Back Soon

Howdy gang.  

I trust the warm weather and beckoning summer is making your every day better than the last.

On my end, I find myself sitting at my desk in the office/workout room.  It is a spot I have gotten to know well over the past few weeks.  

The end of my first year of law school is painfully within sight.  I can taste the freedom, and the wait is quite agonizing.   Already in the books this semester: Trial team tryouts (success!), Legal Writing, Business Law, and Criminal Law.  About 12.5 hours from now I will begin taking my Contracts exam, and then 48 hours after that I will begin my Constitutional Law exam.  That means by noon on Friday, I will nevermore be plastered with the label of “1L.”  It also means that much celebration will come due shortly thereafter.  

I plan to take full advantage of the beautiful Chicago summer.  That likely includes spending long overdue time catching up with you.

I hope you haven’t forgotten me.


My official run as a 1L is mercilessly nearing its end.  However, these last few weeks of the semester are going to be jammed with outline-cratfing, hypo-doing, and exam-strategizing.  On top of that I’ve a few advocacy team try-outs to prep for, an oral argument to give very soon, and a law review competition to try immediately after finals.  Fun stuff, but time-consuming to be done right.

All of that to say, if I happen to start slacking on usual posts, know that I am still alive but just chained to some law-related task.

Anyway, if you ever find yourself at work agonizingly looking at the clock and there is nothing to see here, you can always head to the online home of Celeb or CS$.