Morning Music

I am still very much on a summer-kick.  And yes, I still count my season based on the school year, I could care less about astronomical definitions.  Summer starts now, not June 21st.

In that spirit, dueling contry music versions attempting to capture the spirit of the warmth.  

Kenny’s starts with “Summertime is finally here, that old ballpark, man, is back in gear, out on 49.  Man, I can see the lights.”  Charming.  Describes an old summer baseball game in his hometown.

What about’s Faith’s intro…“We’ve got barefoot ladies, and tricked out mercedes, and people getting crazy on the boulevard.”  Ummm.  A little less charming.  I don’t know what kind of message this is sending, but I doubt Faith would want her two little girls remembering crazy naked parties in public when thinking about the happy season… 

Summertime – Kenny Chesney

Sunshine & Summertime – Faith Hill