Return to the Middle Ages

One thing always brings me back to reality when I  feel blue about the jagged pace of equality in America: I could have been born somewhere else.

For example, Uganda.

Here I am whining about my government telling me that I am unfit to marry.  Big deal.  Across the pond in the middle of the African continent, people are  fighting off utter annihilation.  I kid you not.

The nation of  Uganda is  in the news these days because its politicians are considering what crazy liberals have dubbed the “Kill Gays” bill.

Uganda already punishes homosexuality with life imprisonment.  But is life imprisonment really the best way to deal with those pesky gays?  I mean, they clog up the prisons and still infect society with their gayness.  Gay people still exist in Uganda, so the gayness must seep through those prison walls.  As a solution, noble Ugandan politicans are insisting that the punishment for “aggravated homosexuals” be death.  That’s right.  The answer they have come up with  is to just Kill ‘Em.

There is more.  Just killing the aggravated gays isn’t exactly change that Ugandans can believe in.  I mean,  going from life in prison to the death penalty doesn’t send as strong a message as they’d like.   And they can’t exactly kill the gays twice.  So what else can they do to really send the message that Uganda is a gay-free zone?   Hmmm.  Well, they could always punish the friends of gay people.  So that is what they are also proposing.  Supporting a homosexual will get you 7 to 10  years in the slammer.  Should do the trick, don’t you think?   Yep.

But wait, there is even more.  They really, really, really want to make sure that people are actually caught breaking these new laws.  What fun are new laws if they are never used?  So, those crafty Ugandans are now making it illegal to not turn someone in if you know they are breaking the gay laws.  If you see two ladies kissing through a bedroom window, you’ve got 24 hours to call the police to turn them in.  Otherwise, 7 to 10 years for you as well.

To recap:

(1) Kill the gays

(2) 7 to 10 years for friends of gay people

(3) 7 to 10 years for anyone who knows a gay or a friend of a gay and fails to turn them in.

In one month we will have already finished a decade of the 20th century.  2010.  Lest we forget, however, some corners of this globe are drifting back to the mindset of 1010.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Your perspective in life changes forever when you realize millions of people would see that you are slaughtered simply because you exist.

God Bless America.