Election Day Live Blog – 2019

9:30pm: The Democrats will also flip the House of Delegates. Going into the new year the party will now control every lever of government in the state. We will have to wait until later tonight and tomorrow to know how many seats they gain in each. That, on top of a somewhat shocking win (thoughContinue reading “Election Day Live Blog – 2019”

Does It Really Make Sense for a Frustrated Republican to Vote for a Democrat?

We jammed the first political sign of the season into the dirt in our yard. It was for a Republican. City Council. Incumbent. A moderate who has the best interest of the community at heart. We know his opponent too. A first time Democratic candidate inspired to get more active in recent years. We attendedContinue reading “Does It Really Make Sense for a Frustrated Republican to Vote for a Democrat?”

Dear American, You Have Permission to Say: Enough.

Dear American, You have permission to treat this one differently. You have permission to say: Enough. Yesterday, the American President stood on foreign soil, next the smiling face of a murderous dictator who attacked our democratic system, and blamed America. The President disgraced the office that the American people allow him to hold.   ThisContinue reading “Dear American, You Have Permission to Say: Enough.”

Dear Virginia, The Nation is Counting on Us. Let’s Not Blow It.

Dear Virginia- It’s almost here: election day. On Tuesday we’ll be picking city officials and all state officers. Most eyes, however, are on a single race: Governor. Democrat Ralph Northam v. Republican Ed Gillespie. The last polls have the race tied. But this election is about more than Virginia. Ralph Northam is the best candidate toContinue reading “Dear Virginia, The Nation is Counting on Us. Let’s Not Blow It.”

Lincoln…The Know-Nothings…Trump

There is an old Trump Tweet for everything these days.  Twitter users share those archived messages with glee each week. I’m proposing a corollary: There is an old Lincoln quote for everything these days. Consider this one, written to his best friend Joseph Speed in the early 1850s. This was inked as a private citizen,Continue reading “Lincoln…The Know-Nothings…Trump”