Election Day Hour-By-Hour Guide

Due to the incessant chatter on Facebook & Twitter, the closeness of the race, and the fact that I now spend 12 hours a day in front of my computer at home (alone), I have never been more focused on an election in my life.  And that is saying something, because I’ve been a politicalContinue reading “Election Day Hour-By-Hour Guide”

President Missing in Action

Andrew Sullivan has long been my favorite mega-blogger.  His online audience is so huge, however, that it often seems silly to parrot things he says.  It’s like posting something said by Oprah because she needs help spreading the word.  Kind of unneccessary.  Yet, I like his stream of conscious comments today summing up his roleContinue reading “President Missing in Action”

Obama to Denmark

Countdown to the Announcement: 3 days, 23 hours, 4 minutes. And all the Chicago supporters get a little more excited… Obama would be the first U.S. president to take on such a direct role in lobbying for an Olympics event. […] Obama is also mobilizing his administration on behalf of Chicago’s bid. Senior adviser Jarrett,Continue reading “Obama to Denmark”

Obama & Chicago 2016

The stars need to keep aligning… Any president would have an interest in helping an American city win an Olympic bid. But none has been as closely associated with an Olympic proposal as Obama, and the emerging effort by the White House is unusually pointed in its attempt to wrap the campaign around the president andContinue reading “Obama & Chicago 2016”

Obama on Stem Cells

FYI: Stem cell research policy has been oft discussed.  First, over the last eight years… Under President George W. Bush , federal money for research on human embryonic stems cells was limited to those stem cell lines that were created before Aug. 9, 2001. No federal dollars could be used on research with cell lines from embryosContinue reading “Obama on Stem Cells”