This Can’t Be the Christian Moderate

I’m only posting this because Rick Warren is always trumpeted out as the “moderate” evangelical…the one who tries to get away from all the Holier-Than-Thou nonsense.  But if this is the moderate guy, things are worse than I thought.

Christian Post summarized Warren’s remarks this Sunday when speaking on the election…

“You don’t need to apologize for voting for a Christian worldview which stands up for the sanctity of life, the sanctity of sex and the sanctity of marriage. You don’t need to apologize for that because everybody votes what they believe.”

The Southern California pastor said those three issues (life, sex, marriage) are non-negotiables for Christians. While they may disagree on the economy or health care, what believers must be firm on is protecting the unborn, viewing sex as holy, and protecting traditional marriage.

If you call yourself a Christian, you need to line up with what God says is the original intent of all three of these things,” he preached.

I have no quibble with Warren’s assessment of  the real Christian view of life, sex, and marriage.

What staggers me is the blind assumption that you HAVE to vote for a candidate who agrees with Warren on these three things otherwise you are not a Christian.  Really?  So apparently Christians are not allowed to have their own ideas about federalism or the general role of government.

Why can’t a Christian think: “I believe gay marriage is wrong based on the Bible.  But I don’t think the government should be forcing my distinction on everyone. Therefore, I support the legalization of gay marriage while believing in its immorality.”  Apparently this is not allowed in Warren’s preaching.  And this is the moderate?