Classes on Conservatism

Any interesting, balanced look at the lack of basic conservative study in most university political science programs.

Says Berkowitz, “Without an introduction to the conservative tradition in America and the conservative dimensions of modern political philosophy, political science students are condemned to a substantially incomplete and seriously unbalanced knowledge of their subject. Courses on this tradition should be mandatory for students of politics; today they are not even an option at most American universities.”

He continues, “Incorporating courses on conservatism in the curriculum may, as students graduate, disperse, and pursue their lives, yield the political benefit of an increase in mutual understanding between left and right. In this way, reforming the curriculum could diminish the polarization that afflicts our political and intellectual classes. But that benefit is admittedly distant and speculative.”

I’d speculate that the further away one gets from university years, most of us who wandered through a university undergraduate education in the political sciences begin to finally realize what it actually lacked.