Let’s Win This

“We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts transform the world.” My dear family & friends- I spent the first twenty years of my life berating myself over whether I should keep quiet about my sexual orientation.  What would people think?  Would I be ridiculed?Continue reading “Let’s Win This”

Election Day Live-Blog

*3:30 – It’s time for me to finish the glass of wine and call it a night.  Goodnight friends.  Thanks for re-freshing. *3:25 – It is still close, but we are AHEAD in MN and WA on gay marriage issues.  Let me repeat that.  We are sweeping ALL FOUR marriage equality votes, with a largeContinue reading “Election Day Live-Blog”

Election Eve Live-Blogging

*6:15: Those just joining this election might be asking, “So who is going to win?” There are a gazillion prognosticators, but I’ll try to summarize very briefly. The vast majority of in-depth pollsters and aggregate magicians suggest that President Obama holds a slight, but clear, lead in the states needed for him to reach 270Continue reading “Election Eve Live-Blogging”

Election Day Hour-By-Hour Guide

Due to the incessant chatter on Facebook & Twitter, the closeness of the race, and the fact that I now spend 12 hours a day in front of my computer at home (alone), I have never been more focused on an election in my life.  And that is saying something, because I’ve been a politicalContinue reading “Election Day Hour-By-Hour Guide”

My Fellow Conservatives…Stay Away From Mitt Romney

I am a classic conservative. Perhaps like you, I lean toward maximizing individual liberties and being prudent about money.  People should be able to live without government interference, and we must be honest about our need to balance the budget.  For these reasons, I am not voting for Mitt Romney. The individual responsibility issues areContinue reading “My Fellow Conservatives…Stay Away From Mitt Romney”

Quote of the Week

A future centrist Republican president is out there somewhere—but electing Romney-Ryan would strand him or her further out in the wilderness. I could be dreaming, I know. No doubt, my hope will be mocked as another dewy-eyed, liberal big-media fantasy. But I wore a Reagan ’80 button in high school for the same reason IContinue reading “Quote of the Week”

List Time: Facebook Political Posts

De-friending threats have reached an all-time high as Facebook collides with election season.  This year seems much worse than in 2008, doesn’t it?    Most claim that they cannot wait until the election is over so they don’t have it shoved in their face each of the 37 times they go to FB during theContinue reading “List Time: Facebook Political Posts”

The God Platform

Classify this under “Things That Make You Want to Jam Your Forehead Into the Nearest Piece of Drywall.” For the past two weeks the chattering world has been buzzing about the RNC and DNC Conventions.  Beyond the political theater, there are two points to these events: officially selecting the party nominee for president and theContinue reading “The God Platform”

A “Power of Attorney” is Not a Marriage

The “Great Contrarian” Christopher Hitchens was fond of saying that “It takes religion to make a good person do an evil thing.”  While I do not necessarily share Christopher’s relentless loathing of all things spiritual, he has a point. I have several friends and family members who believe that homosexuality is a “sin” because ofContinue reading “A “Power of Attorney” is Not a Marriage”