would really resonate with our readers. Feel free to email me if interested in re-posting this piece on our site. hayley [dot] miller [at] huffingtonpost. Hope to hear from you!

  28. marcos

    So, did you not apply to the Electoral College, did your application get rejected or did you flunk out?

    You realize that most voters live in solid blue or red states and that when we vote our values, it has absolutely no impact on the final outcome, right?

    Trump is actually “to the left of” Clinton II on matters of neoliberal trade deals, using the military as a first resort and maintaining social insurance benefits.

    The US already has key elements of fascism, a global military empire that exceeds 900 foreign bases as well as the melding of corporation of state and political parties including the Democrats.

    All that so many liberals fear is that some faint echoes of what we perpetrate abroad might reverberate at home. Boo fucking who. Some Americans might be injured or killed. Please, tell me how this is not “America First?”

    Nope, more of Clinton II’s neoliberal economics will crank out Trump voters by the monster truckload. More of Clinton II’s neoconservative interventions will crank out more “Islamic terrorists” who will seek to retaliate.

    What you all are saying is “Vote for the neoliberal war criminal, not the populist fascist.” Why were fascist leaders executed after WWII? War crimes and crimes against the peace for starters.

    1. George

      Swing states started as red or blue and then switched or turned purple. .NO ONE KNOWS UNTIL ALL THE VOTES ARE COUNTED which way the electorate is going.

  29. GoingForward NotBackward

    Both sides leave a lot to be desired. However, I’d rather vote for a liar (they all are to some degree ) than someone who talks out of both holes in his body and chooses a VP that will help set the world back instead of moving it forward. And if you don’t think they will, Go ahead and elect them. NO more abortions for any reason, LGBT will be criminalized and little by little everyone will lose their rights to even breath.

    And to those who disagree, I look forward to your typical vile comments and mud slinging. Nobody would expect less when the truth is put right in front of you, because you can’t handle it. Too bad,so sad. Cry it to your mommies and daddys

    1. Anonymous

      enough with the abortion nonsense, the President has NO CONTROL over abortion and the court won’t touch it. Also how the hell can a president “criminalize” anything??? Congress passes laws not Presidents and any law like that would never survive the SC. Go back to school

      1. Noneya

        Guess you missed all of Obama’s ‘executive actions”?

  30. Anonymous

    “Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.” – Jerry Garcia

    1. I Vote

      When someone says I’m wasting my vote on a 3rd party candidate, it makes me realize they don’t care about me. It’s a selfish statement that says my beliefs are not worth being represented. That I should silence my voice so theirs can be louder. I’m voting my conscious, not someone else’s politics. If your candidate doesn’t win, then perhaps your party should have done a better job during the selection process.

      1. Oldtimer

        I’m guessing that critical thinking is not your strong suit! There is no way in hell that a third party has the power to elect a president at this point in time. Hopefully that day will come. But it’s a ways down the road. Meanwhile there is too much at stake.

  31. Clint

    Once again, this is a lot of fear mongering. Both sides of the political spectrum are really pushing this for the 2016 election. Trump cannot just ” overthrow” Roe v Wade no more than a democrat can overturn Citzen United. These are Supreme Court decisions. That would require constitution al adments to overturn. To get a CA requires a lot of steps, includi g ratification by a majority of states. Ain’t gonna happen. Perhaps he could tilt the SCOTUS with his picks. But once again, his choices have to get through Congess. Trump can’t just step in and just start “outlawing gays” and such like. He needs s majority of Congess to back him. In some ways I feel that is the more important battle, the fight for House and Senate, not this clown show presidential election. Don’ t get me wrong, Trump is a loud mouth that will damage this country. But lets zhow a little perspective here. You convince no one by denigrating their voting choices, only drive them away. And this sky us falling rhetoric is quite tiresome.

  32. Clint

    Sorry for the typos but this android keyboard is the pits.

  33. vancevep

    Johnson/Weld 2016

  34. Anonymous

    Explain now the “leaked” emails from the Democratic chairperson about Bernie……and she’s not going to speak at her own convention……..what a joke on both sides!!!

  35. Nadine

    The thing is people are not satisfied with either of the 2 main party candidates. It’s not a matter of Clinton being as bad as Trump or Trump being as bad as Clinton. Both are bad options. Also, Libertarians and other 3rd parties will pull pretty much equally from Republicans and Democrats. This means that no matter who wins, analysts will not be able to say if Gary Johnson wasn’t running, Clinton would have won. Nor will they be able to say if Johnson wasn’t running then Trump would have won. In this election saying don’t vote 3rd party or (insert villain here) will win is just a scare tactic aimed to get votes from people who don’t support Trump or Clinton.

  36. Paula Kay Schmidt

    You-> deluded and full of shit. Me–> voting for a third party.

  37. Anonymous

    No one is worse than Hillary Clinton! She should be in prison.

  38. Catherine

    Hey, Paul, stop trying to bully me into not voting my conscience.

  39. crvanslyke

    Darrell Castle! Castle2016.com

  40. Anonymous

    Ron Paul 2012!

  41. Anonymous

    The last time there was a third party candidate for President, Ralph Nader successfully contributed to George W Bush getting selected by the Supreme Court. Please not again.

  42. Anonymous

    Truly it doesn’t matter who we vote for. The president has already been selected. The vote is just an illusion of choice, in a country where freedom is an illusion. How did this happen? Well some certainly are mote to blame than others. But if you really want someone to blame try taking a looking in a mirror. I know why you did. They promised safety and security, and they all asked in return was your silent consent.

    1. Anonymous


  43. Roy

    The lady is a compulsive lier…that is beyond dispute to anyone who examines factual evidence and her public statements. EVERYONE REFUSES TO HOLD HER TO ACCOUNT.

    Women want Hillary for the same reason people who consider themselves to be “black”: because she looks like “me”.

    Maybe Americans deserve the string of rotten and incompotent public officials we’ve had these past few decades. Maybe we deserve to be lied to and lorded-over by a class of elitists. Maybe we’re just as stupid as Hillary and Trump must think we are.

    After all, we keep sending the same people back to serve in government; should we really expect a different result?

  44. Anonymous

    And this is why I’m with all those protesters still fighting for Bernie Sanders!! #StillSanders #NeverHillary #SeeYouInPhilly

  45. johnstoner

    …unless you don’t live in a swing state. I live in Chicago, and I’m voting Hillary if the polls leading up are within 2%. Which is very unlikely.

    People don’t take strategic voting far enough. Which is sad, because it’s the only way to make non-swing state votes matter.

  46. 3rd Party Voting | personnelente

    […] Think Really, Really Hard Before Voting for a 3rd Party Candidate. Really. […]

  47. Anonymous

    Not for nothing, I will not be voting in this election but still like to read up and stay educated. You’re closing statement to this decent diatribe is horribly presented; you do realize that the Republican party of Abe Lincoln is basically the Democratic party that we know today? Check your facts and party beliefs of that era.

  48. Titus Wu

    If we keep on listening to what the establishment wants us to do — to vote for the lesser of two evils — nothing will change. Sure, let’s not have Trump be president, so why not get a third party candidate into office? Though Jill Stein will probably not win this years election, the more and more people start voting third parties, the more likely in the future third parties will be more prominent. The change needs to start NOW. It’s time to stop voting out of fear and start voting based on our true beliefs and values. So to those who think Hillary is truly qualified, go vote for her. But don’t tell me to.

    Nothing will change if we don’t take risks.

  49. Kathleen Ellis

    If more people voted third party, it is likely that the polarization that has come to dominate the current electoral scene would have been tempered. Third party candidates historically pull from both parties, and oftentimes realign the electorate after the race. The system is broken, both major party candidates flawed to an extreme. This election, as in 2008. is Clinton’s to loose and she may (rightfully) loose again. I encourage all people to vote FOR the candidate of their choice rather that choose the least unacceptable major party candidate, come what may.

  50. Donna Schultz

    I will not have HRC supporters hold Trump like a shotgun to my head. Period. If she is so great and noble, she can step down and allow the true winner of the unaltered popular vote take over and win the day. Bernie. I would be embarrassed to be the first female POTUS if I did not win the primary and nomination fairly.

    1. Bob Elliott

      That would make her just like G.W.!

      1. M.W.

        GW won because people voted for Nader instead of Gore. Did it help? Did it start a grassroots movement? No, it was just a squawk of angry idealism. And then there was war, and the Patriot Act, and torture, and more.

      2. bobkavanagh

        M.W. I am so tired of this Nader and FL silliness. Gore failed to win his home state of TN. If he does that, FL is a non-issue. Gore and the Democrats ran a horrible race. Joe Liberman the warmonger was a sad choice for VP. And Bill Clinton’s peccadillos didn’t help. Remember NAFTA? How many votes did that cost?

    2. Kevin

      Amen! Fear is not the way to go about convincing someone to vote for you. It’s—how shall I put it—very Republican…

      1. MMDD

        “Gore failed to win his home state of TN.”

        A Democrat will never will in Tennessee…not in my lifetime, at least. The east of the state is as right-wing conservative as it gets. I live in Nashville, which is in a county will likely go blue (one of the very few), but that won’t change the way the rest of the state will vote. If Hitler were incarnated and ran as a Republican, Tennessee would vote for him.

      2. Corey

        But the author of this article is using fear to get people to vote for Hillary….

      3. Kevin

        Doesn’t make it any better. If you’re voting Hillary because you want Hillary, great! That’s how the system is supposed to work. If you’re voting Hillary only because you don’t want T****, then T**** has already won—regardless of the outcome.

      4. CH

        The alternative is President Trump. YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID.

      5. Kevin

        If that’s the only reason to vote Hillary, then T**** has already won, even if Hillary becomes president.

      6. ERC

        Ah men.

      7. Anonymous

        Both parties use fear to keep us all in line in order to continue this 2 party system that lately hasn’t served us well. Each party thrives on the other in some joint parasitic relationship where we are the host..and they are both sucking us dry. Ask yourselves what really changes…just enough to keep us all in line and to keep them firmly entrenched and when any outsider comes in the establishment circle the wagons and screw them no matter what. Bernie really didn’t know what hit him with attacks from both Dems and Republicans. He had no chance.

      8. Kevin

        Seeing as how we won enough pledged delegates that Hillary has to rely on superdelegates to win the nomination, I can’t agree with that last assertion.

    3. Anonymous

      Even with the inconsistencies. She had more votes. Drop this bullshit.

      1. Brian Meade

        @ Anonymous – You know nothing about the democratic process if you think she actually got more votes. Primaries = 1 person, 1 vote. Caucus = hundreds of people, 1 vote. Bernie won most caucus states in a land slide. A victory of 58% could easily have gained him hundreds of thousands more popular votes than Clinton. But since there are no ballots tracked for each vote, you only get to see the state level delegates tallied – maybe 600 delegates or so.

      2. Sheeesh

        Still hanging with yours huh?

      3. Sheeesh

        Still hanging with ur bulshit huh anonymous

      4. Anonymous

        Anonymous really?

      5. MMDD

        …never WIN in TN, I meant.

      6. Anonymous

        “Inconsistencies”. You mean the rigged primary.

      7. Louise Page

        To: Anonymous, Thank you for your positive post about Hillary Clinton winning the primary. Most of the posts are angry and hopeless.

      8. Not So Fast

        @Brian Meade, It is true that individuals in a caucus are not counted individually, thus a victory of 58 percent would have garnered him more popular votes. However, it is also true that caucuses have drastically lower turnout than primaries, largely because of how they are designed – they benefit individuals who have the time and wherewithal to learn and understand the rules, and disadvantage those who do not have the time or ability to do so. Which is another reason Sanders did so well in caucuses, because his base tends to be wealthier and whiter, having more privilege and economic security to be able to do so. Clinton’s supporters tended to be more diverse and economically disenfranchised. Thus, it is disingenuous to posit that because there are no ballots tracked for each individual at a caucus, Sanders would have won the popular vote. The fact that Clinton outperformed sanders in primaries where each vote was counted would suggest that if all states shifted to primaries she would have done even better.

        This goes into a little more detail. http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-system-isnt-rigged-against-sanders/

        I voted for Sanders in the primary, but its time to face the facts. To continue to argue otherwise would be do blatantly ignore facts and focus on self-serving rhetoric, a trait eerily similar to one Donald Trump.

    4. RQ

      She did win fairly under the rules of the party. Bernie Sanders said so himself today on Meet the Press.

      Will you vote for her now? PLEASE!

      1. Boebee


      2. annonymous……


      3. NO

        Fuck no.

      4. Virgil E Matthews

        Yes. I was for Bernie, but most states he won were caucus states which are undemocratic and should be eliminated because few people attend caucuses. Sanders won binding Washington State caucus, but when all the voters were allowed to vote in Washington state, Hillary won by a landslide. Cannot let Trump win.

      5. Anonymous

        Have you seen the latest emails leaked from the DNC that show bias towards Hillary? Or how about all the paid for super delegates automatically throwing sorry behind Clinton before the campaign even started… Or the fact they changed rules midstream to favor Clinton…

      6. Anonymous

        Not a chance in hell. The mask is dissolving form the DNC and we can easily now see just how corrupt they are. Serving their corporate masters is their prime directive.

      7. Anonymous


      8. Chandler White

        Never in Hell will I vote for that scumbag Hillary Clinton.

    5. Allan Daniels

      Your ignorant. I assume you are white as if you look at it overwhelmingly non-white Democrats voted for Hilary over Bernie. Look at the facts. But then again because I am a minority my voice probably doesn’t matter to you. So I’ll just let you have your rant and come back to you and see how you feel if Trump get elected. #secretlyracist

      1. Anonymous

        It’s “you’re.”

      2. Anonymous

        This comment makes no sense. Also, it’s “you’re”.

      3. Quincy


      4. Anonymous

        “your” ignorant?

      5. Anonymous

        Same thought as the others… It’s you’re, as in you are! So now who’s ignorant. You can’t write a simple sentence.

      6. Teri Wehmeyer MacGill

        I am a Bernie supporter. I do not agree with the Clinton’s political approach. I want to see the system disassembled and people put back in charge. My main reason for voting Clinton is the possibility of Tea-Right Supreme Court justices which will continue the assault on women and minorities’ rights. But as I consider this, I am ashamed. As a white person, I have much less to lose if Trump gets elected. I recognize that even my thought processes about deciding whether to vote and how to vote reflected by white privilege. If I am really a progressive, really concerned about racism, religious persecution, how could I possible entertain not voting? I would guess you will find that the strongest, angriest voices suggesting not voting, or voting third party, are white and predominantly male. I ask you to really think about your position, and put yourself in the place of Muslims, Latinos. African Americans, immigrants. What are thinking even entertaining the idea of not voting to support the oppressed? I don’t want to see Roe v. Wade overturned, to lose reproductive rights — but I’m past childbearing age, so I can deal with it. I’m nearing retirement age, and I surely don’t want Social Security impacted. But I don’t have to worry too much about my son being shot for a cell phone in his hand. I don’t have to worry about being beat up for my religion. How white of us to abandon people’s daily lives to our principle. Bernie is right. We don’t help the people we are supposedly fighting for if we subject them to the hatred and bigotry that will come with Trump Triumphant.

      7. Anonymous

        Your voice doesn’t matter. Not because you are a minority, but because you refuse to see what Hillary is. Racist means nothing anymore.

      8. Maureen

        Allan, saying “your ignorant” instead of the correct “you’re ignorant” shows that you are the pot calling the kettle black. Anything else you say loses all credence. Best to keep your thoughts to yourself buddy.

      9. Galli

        You are or you’re, not your.

      10. Karen

        I think all of this grammar policing is arrogance at its highest and I can tell by this and other comments that in fact, the anti-Hillary fervor is blinding all logic.
        How is it the least bit productive to analyze the Bush vs Gore outcome?
        How is insulting people here who truly wanted Bernie to win (me for example) helping to prevent Donald Trump from winning?
        How many of you analyzing this or that or pouncing on someone’s typos or grammar did something positive or actionable this weekend to help defeat Trump?
        He is the GOP candidate.
        Hillary Clinton is the opposition.
        Gore did lose to GW.
        Bernie did lose to Hillary.
        The cards are on the table.
        They are all face up.
        There is no Joker’s wild.
        Game almost over.
        You decide by swallowing your pride.
        If you cannot do that your pride is your biggest enemy and it matters not who is President anyway in your self-absorbed petty world. You’ll just go about huffing and puffing and nit-picking like the relative everyone dreads seeing at the family table during holidays.
        The rest of us will be preparing, serving and cleaning—–doing all the heavy lifting while you bluster.

      11. Yep.

        @Teri Wehmeyer MacGill, replace every “white” in your statement with any other racial color, and you’re a horrible racist. Good job being progressive.

        P.S. I’m not white or male. What I am is sick of this shit.

      12. sparkymalone

        JESUS! Allan brings up a valid point regarding the impact of a Trump presidency on minorities, and most of the replies were quick to add their names to the long list of pointing out his incorrect use of “Your,” instantly quenching a thirst for superiority over a pro-Clinton commenter.

    6. Anonymous


    7. Sandra Gray

      Ms. Schultz: Personally I don’t care who you vote for. But I do resent your statement that Bernie Sanders actually won the nomination. He did not. He took about 64% of the caucuses (11 out of 16 states) but he still lagged behind in by approx 195 electoral votes. As far as primaries go, he only won about 42% of those, and was about 414 electoral votes behind Clinton. If the caucus states were turned into primary states, he still lost…actually he did worse. Had he won, I would have voted for him because I don’t think our country can afford a disaster like Trump. But he did not win. And what people like you should try to understand is that there are more liberals/progressives in this country besides Sanders supporters, and our votes count too! I admire Bernie Sanders. But less and less do I find anything at all to admire in his supporters. Personally, I think he deserves better.

      1. HARPforAnimals.com

        Hillary started out with about 240 (approx) super delegates before the primaries started. Smells like a rat to me. But I absolutely do not want Trump as President. So my vote goes to HRC.

      2. Anonymous

        Maybe Sanders would have done a tad better if his own party chair-person had not actively conspired to keep him from being elected.

      3. Cheffzilla

        Let’s get off this “his party chair” crap.” Sanders, while I like his progressive agenda, is the ultimate opportunist. He spent 40 years building his cred as a left-wing extremist, marches, protests, arrests (all admirable), all the while turning his back on the Democratic party when they needed him. And when he saw that the party had a vulnerable candidate, all of a sudden, OMG! He’s a Democrat! And it’s HIS party! BS. If any of you were Democrat leadership you’d do exactly the same thing: protect the party from the outsider trying to stage a coup. Where was he when the best we could come up with was Al Gore? Michael Dukakis? He was an arrogant independent, that’s where. He wasn’t a Democrat then, and he isn’t one now. He’s a movement unto himself (not necessarily a bad thing). What the movement needs to do is exactly what Bernie did: go to work. Get people elected in local governments–mayors, school boards, city councils–where the real change happens. Stop whining about Clinton and Trump. Build an organization, not just a movement. Create a credible third–or fourth–party, one with elected officials and donors and a voice to be reckoned with. If you don’t, the “movement” is DOA.

      4. Boebee

        We dserve way better than you

      5. Anonymous

        In fact, this information is incorrect. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but the corruption and election fraud that shows hilary got herself this far is empirical. Ballots reflecting votes for Bernie were destroyed, In Every District.

    8. berniesupporter

      Hillary won the popular vote, but okay…

    9. Anonymous

      He lost the popular vote by several *million* votes.

      1. ken

        only because primary states are closed elections. independent voters could not vote in them. if so he would have killed her

    10. John Martin

      I voted for Bernie. He didn’t win. Stop whining like a little bitch and vote for the Democratic candidate otherwise you are left with a narcissistic, demagogue psychopath with his knarly grubby fingers on the nuclear codes and he hasn’t ruled out nuking everyone.

      1. Anonymous

        John , I agree with almost everything you say. But when your impulse is to call a woman a ‘b****’ just because she disagrees with you, your credibility is nil. Think about it.

      2. Boebee


      3. Janice

        Ken all they had to do was change their party status that day & change it back the very same or next day depending on when they had time to get back & do it. It has always been that way, I have changed my party affliction myself.

      4. Anonymous

        Your argument is nothing but emotional drivel

      5. Sharon

        John Martin, you nailed it. ‘Neff said.

      6. JoMomma

        Thank you! I also voted for Bernie and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure the Anti-Bernie (Drumpf) does not get elected. HRC is so much more qualified to run this country than her Republican opposition. It’s just that simple.

      7. Karen

        I beg your pardon.
        John used an unsavory but common slang term.
        John did not call any woman a bitch.
        John said stop whining like a bitch which actually refers to a female canine in heat.
        Google the origination of the term.

      8. Anonymous

        Thank you John, I can’t believe tha sitting here reading this!! Your still crying over this shit! Meanwhile, Mr. Trump is sitting back, thinking “this stupid, stupid idiots, hey your handing him the presidency !!! And he is right!!! Grown the fuck up! And act like a grown man/woman !!! Because what your doing isn’t going to change the fact that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the two nominees running for President of the United States of America.. Period. So Please, for the love of God, SHUT THE F UP about This!!!!!! ITS NOT ABOUT who is right and who is wrong!!! How old are you people?? What, like 10 yrs old now? Because, you sound like it!!!!!! I Am So Serious!!!!! It’s embarrassing!!! WOW!!!!

    11. DB69

      Actually, she did win the Primary fairly. The only fault the DNC had was not scheduling more debates, and at a more reasonable time. But, the DNC did not vote for Clinton. The PEOPLE in 50 states plus several US territories voted for Clinton. She won the most Pledged Delegates and the most Super Delegates. Even without Super Delegates, she would still be the nominee for the Dem’s, but let’s not allow facts to get in the way of personal feelings. Please do not let unfounded, illogical, and unexplained dislike for Clinton cloud the fact that she really is the favorite of Democratic voters.

      1. Jdhindle..

        Look up Clinton foundation fraud. Any one who thinks Clinton should be president has their head in the sand.

    12. Anonymous

      What makes you think she did not win the primary and nomination fairly? Let’s assume that the DNC was not in Bernie’s corner. The people who went out to vote, still voted for Hillary by millions more than they did Bernie. And if you are suggesting that the DNC rigged the votes on that level–on the level of the popular vote–than what, pray tell–is the point of anyone going out to vote on Election Day since the machines they’ll be voting on and the ones used to count the votes are so easily tampered with. Jeez.

    13. Rc

      The shotgun IS at your gead. Clinton didn’t put there. Don’t jeopardize the free world. Trump will accidently start a war with China or worse.

    14. Colin

      How did she not win fairly? You think any alleged rigging can bring an over-two-million vote lead? Seriously? I think the DNC did make an effort to hurt the Sanders campaign, but I don’t think anything they did could result in such a wide margin. You are really fitting your agenda into whatever narrative that is convenient to you. Time to move on. Really. Bernie did not win. He wasn’t the real winner.

    15. Michael Arkin

      Right on ‼️

    16. Greg

      Donna, stop with killing the messenger. It’s an embarrassing excuse for your lack of logic. Just admit that you don’t get it, and leave the grown ups to discuss the issues.

    17. julie

      asshole, she won by 3 million votes

    18. Gene in L.A.

      Bernie is not the “true winner of the popular vote,” or he’d be the nominee. Primaries are direct-vote; there’s no Electoral College or anything else between the people and the candidate. The votes of anyone who wanted Bernie went to Bernie. Hillary had more votes, so she was declared the winner. No one has proved or even suggested otherwise. Hillary will be the first female POTUS and won’t have anything to be ashamed about.

      1. Anonymous

        Never heard of super delegates I presume

      2. Gene in L.A.

        Of course I have. Bernie had his superdelegates too. Hillary won by counting all of the votes for her and all of the votes for him.

    19. Phyllis

      She did win the primary, not Bernie. He was behind more than 4%

      1. Jdhindle..

        Voter fraud

    20. martynott

      Except that she did win the unaltered popular vote, and she has won the primary campaign fairly – as in per the party rules and state election laws that pertain.

    21. Anonymous

      quit the bullshit – you just voted for Trump. I’m a Bernie gal & even personally met him; but he’s endorsed HRC and you can bet that he’s not throwing a tantrum (although he certainly could if anyone could) and voting for a 3rd party. Don’t you get it?

    22. bunny short

      You are just a little too outraged to have ever been a Democrat. Guessing you would have supported Trump, no matter what.

    23. Anonymous

      This is factually incorrect. Hillary won the primary, and it wasn’t really even that close. As a Sanders supporter I’m embarrassed by the number of people on my feed that honestly believe that somehow the DNC, which had nothing whatsoever to do with carrying out the elections or caucuses, somehow managed to steal the election for Hillary. This is nonsense of the highest order. Did the DNC want Hillary to win and run as much interference for her as possible? Of course! Did we really need wiki leaks to point that out? But this just caused me to work harder for Sanders. The election wasn’t stolen, and you can bet that if the (mostly) republican state officials that oversaw the elections could have cheated for someone it would be for Sanders, not Clinton who they could have a field day with, calling him a commie and such. The election went down just as the best prognosticators said it would, and no one cheated. Hillary won. I wish she didn’t but she did. So voting third party out of some misguided attempt to hurt Hillary is not only counterproductive, it’s dangerous. Have you actually listened to the tiny handed orange man recently?

      1. Anonymous

        Well said

    24. Mike

      Hillary was the winner of the popular vote by a lot. But okay…

    25. Felicity N.

      Don’t be an idiot. Read, read, and read again. She had more votes period. Always would have even if inconsistencies were a non-issue. Don’t let your head-up-your-ass mentality allow someone who so closely resembles an early Hitler to win because of your stupid unfounded ‘morals’. HRC is an excellent candidate and I suggest you do a little more research before you make up your mind.

    26. Anonymous

      I agree. I also hate it when people who are opposed to drunk driving hold a horrible accident in which I die and kill several other people like a shotgun to my head. How DARE they point out the possible extremely negative outcome of a choice I’m about to make? Those interfering busy-bodies. The should all shut up and let me just make whatever choice I want to make and preserve my ignorance about the possible outcome.

      1. Anonymous

        In the drunk driving scenario, and the voter issue, your decision has a direct result on the lives of others.

    27. Maria Reidpath


    28. Andrew C. Greenberg

      Of course that’s nonsense. Its not HRC supporters holding Trump against your head, its Trump who is the alternative. Vote for who you will, but if you don’t vote for HRC, its a vote for a sick and dangerous man who will bring the Supreme Court t the right for the rest of your natural life. Decide or don’t, but don’t pretend that your decision doesn’t matter. Your statement that a great and noble HRC would step down for another is well, just ludicrous.

    29. Anonymous

      Asking people to think hard before doing something is not equivalent to “holding Trump like a shotgun to your head.” Please.

    30. Carol Gardner

      Hillary Cano the popular vote. What planet do you live on?

    31. Robert

      He lost.

    32. Cameryn

      Nope, sorry, you’re mistaken. Under no circumstances at all is there any evidence WHATSOEVER that Hillary Clinton did not win the popular vote, the pledged delegate count and a larger number of states. You are absolutely, fundamentally mistaken and you are blinded by the Bernie-or-Bust echo chamber. Period, end of story. Stop regurgitating nonsense. Clinton won the primary and she’s our nominee.

    33. Lou Crisp

      The true winner of the both the popular vote and delegate majority is Hillary Clinton, period! Sure the DNC supported Hillary, after all the Clintons are long time members of the Democratic party, She is a former first lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. While I agree with Bernie on many issues, he serves in the Senate as an independent , he has never been a loyal Democratic Party member, so who did you think they would support? I’m not saying the DNC is faultless, and I don’t condone the tone or content of some of the emails that were released, but none of this comes as a surprise to me.
      The bottom line is the next President will be either Trump or Clinton, if in your stubbornness you refuse to vote for her, then I am sorry but YOU ARE DAMN WELL PART OF THE PROBLEM! As President, Hillary Clinton will NOT be the same or worse than Trump, anybody who seriously believes that is not paying attention! Would you rather have a president who will work for higher minimum wage, support woman’s rights, appoint more liberal or moderate judges to the Supreme Court, etc. No, she’s not Bernie Sanders, no you won’t agree with her on every issue, but Trump would be an utter disaster, he will NEVER listen to the concirnts of Bernie’s supporters, he is a bigot and unstable, so YES, I damn well am using Trump like a shotgun to the head, because that is WHAT HE IS! WAKE the F Up for god’s sake!!

    34. sum1won

      So Hillary Clinton should step down and allow Hillary Clinton to take over and win the day?

    35. Jdhindle..

      Well said

    36. Anonymous

      Bernie did not win the popular vote! Where are you getting your information?

    37. Anonymous

      Sanders wants to change the election process when he loses but not earlier as a Senator? What does that indicate about the process? Is he thinking of himself or the democratic. I am not into Superdelegates, but let’s not use this as an argument now. HRC did not invent the process. Let’s not be silly. This election matters. We can change the voting process as in any good democracy.

    38. A.

      I would go back and re-read the last paragraph.

    39. Mike

      I agree 100%. #whichhillary #dropouthillary #neverhillary

    40. Anonymous

      I am not a HRC supporter.
      No one is holding Trump like a shotgun to anyone’s head.
      Trump is the Republican nominee.
      The ballot is the shotgun.
      Fear can serve as a protector vs a weakness.
      People who are afraid run from danger.
      Our own stubbornness is the rifle we hold to our own head.
      Holding a rifle to our own head takes a lot of twists and contortions.
      Safety first.
      Then we can really and truly make electoral change for the future elections if we work hard.

    41. Kei Garth

      Oh please.
      Get over it.
      There is no credible evidence of any ‘altered’ popular vote:
      Sanders failed to convince the majority of American’s to support him.

      You’re playing Russian roulette with your own ignorance.
      And that is really too bad.

    42. Anonymous

      She won the popular vote. Please check your facts

    43. Christian Krueger

      She won the popular vote. Especially if you consider that the caucuses ended up favoring Bernie substantially.

    44. Esther

      Hillary won fair and square. Bernie is good, but he did not win. If you really love this country and want the best for, you will vote for Hillary otherwise you are giving the country to that dictator of Trump. In that case don’t call yourself a democrat.

    45. (((Erin D Lindsey))) (@numb3r5ev3n)

      The way we see it, you guys are the ones holding Trump like a shotgun to our heads. I voted for Bernie in the primary as well, but I’m not mad enough about the fact that my candidate lost to convince myself that the primary was rigged, or that she’s “just like” Trump. Ride or Die Bernie supporters are the ones who are going to get Trump elected, and that would be hilarious if it weren’t so scary and sad.

    46. Anonymous

      The superdelegates who pledged Clinton before the primaries started had every right to do so — in the same way that you and many other pledged your own vote to a candidate. Being a fanatic for Bernie Sanders doesn’t just make all of Clinton’s good deeds disappear, nor does it wash out Sanders’ own faults. Without going into the details, I suggest you look at Sanders’ solid stance on racial issues and international agenda. Both candidates have their strengths and faults, and that’s partly how the President/Vice-President ticket system evolved into what it is today: the ticket generally has one half compensate for what the Party believes the other half needs but misses.

      You have every right to remain a fanatic. No one has said that Clinton is a knight in shining armor, regardless of Trump. But before letting emotions take over and skewing ideas on who one “agrees with more,” the astute voter might seriously consider and rationalize which candidate really represents one’s best interests.

      If you still feel that Bernie Sanders should be President, then hey, you can always write him in. Nothing and no-one is stopping you from doing that. Just like nothing and no-one is stopping anyone else from voting for Trump, Clinton, or even Santa Claus (though I think he’s not a natural-born U.S. citizen…?).

      Of course, you can still pursue the route of “the DNC lied to voters and should be sued,” but is that what you really want right now? It certainly doesn’t matter to Sanders, who only ran as a Democrat this time because he has recently caucused often with the blue, but can easily return to his status as an Independent at any point.

      Finally, a thought: a country driven by hate is no better than any radical organization also driven by hate; choose wisely.

    47. Anonymous


    48. Anonymous

      She did win the popular vote. By several MILLION votes. She got more votes than any other candidate – democrat or republican – including Bernie Sanders. That is just a fact. Bernie Sanders himself admits that.

    49. Marty

      Hillary received millions more votes than Bernie in the primaries.

    50. Anonymous

      It’s bigger than the person it’s the policies. We need the Republican party period.

    51. Jackie

      Get over yourself! Bernie is backing Hillary, but I guess you know something he doesn’t!

    52. Dr. Aaron

      But there IS a shotgun to your head, in the form of a clinicaly pathological personality disordered (sociopath, narcissistic or both) racist, homophobic bigot who will appoint supreme court justices who likely will ensure that you, any frmale daughters or young loved ones of yours and perhaps their female children as well will experience a profound reversal of decision making choices about your/their own bodies. A man who has an amazingly terrible secret(s) hidden in 12 years of unreleased taxes (at least) and who advocates a variety of domestic social and financial domestic policies and foreign/military policies that would spell ruin both at home and abroad. Hilary supporters arent holding the gun to your head, Trump is. Your cote can either help to put him in charge of the world’s most powerful nation, or an actual politician with an actual track record that suggests she is unlikely to do anywhere near the harm of Trump.

    53. Yulee Newsome

      You fail to realize that a shotgun is being held to all of our heads whether we like it or not. Closing your eyes and dreaming of improbable outcomes is only detaching you from reality. We will have Trump or Clinton as your President. BTW, there is a vacancy on the evenly split Supreme Court and Republicans want to get rid of school lunches for poor people.

      The City is the way it is because the citizens are the way we are…Plato

    54. Anonymous

      I mean whether you like it or not, Trump is a shotgun being held to your head. Far right candidates have been making gains across the board and the effects have been disastrous. Vote however you want, but a united front is more likely to defeat Trump than a protest on principle.

    55. Maureen Patrick

      Bernie is not the true winner. He won caucus states that make it hard if not imposible for the wlderly, persons with disabilities, and parenTs of young children without evening child care options to participate. Clinton won the states that have primaries.

    56. Anonymous

      How noble

    57. Rick Altman

      Donna, I understand your reaction to having Clinton forced upon you, but I don’t understand the statement about Sen. Sanders being the true winner of the popular vote. Can you explain that to me, please?

    58. Ed Devine

      Peevish, juvenile and wrong.

    59. William

      Um. Not to burden you with pesky facts, but Hillary won more than 4 million more votes than Bernie.

  51. Brian Meade

    Hillary can and not only has done, but has proven willing and eager to actually do the things Trump only talks about. She softens the blow with some nice words, but her policies, in practice, are just as harsh, brutal and emotionless as his words.

    Trump talks about wanting wars, Hillary has actually started them.
    Trump talks about terrorism. Hillary has created generations of them.
    Trump talks about money in politics. Hillary has only benefited from money in politics.

    With one candidate,we have a well groomed looking dog, snarling and frothing at the mouth with Rabies. With the other, we have a stray, toothless junk yard dog that barks at everything.

    I’d rather vote for the one that won’t give me Rabies, thank you.

    But either way, they are both horrible and they really are just as bad, if not worse than one another.

    On the other hand, a 3rd party vote for the Greens, will give them enough leverage to push them into the spotlight, allow for government funding and get them on stage during the Presidential debates. After that, the ball’s in their court and there is no “insider party” status for Clinton to use against them.

    1. Anonymous

      “worse than one another” literally impossible but I already could tell you’re stupid so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. Sheesh

        Anonymous still inthere trying to steer the votes huh? I thought u were ganna say one thing think for urself. then be off. I guess ur trying to be a candidate. Lol u want trumpet really bad. And swaying people to third party. Ur quite a liar urself. Thanks for helping make up my mind. HC maybe a liar. But i think she smart enough to balance a huge war. Trumpet mouth might blow it with his trumpet. Sheeesh! What kind of person r u.research him if u can. Don’t just vote because he reminds u of ur????

      2. Buzz Mooey

        Anonymous, you proved yourself inadequate to effectively participate in any real debate, the moment you decided that, instead of facts and information, you should resort to “stupid”

    2. Pat S

      Just wondering what war Hilary started?

      1. Boebee

        She has helped with the destruction of syria, supplied saudi with all the toys they are using in yemen and orchestrated a coup in honduras and is personally responsible for the fact thtat libya has become three different mad max style banthustans. What else can we help you with?

      2. Anonymous

        The war in Syria you retard

      3. Jdhindle..

        All the wars that benifit her foreign donors.

      4. Mike

        Libya, she pushed to invade Syria and Iran

    3. Stephane

      dickish comments

    4. Anonymous


    5. Gene in L.A.


      What power has Hillary had to start a war, and which one(s) did she start?
      How has Hillary created terrorists?
      What money has Hillary made that men in her position haven’t made?

      Please be specific.

      1. Mike

        Wow look up at my previous post for thw war mongering response. Tell me did Colin Powell make hundreds of millions speaking? The Clintons are a plague that just won’t go away. Cheating in the primaries and working in direct alliance with the CORRUPT DNC. #whichhillary #dropouthillary #stillsanders

    6. bunny short

      Another right wing reactionary hoping people will think they’re a Dem with a dislike for HRC. Lol, your description doesn’t even allow your reader to know which is which. I agree with you that 3rd party candidates should have a place in the debates. 3rd party does not scare me.

    7. Seeker

      Looks like you are hypnotized by Trump. Secretary of State cannot start wars, before the Bush-Cheney started theirs only congress could. Al Queda and ISIS were born before Hillary took the job. Granted Hillary has accepted large donations and I don’t like that either but if you’re really considering voting for the the junkyard dog take a look at TED-Ed “How did Hitler rise to power”. Hillary is no saint but she sure as hell is not rabid.

    8. Andrew C. Greenberg

      No, a third party vote for the Greens accomplishes nothing but risking a right-wing over-the-top SCOTUS for the rest of your natural life. Thanks for that.

    9. (((Erin D Lindsey))) (@numb3r5ev3n)

      Oh my god. If I had a nickel for every Bernie Bro who blames Hillary for the war W Bush started, I’d have enough money to actually fund Bernie’s comeback campaign.

    10. Christian Krueger

      I’m gonna go out on a limb here and bet that you are straight and so don’t stand to lose your ability to have a family if Trump wins.

    11. Bethany Cook

      Great post. I agree. She will do many of the same things as Trump. Her record of bargaining down a minimum wage and interfering with a democratically elected government shows that her leadership is not what we need. A no- fly zone and the enforcement of it over Syria would lead to even more conflict. Her policies are not what is needed and her choice of Supreme Court Nominee would most likely be based on what favors she owes and to whom. I do not want a Clinton candidacy. I can not imagine Trump being smooth enough to get any type of legislation through the house or the senate. Neither democrats nor republicans like him

  52. Anonymous

    This is why I am no longer caucusing with the democrats any more. The fix was in, demigods are worse then the republicans as far as suppressing the vote! Bernie is so far up Hillary ass now that he has lost all credibility!

    1. Michaele

      Really?? Do you prefer to remain anonymous due to your opinion or your rudeness in expressing it?

      1. Anonymous

        We prefer to remain anonymous because people like you are so emotionally weak and petty that you would go out of your way to try and fuck with our real lives because “ABLOO BLOO BLOO YOu HURT MY FEEWINGS”. We remain anonymous because not doing so on the internet is literally retarded. It’s the left that is truly racist and violent

    2. Alan

      This sounds to me like a paid troll for the Republicans. They exist, and this is the kind of destructive nonsense I expect from them.

  53. morgainebrigid2013

    I would vote for Lesser-of-Two-Evils Clinton, if my vote made a difference in my state. Idaho is going to go Republican (although that might have changed if Sanders was the Democratic Nominee), therefore, liberal Idahoans might as well vote their conscience.

    1. RMCDCHI

      Just ask voters in Britain how that turned out. The day after the Brexit vote, the media was full of Remain-supporters lamenting that they hadn’t voted because they didn’t think there was any way Exit could win, so they didn’t think their vote mattered. Every vote matters, never more so than when the stakes are this high.

  54. TPG

    Trump is holding the shotgun, we’re only trying to prevent him from firing it Donna. This is not a pro Hillary tactic (and her stepping down is not a logical or reasonable option, we have to accept the brass tack components of this as is), but it is logical and logistically *necessary* move to vote for her prevent Trump. Idealism and being pragmatic both needed to be valued, but whittling it down to a finite matter of choosing and influencing how votes will really matter (being practical) is a responsibility too. It chaps my idealistic ass as well, and boy do I get what you are saying, but above all I have to make the vote count as to what realistic choice will affect my country and how, and I have to live with that. If I voted a write in for Bernie, as I’m compelled to *want* to do, I would genuinely be giving a leverage vote towards Trump (for no one but Hillary or Trump can feasibly win, that’s just a fact), and can realistically and logically see that could be how he wins. All emotions aside as to how I wish it could be otherwise, that outcome I cannot allow or live with. But this all has lit a big fire under my ass, and the future I will be so proactive in helping things be better ahead, and that is where I put all my idealistic value. I know what I have to do now, what is the ultimate right thing to do for this country (and not my own wants among it all) with my vote soon ahead, but I will not let go of trying for better choices ahead, and from the local government up, will be proactive in trying to ensure this nightmare never is repeated politically again.

  55. Anonymous

    I would say in my estimation Clinton is far worse than Trump. Hillary Clinton is the champion and figurehead of the status quo corporate-owned establishment. The corporate-owned establishment created and maintains the conditions that allow Trump to thrive. Besides that, Clinton has already done many of the things Trumps speaks about and probably much much worse only behind closed doors.
    I can endure four years of Trump. The house will likely flip and he will not be able to pass a single thing. Kind of like how the Republicans have been blocking Obama for the last 8 years…. …We have all had a chance to see just how broken our government is, the only service Clinton has ever provided.

    1. Nurse

      The house and congress have passed many bills only to have Obama veto them

    2. Brian

      If Trump wins, in what universe do you think this means the House will flip? If anything, a Trump victory would tend to indicate that Republicans GAINED House and Senate seats.

    3. Janice

      Anonymous Hillary is no saint but please she is no way close to Trump. You may think you can endure 4 years of Trump but I don’t believe this country would still be here. Trump acts like a 2 year old when he doesn’t get his way. If you recall Trump is well liked by Putin (Russia), Kim Jong-un North Korea) & David Duke (KKK). I can’t think of four (including Trimp) more despicable people then them. You could add in Dick Chaney if you want to overload. Trump has never done anything to help anyone unless he profits from it. Hillary has helped millions of people including young children. HRC has my full support cause she is truly qualified & if for no other reason then to keep that lunatic Trump out of DC.

      1. Janice

        Anonymous, the Democrats can not take the House back until 2020 at the earliest.

    4. Anonymous 2

      So lets take the guy that benefits the most from a “corporate-owned establishment” and give him the keys to the castle? He is dangerous. He will take us very close to civil if not world war. This is the crap he spews when he is trying to get elected? What about when no one can shut him up? Like any good narcissist he will only treat us good until it no longer benefits him then he will do whatever the hell he pleases. Trust me on that.

  56. Rob Long

    The unfortunate truth is that our votes no longer count. Until special interest money is removed from politics there will be no change. Like yourself I feel Trump would be a disaster for our country, Hillary will be business as usual. Entirely a Washington insider that will continue if not compound the issus of special interest control for party and personal revenue. One thing I can assure you is that everything we hear for thw next 6 months will be lip service to pander to gain statistical edge for votes. Once in office the effort to polarize and distract us from the real issue will take precedence over all else. Our only possibility to regain influence our country is to convince 75% of the currently uninformed voters to pay attention and stop casting votes on a single issue which is only indictive of a personal belief based on life experience or culture.

    1. Andrew C. Greenberg

      The ACTUAL truth is that a vote not cast is a vote that won’t be counted. Period. Florida 2000 is absolute proof of the fact.

  57. Adrian Kleinbergen

    Think of the damage that Trump can and will do to the country. Think of that before you believe nonsense spread about HRC. All of the things you accuse her of were already done by every president before her.
    Either way, the USA is in for some interesting times…

    1. Sebastian Shumway

      “All of the things you accuse her of were already done by every president before her.”

      Right, so you think we should vote for more of the same?

    2. Anonymous

      Hillary has already caused massive damage to western civilization as a whole. Her policies under the current t administration have resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians in the middle East and created a breeding ground for radicals like Isis to arise. The current admin followed in bush’s footsteps. She is partially responsible for the attacks in nice and other places in Europe. Get it through your head. We are on a path to more war and she will gleefully drag us into it. On the same day that obama claimed Trump’s speech was unrealisticly gloom and doom there was a shooting in Munich. Today a refugee in Germany killed a pregnant woman with a machete and a person blew them self up in front of a restaurant, also in Germany, fortunately only killing themselves but injuring many others. How can you not see what’s going on in the world? I don’t know how trump would do but she is most definitely the greater of two evils.

      1. Mike

        Wow look up at my previous post for thw war mongering response. Tell me did Colin Powell make hundreds of millions speaking? The Clintons are a plague that just won’t go away. Cheating in the primaries and working in direct alliance with the CORRUPT DNC. #whichhillary #dropouthillary #stillsanders

  58. Brittney

    Well yeah, if people keep telling others not to vote for 3rd parties then of fucking course they wont win. This is just another bullshit fear tactic to let that lying warmonger get more votes.

  59. William

    This is why we have been stuck in a two party system all these years. When people start thinking independent or third party all of you people start hiding your heads and say well this one is better than that one. What does this get you. A The same old Two Party system. Take a stand people. Both these party’s are crooked, all they care about is the rich and how to line there own pockets. It is time for the working people of this country to revolt and form a Government that is truly for and by the people. I will for one not vote for anyone who is republican or democrat. My vote will go to independents,or Third party candidates. ITS TIME FOR THE REVOLUTION !!!

  60. Daniel Pasilis

    While I agree that Trump is potentially disastrous I can’t help but think Clinton would be very nearly as bad in the long run if not immediately so. People give Clinton more credit than I feel she genuinely deserves largely on the basis that she has managed to keep her mouth shut whereas Trump seems congenitally incapable of it. Clinton is far more hawkish than I am comfortable with particularly with the country still trying to recover from two wars and other far more delicate international crises looming on the not too distant horizon but to be candid what is utterly and completely disqualifying in my eyes is her support by and for Wall Street. Her choice of Kaine as her VP seals that deal. She has absolutely no intention whatsoever of doing anything that will negatively affect investment banks in any way and I would be very surprised if she actually tried to fulfill the few promises on domestic issues she has made…that is not that she will actually be allowed to anyway. Clinton’s presence as the Democratic nominee is very likely to not only give the Republican Party continued control of the Senate but quite possibly also expand it. The House will not only remain a lost cause but will certainly get worse, as conservative representatives are inundated by demands from their constituents to block any and everything that comes out of her office, and that doesn’t even take into account that the impeachment proceedings will likely be brought to the floor the moment her hand is lifted off the bible (that is not hyperbole). If Trump is a dangerous loose cannon Clinton is an every bit as dangerous slow poison. Are any of the third party candidates likely to win…No…and none ever will because within the binary system we have we are only ever allowed the choice between the lesser of two evils. I cannot in good faith or conscience give my just consent to that any longer.

    1. Andrew C. Greenberg

      The Senate was lost not because of the Presence of Obama, but the absence of progressive voters at the polls. This much is certain, a vote for anybody but HRC risks losing the Supreme Court for the rest of our natural lives. The consequences of that matter more than any other issue, and certainly is more certain than the concern troll advocacy of your text. Vote as you will, but the consequences of losing the Court this round will hurt far more and more certainly than any of your speculations about who and what she is.

    2. Bethany Cook

      Well said, Daniel P.

  61. Daniel Wang

    Yes, cite the Republicans backing Hillary Clinton. That’s a great way to convince me she’s on my side!


    1. Andrew C. Greenberg

      Read her freaking policy and the platform she supported. Learn what her actual issues are. That is all we ned to know. Vote for her or lose SCOTUS for the rest of your natural life. Last chance.

      1. (((Erin D Lindsey))) (@numb3r5ev3n)

        ^^^ This.

  62. Sebastian Shumway

    Are you seriously trying to say that she’s a good candidate because Trump, Bush, Gingrich, Rice, Huckabee, and Petraeus have supported her in the past?

    Fuck anyone those people think should be in power.

    1. Glen

      I’m a strong conservative, and agree with you. Strange bedfellows indeed.

    2. Andrew C. Greenberg

      Concern troll. That’s not what the author was saying, and you know it.

  63. Klaus Nenn

    Who cares that another party will get in with a split vote. Voting for liars, thieves, anti-democratic candidates that leave your stomach wretching is not an answer that will help confirm your vision, values and philosophies and will certainly not send a wake up call to those in the party that supported the deceit, deception and fraud.

  64. Kevinatblinn

    I believe a vote for Trump is a vote for a third party. He is not a conservative. He is not a Republican. He brought an overwhelming number of first time, non party affiliated primary voters. It shouldn’t be the Democrats who are worried. It should be the Republicans who finally really lost their party – and not to the Tea Party, but to a complete outsider.

  65. David

    I don’t think that Hilary is evil. But, Gary Johnson has more experience in governing and has the fiscal and social responsibility record to show for it. Her fiscal policies do not provide the acumen that this country needs – over spending for entitlements and continued budget overreach. As Secretary of State, she repeatedly showed leadership failure and a disjunctive failed foreign policy – Libya, Iran, Syria, Russia just to name a few. Voting for Hilary or Donald when neither represent your beliefs is not a wasted vote.

    “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.” John Adams, 1789

  66. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t vote for her if she were the only choice I had! We have a choice this time, a president that will plunge us into a 3rd world war or a president that will take all our rights away! Which do you choose?

  67. Anonymous

    Dear Feel the Berns –
    He knew. He knew all along that HRC was the party princess. Of course he knew. And he has his big boy pants on about it. I suggest you all go get yours.

  68. Anonymous

    I’m a Canadian and let me tell you what burns my butt. Almost every post I have come across talks. About the Presidential election as if it only affects citizens of the US. But it does not. I’ve watched Trumps rise over the past 30 years and he has always struck me as a Sociopath. I can’t believe the stupidity around this election cycle. I’ve followed Trumps rise to Nominee and your media acted like they were imbedded. He got a years worth of free advertising with every racist, sexist, xenophobic, asinine thing he said. And no one called him on it. They just gave him a free pass thinking what great entertainment until it was too late. I have to tell you I am very dismayed and very concerned about the state of your republic. To think that the inventor of the Birther movement is now the Republican nominee scares the crap out of me. This is not a reality show we’re watching. The fate of the whole world hinges on this election. HRC is by no means my favourite politician. I agree she is more hawkish and more cozy with the corporate world than I am comfortable with. However those on the progressive side ( and I’m definitely there and likely more left than most) wake up. The left always makes the same mistake. They cry principles all the while undermining there own ability to build a movement. Bernie Sanders knows this but you are so willing to throw all his work away in a fit of pique. Grow the you know what up. It’s my future and my family’s future that your playing with in the same way the Brexit idiots did. Don’t throw your vote away because if you do as far as I’m concerned you might as well have put an X beside Trumps name. You have way too much to lose. Roe Vs Wade, SCOTUS, intensification of Citzens United, world market havoc, dangerous foreign policy, legitimized racism at the highest government levels. You think things have been difficult for the poor and disenfranchised you wait. Things will get much worse. And who among you will stand up and man up when it all comes crashing down that you were responsible for the mess by voting irresponsibly.

    1. Cheri Bauer

      Very well said. Thanks Canada!

    2. J.L.

      The Canadian is absolutely right. Progressives who refuse to vote for Hillary, either by failing to vote at all, by writing in a different candidate, or by voting for a 3rd party candidate (who doesn’t have a chance of winning), will very likely cause a Trump presidency, which would not only be dangerous, but disastrous, and not only for the U.S. (for many many years to come), but ALSO for the world at large. Progressive voters in the U.S. have never needed to take their privileges and responsibilities more seriously than they need to this time. Our votes affect the safety of the entire world. It’s no joke.

      There is a time for idealism and fighting for your first choice, but it’s called the primary season, and for this particular presidential election, that season has passed. Those of us who have been voting for decades have been through this a million times. If I had a nickel for every time that “my guy” didn’t win the primary…I mean, honestly. That’s just the way elections work. For decades, whenever “my guy” hasn’t won the primary, I’ve had to suck it up and go with whomever “my guy” is endorsing, because quite frankly, I’m fully aware of the fact that I chose “my guy” because I respect him and expect that he knows a hell of a lot more about the presidency than I do, so I trust his judgment over my own feelings of sour grapes in the moment. And I know that my vote effects the lives of so so many folks, domestically and internationally, so I would never ever throw my vote away just to be stubborn or to “make a point.”

      And as far as Hillary Clinton, if you are going to choose to continue hating and vilifying her, that is your choice of course, but the least you can do is explore your own biases, inform yourseif, and study actual history, instead of getting your info from a bunch of slandering propaganda against her (that originally was manufactured by the misogynistic extreme Right, by the way).

      This belief that one must adore everything about a candidate in order to vote for them in the general election, is nonsense. A lot of times, whether people like it or not, the reality is that by the time the general election is happening, it has boiled down to 2 candidates, and you have to explore which candidate is worse? Which one is more destructive, dangerous, etc? At some point, pragmatism HAS to be factored in, along with all this idealism. The general election is the time to face facts and look at things realistically, instead of voting in a way that is ineffective, just to “make a point.” In my lifetime, here has never been a more important election than this one. We’re facing the very real possibility of ending up with Donald Trump as POTUS, an obnoxious narcissistic reality show blowhard, someone who is willfully ignorant, uneducated, openly racist, classist, misogynistic, xenophobic, sociopathic and a violence-inciting bully. He actually mocked and made fun of a disabled reporter, for his disability. Unbelievable. Anyone who has seen the footage has seen how disgusting his conduct is.

      If this election ends up the same way it did with that Nader debacle in 2000, those of us who took this seriously will hold those of you who didn’t, responsible for the subsequent disaster that ensues, because you will have had the power to prevent it, but will have shirked your own responsibilities, and therefore effectively caused it.

    3. Gardenbird

      Great post from the Canadian. Take heed America.

  69. Anonymous

    You are so incredibly wrong about Hillary. Sorry but you are so brainwashed by her campaign that you can’t be anything but <90 iq. Paul Richardson, you are the one not qualified to comment on this. Inform yourself if you are even capable.

    1. Andrew C. Greenberg

      My intelligence is great enough to recognize you as a concern troll. Your remarks are incredibly uninformed and unsupported and should be ignored.

  70. Mentalfloss

    Trump is the bad tasting medicine this country needs to cure its disease. I turned 18 in 1984 and didn’t care much about politics. But I did question why is it we have only two parties to choose from? It wasn’t until 1992 that I got brought into politics by Ross Perot and voted for the first, and last time. Since then the American sheeple are back to thinking they have to vote red or blue. This year brought about some hope that was changing with Bernie and Trump. Unfortunately we have a loser and unqualified Trump and a scumbag can’t be trusted criminal Hillary.Yeah, yeah that’s change alright.


    I’m so tired of hearing all the self-righteous Bernie supporters whining that they “refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils,” or “refuse to let fear drive my vote.” I used to say the same thing, just as sanctimoniously. Right up until Dubya was elected, and then I realized that, in fact, I did have a preference, and Dubya wasn’t it. Eight years later my family is still feeling the damage Dubya and his Republican cronies did. So, yeah, I absolutely will let fear drive my vote. And anyone who does not see what they have to fear from a Trump presidency is at best too busy throwing self-dramatizing histrionics to know what they’re talking about. At worst, they are as morally bankrupt as Herr Trump. Time to grow up, kids.

  72. Kevin K

    Thank you.

  73. Anonymous

    How someone who can’t even pass a basic background check can run for president is beyond me. Federal investigations regarding national security. Appointing people with no relevant experience to positions within the state department because of donations to her fake charity. Come on people wake up.

    1. Andrew C. Greenberg

      Yes, wake up. These are the random ravings of a concern troll. She will have no trouble passing the background check. Next week, we will see proof of that, only to hear you later whine about how she controls the world. Your acceptance of the conspiracy theories of her actual foundation is evidence of your politics.

  74. tnknights

    Hm. My vote is never a vote against someone. For vote for Gary Johnson will be for him and his platform. Fiscally conservative. Socially liberal. Not a career politician. Athletic. Stay away from internal strife of foreign states, when possible.

  75. Rebecca Rowan

    In a normal year I would tell you to all go ahead and indulge yourselves in your temper tantrums, stamp your feet because your candidate didn’t make it, go throw your vote away on your little play acting third party candidates. But folks, this is not a normal election year. Donald Trump is evil, just as evil and dangerous as Adolphe Hitler. Pull up your pants and do the right thing. Otherwise you are all culpable in the destruction of this nation and all we hold dear individually and collectively.

    1. Steve Brejen, Esq.

      Marxist muslim camel crap !!

    2. Incognito123

      You are right, Trump IS evil, BUT SO IS KilLIARy!!!

  76. Rick

    JOHNSON!!! One of the greatest POTUS of all time–Abraham Lincoln–was elected from a 3rd party ticket! Using this fear tactic makes the Democrats no better than the Repukicans. Johnson is the only moderate on the ballot in all 50 States. Also, as a reminder (sorry, it’s the social studies teacher in me)…There are 440+ out of 535 Congressional seats–where the REAL damage is done–available this round. Please research and make educated choices in those races, too!

    1. Andrew C. Greenberg

      Don’t be silly, Rick. No one will be elected this year from a third party ticket. No one. It is possible that third party candidacies might deprive HRC of an Electoral majority throwing the election to the House, and hence subjecting us to a Trump Presidency or an outright loss to Trump. Period.

  77. Arsenio Ibay

    Should she win the election, she had best keep her nose clean and her dealings transparent. The name “Clinton” and impeachment already have a history together, and I suspect that as a countermeasure the Republicans might grow stronger in Congress. And starting off under a cloud is not a good thing – ask George W.

  78. Beth

    The people who say they will not allow “fear” to decide their vote have the privilege to be able to say that! You are likely white, middle-class, straight, male, or women who have internalized their oppression. You think you are the “solution” when you are actually the problem.

  79. Tom H

    Hilary is a proven liar. Her policies are nothing more than an extension of Obama’s far left and I mean far left agenda. Johnson wants wide open borders and thinks free trade is good as is where we are locked in competition with countries that have no labor or environmental standards and corp. tax codes well under the US. That isn’t free trade. It’s unfair trade. Not to mention the only thing Johnson seems to really get excited about is the question of legalizing Marijuana. I could care less either way but when it’s a Presidential candidates main focus it’s a problem. Trump was not my first option but he is making a lot of sense in his pro America agenda. It’s time someone steps up for our country after years of radical globalist trends. Say what you want about him but he’s got the interests of this country and it’s citizens..,…. citizens of all backgrounds.. in mind.

  80. tscnarchives

    If one candidate does not get 270 or more electoral votes (the majority), then the President will be selected by the House of Representatives, per the Constitution. The House will be limited to choosing from the two candidates with the most electoral college votes.
    The newly elected House, sworn in on January 3, 2017, will be doing the voting.
    Do the math.
    Here is how it has worked in the past. http://history.house.gov/Institution/Electoral-College/Electoral-College/

  81. Anonymous

    Are you kidding me!
    Trying to scare people into voting for someone they don’t believe in! Nobody belongs using fear to get votes. That’s the DNC’S platform in the main election. That the Republican party is pushing fear. It’s also should be left to the person to vote their heart and conscious.
    Stated how Hillary has all this expertise. Why didn’t it stop her from colluding with the DNC to prevent a fare primary? How was lying to Congress about your emails. And the only reason she isn’t in jail for miss handling Top Secret Material is she’s wealthy. Others have been put in prison for less. And yes it was exactly stated no DA would prosecute.
    Not to mention the war mongering. Big bank protecting. Untrustworthy horrible individual!
    Please think vote yourself for whom ever. Think who will be by the people for the people!

    1. Andrew C. Greenberg

      Thats of course nonsense, meaningful only in support of Donald Trump. Imagine his nominees occupying the SCOTUS for the rest of our natural life. I don’t think a reasonable person would agree with your conclusions of her politics or responsibility, but I am certain of the irresponsibility o the positions you now advocate. You don’t matter, but those who see your words should focus on the realities more clearly.

  82. Freed lemming

    “If a stupendous claim is made enough times, many will believe it–the truth is pliable.”

    We’ve been watching this media echo chamber mechanism for the past year, and it has produced the following: “Unlike any major candidate in generations, Donald Trump is temperamentally, emotionally, and intellectually unfit to be President of the United States. He would be an embarrassment and, more importantly, present far too high a risk of precipitating an economic, social, or military catastrophe.”

    If a year’s worth of this nonsense caterwauling from every available media outlet has failed to produce a landslide victory in recent polling, then perhaps your premise is inaccurate and she truly IS the worse candidate.

  83. S. Wiggins

    Sorry but just look at her record as S.O.S (why did she quit?) and the turmoil she left behind. Vote for Donald Trump.


    I think she is competent…and I trust her in matters of diplomacy,.economics,humanity, and environmentally…Is she PERFECT? No…no one is…is she our best chance at achieving constructive policy and movement forward? Yes, I honestly know she is…

  85. Fred Heilbrunn

    Nope. She’s worse. At least we know that Trump is a Nazi. We don’t know what Mrs. Clinton will do except lie through her teeth. She wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped her on the ass!

  86. Drew Donley

    exactly and that’s why Gary Johnson, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr7ZtdLJwJg

  87. MajorMigraine

    Give us a clean candidate, and problem solved! *POOF* No Trump presidency. It’s just that simple. We have had enough of DNC dirty tricks, political scams, and blatant lies/cheating. We will NEVER vote for her, mostly because we didn’t trust her BEFORE Bernie Sanders. After the last 24 hours of national news, we are even more opposed to her than before. If we wanted a conservative, we could have voted GOP… #NoMoreNeoLibs, not this time!

  88. jamesrovira

    Hillary Clinton is the biggest criminal to run for office since Richard Nixon. It’s possible to be very different from Trump but still just as bad. If the DNC forces Clinton down our throats and Trump wins the presidency — especially after the DNC has done everything in its power to betray any kind of progressive agenda — it has no one to blame but itself for the results.

  89. Anonymous

    Based on who can run businesses. Trump wins. Based on who can die needlessly becasue it fits their agenda, Killary Wwins.

    1. Gary Herstein

      “Based on who can run businesses” — seriously? I think you mean, “based on who can manipulate bankruptcy laws.”

  90. Gary Herstein

    One might add that the iron-clad mathematical necessity of Arrow’s Paradox of Voting does not magically go away despite all the infantile fairy-tale imaginings in the world.

  91. Bernie

    The simple terminology of the “protest vote” already violates the whole purpose of a vote. It is the responsibility of HILLARY and her camp to take this election seriously enough, knowing that she already ran a very close race with Bernie Sanders, to absorb his planks onto her platform. It is obvious election math, yet somehow is escaping these conversations about it. Suspicious.

    A responsible politician, who cared about winning, and did not want to lose to third-party candidates, would make sure SHE and her constituency added Bernie’s planks to her platform.
    Unless, of course, you prefer to push your soft right wing platform, with some progressive social issues on top, and use fear to fill in the rest of your votes. Then Hillary does not have to actually add the progressive planks that would’ve caused actual governmental and social change, like removing money from our electoral system.
    How convenient that big money is still going to talk. There is always going to be a more “terrible candidate.” Are people already forgetting that George W was the same situation? We just did not have a Bernie Sanders then. Big money just did not take Bernie Sanders seriously enough this time, which is why he got so far.
    It was pretty clear to me that Bernie was much more in line to beat Trump, compete with Trump, as Hillary obviously had a list of haters a mile long. SO, HILLARY, TAKE ME SERIOUSLY. TAKE THE ELECTION SERIOUSLY. WIN YOUR DEMOCRATIC RIVAL’S VOTES EASILY AND BEAT TRUMP.

  92. LaughingAtyou

    After reading all of these “I love Hillary” comments from Hillary supporters I can’t help but laugh at everyone’s ignorance, loss of memory and hypocracy. Hillary says Trump and the republicans are hateful lol. You all act like a bunch of bitchy teen age drama queens bullying the nerd girl. It’s no wonder she’s losing the swing states, tied in Ohio and her numbers drop daily. You jackwagons are bigger imbeciles than Hillary is.

  93. Zoran Knezevic (@zoransa)

    I cannot believe that somebody will spend months to fabricate a movie over 60 minutes long line of random facts to look like connected conspiracy.

    Her husband got 10-20 times speaker engagements and their foundation cash followed by favorable actions of State Department but that is completely random and there is no evidence of inside job but idiots will believe what ever they say.

    Clinton’s have track record of Progressive actions and those guys try to picture them as completely opposite claiming they do it for money.

  94. kjcsilentfilms

    Reblogged this on kjcsilentfilms and commented:
    Hillary is the choice for America and the World.

  95. Neva Knott

    Great post… though you didn’t address writing in Sanders; we do have that option. Thoughts?

  96. H C

    Virgil E Matthews, you posted:
    “July 24, 2016 at 8:01 pm
    Yes. I was for Bernie, but most states he won were caucus states which are undemocratic and should be eliminated because few people attend caucuses. Sanders won binding Washington State caucus, but when all the voters were allowed to vote in Washington state, Hillary won by a landslide. Cannot let Trump win.”

    I’d like to point out that many people did not vote in the primary in WA because the Dem Party does not use the primary results, but the caucus results. The Repubs use the primary results. As a result, the primary results are not an accurate reflection of actual voters for HRC & Sanders.

  97. Linda

    Bernie S. and the process leading up to this point no longer matters. Right now we have Donald Trump and what he stands for vs. Hillary Clinton and what she stands for. Debating the primary is a waste of our time. Let’s talk about what we think Trump is going to do positive as President vs. what we think Hilary will do positive as President. Which one matches most with your view of what you want to see in the world today? Base this on what these people have said, and done in the past. Not what others say they did or anger. Fighting won’t help us make the best choice for our country.

  98. Rob Boss

    From the article: “If a stupendous claim is made enough times, many will believe it–the truth is pliable.” That strikes a chord.

    In the last week I’ve been told “you’re wasting your vote” in “an act of egregious white privilege,” and that my “individual RIGHT is less important than our collective well-being as a nation,” and finally, “anyone who supports Trump is a traitor to the American idea. Anyone who would use their vote in any way other than to elect Clinton and ensure Trump loses spectacularly, isn’t much better.” These are all quotes from Clinton supporters, copied and pasted from Facebook–again, directed to me, personally.

    What was surprising was both the ferocity and how these people were now resorting to the same fear mongering and name calling that the Republicans have used for eight years about Barack Obama–but now it’s about third parties. That looks like basic fear to me, and I find it curious that I seem to be a LOT more confident in Hillary Clinton winning this election than her supporters are.

    Confident enough that I’m voting for Gary Johnson.

  99. W G

    Honestly I’d rather have a small handed narcissist than a proven liar as a president. True some of the stuff Trump says about people of different faiths does sounds a bit racist but we can’t be politically correct when many people (mostly terrorists who practice a warped version of Islam) want us all dead. We have to defend and protect ourselves from those who would harm us and if Hillary gets in the White House I fear we’ll start having attacks just like in France and Germany on a regular basis and in the end we can’t protect ourselves because she would effectively make private gun ownership meaningless. For me anyway I’m either changing political parties or just staying home this election because I can’t see us being safe behind an habitual liar whose only looking out for herself in the end.

    1. W G


  100. Reasonable voter

    Trump denies climate change. No college assistance. Has ties to Putin and Russia. Is pro coal, pro franking, anti planned parenthood. Anti- women’s rights. I can go on for days. Bernie Sanders is voting for Clinton. He asks his supporters to vote for Clinton. He acknowledges she won the primary. He created the most progressive platform on history. Why is there still a problem? Warren does not want a VP post nor does Sanders. And you would put Trump in the White House

    1. Anonymous

      Bernie got scammed..and then he got put in his place like a good little establishment drone that was afraid of losing his primo job where he’s not accountable for anything other than talk. If he had true commitment it’s still argue the point even if it meant the end of his own political life. I guess he’s not all that committed.

      1. Mark

        Of course he’s not that committed. Money talks.

      2. Jen

        With all due respect, what if Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton because he’s genuinely concerned about the possibility of Trump being elected for the reasons this article outlines? Maybe, instead of being an establishment drone, he’s a guy with a genuine regard for the state of the Union and believes that putting his support behind Hillary is much better than seeing Trump elected. Maybe he’s putting his own reputation on the line for the good of our country. Just something to consider. With respect to you and your opinion.

      3. Kylie

        I agree, Jen!

      4. TiredButTrue

        Same exact thing happened to Clinton in 2008. She was thrown under the bus in favor of someone the Establishment thought would secure more votes. It is the same thing for Sanders. I feel bad for him but I am not spiteful nor bitter because the spectre of Dictator Trump is bigger than this. It is a vote to defeat him. Coming together against him.

      5. Mary McGuirk

        Anonymous…I guess it isn’t enough for you that Bernie Sanders worked to help you for 40 years and is still doing the best that can be done in a bad situation…but you would rather accuse him of not being COMMITTED ENOUGH FOR YOU…Are there no bounds for your GREED?

      6. Anonymous

        Please stop talking.

      7. Anonymous

        BEWARE of the out-in-force Trump-bots pretending to be pissed off Bernie-backers. They have ripped a page right out of the 2000 Election “GOP PLAYBOOK OF DIRTY TRICKS” – DIVIDE AND CONQUER!! In the 2000 Election, the GOP actually funded (Google it) the impossible-to-win Green Party Candidate, Ralph Nader, who siphoned off enough votes from Environmentalist Democratic Candidate, Al Gore to hand the GOP Bush/Cheney Ticket the most narrow of victories ever (537 votes in the critical Florida Election). Pissed of Bernie-backers: PLEASE LISTEN TO BERNIE, do your homework and DON’T LET THE GOP DIRTY TRICKSTERS DUPE YOU INTO PUTTING TRUMP IN THE WHITEHOUSE!! Bernie is a VERY WISE MAN!! He knows that each and every vote for an impossible-to-win Third Party Candidate instead of for the Democratic Candidate puts Donald Trump one (1) vote closer to winning the Election!! THAT’S SCARY!!

      8. Summer

        Bernie Sanders is about to die. Bernie is fearful of a Trump presidency and wants to prevent it by voting for Clinton, who is the most viable alternative. He wants his supporters to do the same. That’s understandable. He’s not rolling over to save face, because he obviously hasn’t. He did commit political suicide in my opinion, by backing Clinton.

      9. Patti Summers

        I think Bernie wanted to move the Democratic Party further left more than he actually wanted to become President. He did well in the race (despite what the DNC hacked emails apparently wished). He also wanted to take a stance about campaign contributions. He held out on giving his support to Hillary until he had negotiated some of his ideas into her platform. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Considering the never ending blocks by the GOP for middle of the road items on Obama’s agenda – there is no way that the GOP would even fathom going so far left as Bernie desires. Bernie did have a lot of support from young people facing enormous amounts of college debt based on his agenda of free college tuition (and the comments “he’ll give us free stuff” at rallies) and from others in his proposal of free (aka socialized) medicine – but do you really think that the GOP will allow either of those? They are still planning to repeal the ACA and truth is it wouldnt be so screwed up if the GOP hadn’t thrown the kitchen sink at it in response to the concerns of the Insurance and Healthcare industries lobbyists. They WANTED it to fail – they PLANNED for it to fail. It hasn’t “failed” but for many it comes with some inconvenience and expense they do not like and/or cannot afford. Personally I think if you don’t want to pay for insurance that’s ok but the hospitals and doctors shouldn’t be required to treat you. Put it back to a totally personal choice – I will that would quieten some of the screaming. Some have gotten by without paying for services in the past which is now nearly impossible with the IRS involvement.

      10. Anonymous

        If Sanders had been truly committed to changing things he’s have not rejoined the Democratic Party, he’d have run as an independent.

      11. Pat Keast

        Hillary is a smart person. I’m sure that she will have a place in her cabinet for Bernie. She know how valuable & smart he is too.

    2. Anonymous

      She is just an evil lying cuuuuunt that’s why!

      1. Greg

        So… You are buying the bullshit that Donald trump is spewing? You trust a big talking new you’re city businessman? The guy is saying what republicans want to hear. He’s pandering to the fears of the dumbest segment of our population, and it is working.

        Do you really think he believes half of the bullshit he is saying? He already has all the money he’ll ever need, now all that’s left is power.

      2. Alice in Chains

        Oh the “C” word! So it’s that she has a vagina that’s the problem?

      3. M.C.

        You sound just like a Republican or one of the teabillies SPEWING THE SAME OLD KARL ROVE-greased chicken excrement of the good ‘ol boys! If you don’t like her fine, but to let fly with the SAME VILE EXCREMENT THAT COMES OUT OF DER FUHRER, t -rump’s, mouth…
        SWALLOW !

      4. TiredButTrue

        Yet she has been found time and time and time again to be MORE TRUTHFUL than all other candidates in numerous investigations and fact checks.

      5. Michael Reilly

        Cuuuuuunt? I can’t decide whether you are more immature or simply disgusting

      6. Margaret Alvord

        Despicable and sexist language

      7. Anonymous

        You can tell that comes from the Trump camp. In Donald own words.

      8. Anonymous

        And you are a very rude ASSHOLE

      9. Wcaputo

        I can see why you signed in as “anonymous”. You could have done so as “ignorant”, too.

      10. Deb

        Ok. We know where you are coming from with the c word. Get out of your parents basement and do something positive with your life!

      11. Carl

        Hey there! I can see why you would post this anonymously, because you are a cowardly, misogynistic imbecile. Wait- are you Donald Trump?

      12. Robert Poovey

        No need to resort to elementary school name-calling. That’s Trump’s game, which he plays expertly. No politician is blameless. Yes, Hillary has made mistakes. Yes, she’s done things that are self-serving. Have you looked at Trump lately? He rarely has done anything but serve himself, even to the point of seriously hurting those he’s climbed over in that service to self. He doesn’t even pay his bills, for heaven’s sake!

        This pseudo-human is an eminent threat to everything this – yes – GREAT country stands for and has stood for since its founding.

        That Bernie Sanders (who I supported vigorously) has endorsed Clinton speaks more to his seeing the profound danger of a Trump presidency than any “selling out.” You wrote something about money talking…can you prove that Bernie has taken money for his endorsement of Hillary? I very much doubt it. The man has too much integrity for that.

        Go ahead and vote third-party. I won’t. There’s WAY to much at stake here.

        And let me add two words that scream at the top of their lungs that anyone who hates Hillary should bear in mind should Trump be elected:


        For me, that’s reason enough to vote for her.

      13. Anonymous

        If you spot it, you got .

      14. Anonymous

        That is not a valid argument.

      15. Janie


      16. Anonymous

        Leave. With that you lost all right to engage in civil discourse.

      17. Leslie

        Gee, how clever. You must have put in a lot of time researching and thinking before coming up with that comment.

      18. Val Medina

        Nasty, no respect, shame on you! Coward!

      19. VoteForHillary

        Wow, bet your cunty mother is proud.

      20. Cunt believe u like Trump

        You must be an angry white male, uneducated and unplugged, just like the rest of “The Donald” supporters.

      21. Val

        Shut up… Who even talks like this. You’re disgusting

      22. Kristi

        With THIS statement, you’ve completely negated any point you may have been trying to make.

      23. S Rieling

        Go away you troll!

      24. Hans

        Did you actually say please stop talking to somebody?

    3. Christine Johnson

      Sanders was my first choice. Quite frankly I’m concerned with HRC ties to Big Business. She knows are concerns & wants to address money in politics. Right now, she needs the money to run for President. That being said, I do not want any GOP to become POTUS. Why? Because of their platform since 1980. It’s more of the same, anti-government & fiscally irresponsible. In fact I question their patriotism. They bad mouth our Government then they hold us hoststage refusing to pay our debt. Doesn’t sound Patriotic to me, against Government, “We the People” & wanting to give more & more tax breaks to those that don’t need it, rather than helping pay our debt. Shameful. The party who is reckless (Iraq WAR), irresponsible – goes to WAR with no plan to pay for it, then sign that ridiculous pledge. Dangerous!! We need to change move on & work on the problems of today. If they want to stay in the past & not change, that’s up to them. Then move over & we’ll get our problems solved.

      How do we go about change? By showing up & voting. By electing people to get it done. In State & Federal elections & as President. HRC has more in common with Sanders issues than not. That’s a true statement. Both Sanders & HRC recognizes that we can’t split up separately & 1 wins. Won’t happen. In order to win the election, we need both constituents to vote for HRC. Sanders has been able to negoiate with HRC. Why? Because of his strong supporters. HRC has recognized our concerns & will work with us to get it done. Presidents can just make up their own laws & pass them alone. They need Politicians to agree to support the bills & people to get them elected & for people to call their representative & be a voice for change, get involved, March, peaceful protests, vote. That’s why we hear Sanders say, this isn’t about ME (Sanders), it’s about us, our future… Why is it important, well we basically voted Obama in to make changes but didn’t back him up. Didn’t show up mid-term election, no protests for change, no constant calling for change… We can’t do it again. I will do what I can so that Trump will not be our next President. GOP will repeal ACH goodbye pre-existing conditions, good by gender neutral premiums, good by closer to Single Payer, GOP threaten to repeal Same Sex Marriage…etc; Privatize SS, Medicare, Public Schools…etc. Deregulate EPA…etc Eliminate Unions…Eliminate minimum wage-let “Free Market” decide, keep Prisons Private, Same Trickle down tax plan (how’s that worked out for ya)…. GOP will take US back, BACKWARDS… Dems want to move forward, for our future, our children green grandchildren, protect our Parks, water air… Please don’t let Trump be our next President. When I look at the two, who do you really think wants to be known as a Great President, great Presidents do for the people, one who will help the 99%. I can’t in one moment think that HRC,, the First Women President of the US of American, wouldn’t do what ever she could to be known as the best, “The Peoples President”.

      1. Ed Devine

        Wonderful comment, spot on.

      2. Tom Burgess

        Absolutely agree with your spot on insight. Like all here but anonymous, the thought of putting Trump in charge scares me to death.

      3. A. French

        Well said, I totally agree with your clear thinking.

      4. Anonymous

        If HRC is in with Big Banks, she wont help the the 99%. You just contradicted yourself.

      5. Lee

        If you want Donald Trump’s short, stubby, easily offended, personality-disordered fingers on the red nuclear button vote for a third-party candidate who will not be elected president, or don’t vote in this election. Why? Because we have a presidential rather than a parliamentary election system. In a parliamentary system, the legislature votes for a prime minister, usually the leader of whichever party has a majority in the legislature. If no party has a majority, the biggest party usually cobbles together a majority with smaller parties, say, like the Green party, making significant concessions to that group. In a parliamentary system, it can be advantageous to vote in the national elections for a small party like the Green party, the Socialist party, or the Libertarian party. That’s just not true in our presidential election system. If you vote for the Green party in our system you are throwing away your vote and if you are a progressive voter that means that Hillary Clinton, the person closest to Bernie Sanders in policy terms, is more apt to lose the election because of the way you have voted. Same thing if you stay at home and don’t vote at all because you are not voting for the more liberal choice. There is one exception to what I just said, and that is if no one candidate in the presidential system we have gets a majority of the electoral votes. Then, the choice goes to the House of Representatives with each state getting one vote and the state congressional delegations voting among themselves to see how their state votes. Guess which political party controls the state delegations. That would be Republicans. Do you see now why voting for a third party or not voting at all means voting for Donald Trump?

      6. sumi