Throwing Bows

True story.  On the red line Friday morning, heading down to my Constitutional law final.  8:00am.  The train is packed, per usual.  I’m squeezed against  a mass of random bodies, mostly young Lincoln Park twentysomethings heading down to their first real job after college.  My sling messenger bag over my shoulder.  Impossible to move an inch.

About 3 minutes into the ride, the girl next to me makes a big deal out of pulling out her iphone.  She begins to type something.  I can’t help but look.  It is her Facebook status that she changes to “People with backpacks shouldn’t be allowed on the train.  Makes me want to throw an elbow.”  Before she sends it she re-thinks and changes the second sentence to “I’m this close to throwing an elbow”.  I was the only one around her with a bag.