KG, Paul, and random stranger hold up Olympic rings on Daley Plaza
KG, Paul, and random stranger hold up Olympic rings on Daley Plaza

No words need typing to describe the saddness that befell all of us on Daley Plaza the moment we learned that our beloved city was eliminated from contention for hosting 2016’s biggest party.  On the first round.

Other have already typed the words: stunned, shocked, disgusted, flabbergasted…

Other have already given the rallying cry: keep our heads up, funnel the energy, move on stronger…

Personally, my spirits returned quickly without need for the generic rallying cry.  For that, I know exactly who I need to thank:  The Cubs.  A lifetime as a Cubs fan is a lifetime of preparation for these moments. A Cubs fan knows disappointment and knows how to find strength and sucess in spots where others fail to see any.  We don’t just say these cliches…we live them.

Competition is about stepping into the stadium at the beginning, not holding the trophy at the end.

Losing once is not losing forever, no matter how much it may seem that way.

Victory can be achieved by keeping faith in the face of arrogant winners.

Go Chicago Go.


If you follow one baseball blog, make it Bleed Cubbie Blue.  Second, for a quick round-up of the predicted contenders this season, check out the predictions just posted.

Also, a quote I like from a random “Is this the year for the Cubs” article

“The whole lovable loser thing is not fair to Cubs fans. The fans care so much and want to win more than anything but we also forgive. It is that Midwest mentality of not hating our guys just because, like they do in New York. … It is like when your young child does something wrong, you are mad but you love him and it is easy to forgive him; he just needs to not do it again and learn what he needs to do right next time. Let’s hope the Cubs learn from the last two years and make this year our year.”