Less CPU Time

The posting here has been waning of late.  The reason is simple: I’ve made a conscious effort to spend less time on the computer.  I’m not sure what incited the urge to get a grip on my time management.  But, I noticed that I waste hours and hours each week on random online browsing.  That wasn’t inherently a problem.  The problem was that I wasn’t even learning much from it or enjoying it.  I instinctually open the browser during all free seconds.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still online quite often.  Just a bit less than before.  Random blog posts seemed to have suffered during this internet downsizing.

In lieu of my time here, I’ve been a bit more diligent with law school work, practiced favorite old line dances, gotten great sleep, and resumed my 6am Bally’s workout instead of scrambling to fit in the gym randomly.  I’m happy with the choice thusfar.  Though, it’s entirely up in the air if it will last.

Anyway, Happy Weekend.