The God Platform

Classify this under “Things That Make You Want to Jam Your Forehead Into the Nearest Piece of Drywall.” For the past two weeks the chattering world has been buzzing about the RNC and DNC Conventions.  Beyond the political theater, there are two points to these events: officially selecting the party nominee for president and theContinue reading “The God Platform”

7 Reasons Why I Can No Longer Call Myself a Republican

When I was sixteen I stayed up until 4am  watching the 2000 Presidential election returns come in.  I was rooting for Bush over Gore.  I don’t even remember why anymore–I didn’t truly understand their policy differences.  For the next ten years I roughly considered myself a moderate Republican.  No longer. I can’t even pretend toContinue reading “7 Reasons Why I Can No Longer Call Myself a Republican”

Toe the Party Line

New Majority has a brief interview/profile of a Stanford college senior with a nifty politcal background.  The fella organized well for Mitt Romney in 2008 and has big plans the the Republican party.  Part of his advice for the future of the party… Expanding the ‘youth vote’ to include those under thirty, Republicans can benefitContinue reading “Toe the Party Line”

IL GOP = No Better

It’s a fact that the national Republican Party is slogging through an identity crisis without an end in sight. However, what is less apparent (because fewer people pay attention to the politics closer to them) is that the state GOP has had the opportunity stop flailing and buck the trend (names like Blagojevich and BurrisContinue reading “IL GOP = No Better”

National GOP = Off the Reservation

I have no words to describe the national Republican Party.  Chaotic.  Rudderless.  Torn.  Confusing.  Lost.  Broken.  That is the stream of conscious version.  If you watch network TV and hear mention of the GOP, than it most likely is some version of  this reapeated over and over: 1. Chariman Michael Steele says something that seeksContinue reading “National GOP = Off the Reservation”


Utah Governor Jon Hunstman has made this blog before.  You may recall that a few weeks ago he unexpectedly came out in support of civil unions. Think about that: A Republican Governor with deep personal Mormon roots in Utah publically supported a bill that was opposed by 70% of his citizens and ultimately was demolishedContinue reading “Huntsman”

Dear GOP,

You say that you are ready to ready to tone down the outdated nonsense talk about social issues and return to the rational debate that made the Republican party an important, useful voice in our democracy. If you are serious about that than you need to stop saying things like this: GALLAGHER: Is this aContinue reading “Dear GOP,”