Back Soon

Howdy gang.  

I trust the warm weather and beckoning summer is making your every day better than the last.

On my end, I find myself sitting at my desk in the office/workout room.  It is a spot I have gotten to know well over the past few weeks.  

The end of my first year of law school is painfully within sight.  I can taste the freedom, and the wait is quite agonizing.   Already in the books this semester: Trial team tryouts (success!), Legal Writing, Business Law, and Criminal Law.  About 12.5 hours from now I will begin taking my Contracts exam, and then 48 hours after that I will begin my Constitutional Law exam.  That means by noon on Friday, I will nevermore be plastered with the label of “1L.”  It also means that much celebration will come due shortly thereafter.  

I plan to take full advantage of the beautiful Chicago summer.  That likely includes spending long overdue time catching up with you.

I hope you haven’t forgotten me.