Becoming the Guy Who Yells At the Small Town Newspaper

We won’t move to our new house in Winchester for another week—but I’ve already written my first grumpy message to the editor of the local flagship newspaper. Lord help me. I read my soon-to-be-hometown paper for the first time and, lo and behold, 4 of the 5 editorial pieces are slamming gay people. Are you kidding me?Continue reading “Becoming the Guy Who Yells At the Small Town Newspaper”

History Will Remember

The Minnesota legislature is having the same debate as Illinois regarding gay marriage.  One former Republican state representative in the state gave a powerful testimony on the issue.  She was emotional while explaining how her 2002 vote against equality was something she has regretting ever since.  Take two minutes to listen (and maybe send alongContinue reading “History Will Remember”

This Can’t Be the Christian Moderate

I’m only posting this because Rick Warren is always trumpeted out as the “moderate” evangelical…the one who tries to get away from all the Holier-Than-Thou nonsense.  But if this is the moderate guy, things are worse than I thought. Christian Post summarized Warren’s remarks this Sunday when speaking on the election… “You don’t need toContinue reading “This Can’t Be the Christian Moderate”

No Words

The vote for marriage equality in Maine draws near.  Polls show a deadlock, 48% to 48%.  As a refresher, the Maine legislature passed a bill legalizing gay marriage.  The governor signed it, making it law.  Shortly after, a citizen referendum was spearheaded to overturn the legislative decision. Opponents of same-sex marriage have released two moreContinue reading “No Words”

FYI: Upcoming Marriage Battle in Maine

There is another marriage battle brewing that has yet to be mentioned on this page. Location: Maine (the state in the northeast corner of the country; most famously known for its rolling trees and as the setting for 98% of horror films). The gist: Maine became the 5th state to legalize gay marriage when theContinue reading “FYI: Upcoming Marriage Battle in Maine”