History Will Remember

The Minnesota legislature is having the same debate as Illinois regarding gay marriage.  One former Republican state representative in the state gave a powerful testimony on the issue.  She was emotional while explaining how her 2002 vote against equality was something she has regretting ever since.  Take two minutes to listen (and maybe send along to your own wavering legislator in Illinois)…

“Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Such clever legislation is coming out of the Tennessee state legislature.  Look, they even have a neat title for the bill that actually rhymes.  Wisely, they decided to wait a year to vote on it to give it more study….

One state lawmaker does not want homosexuality brought up at all in schools.

Rep. Stacey Campfield said he believes the issue of homosexuality can be too complicated for young minds to understand. Campfield filed, the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which would essentially ban teachers from talking about the topic.


Also, Minnesota doesn’t want to be left out.  In a press conference to gain support for a proposed state amendment to ban gay marriage, one shrewd religous leader reminded us of what is at stake

“If everyone is a gay, this world will cease to exist in 10 years,” said Ikram ul-Huq, the imam and religious director of the Muslim Community Center of Bloomington.