I Want Grandma to Be There

Six thousand Americans will die today.  Many will be seniors who suffer a stroke, end their battle with cancer, or drift away peacefully after a long decline.  Others are younger and will go suddenly–in a car accident or after slipping on a banana peel on the top of a subway stairwell. Life is unpredictable.  LiveContinue reading “I Want Grandma to Be There”

Popes, Wives, & Democrats…Oh My

Just like Rio de Janiero stole our 2016 Summer Olympics, it looks like another South American country (damn Argentina!) has swiped our chance at the first American Pope.  This week the archbishop (“really big bishop”) of Buenos Aires was magically transformed into Pope Francis I (do we even use I or do the numbers startContinue reading “Popes, Wives, & Democrats…Oh My”

President Missing in Action

Andrew Sullivan has long been my favorite mega-blogger.  His online audience is so huge, however, that it often seems silly to parrot things he says.  It’s like posting something said by Oprah because she needs help spreading the word.  Kind of unneccessary.  Yet, I like his stream of conscious comments today summing up his roleContinue reading “President Missing in Action”