The God Platform

Classify this under “Things That Make You Want to Jam Your Forehead Into the Nearest Piece of Drywall.”

For the past two weeks the chattering world has been buzzing about the RNC and DNC Conventions.  Beyond the political theater, there are two points to these events: officially selecting the party nominee for president and the unveiling of the official platform for each party.  The platform is a document that outlines what the party plans to do on various issues if given the power.  Simple enough.

BUT, the biggest political story this week relating to these platforms was the fact that *gasp* the Democrats had no mention of God in their platform.  As you might expect, in some corners this was played up as a clear sign that anyone who believes in God should not vote for a Democrat–they don’t share your values.

The response was swift:

Mitt Romney swooped“(That) this party purposely removed God from their platform suggests a party that is increasingly out of touch with the mainstream of the American people.  I see it as being as out of touch and detached.”

Catholic.orgDemocrats have rapidly backpedaled from their Godless stance that smacks of atheism in their platform. 

Fox News Charlotte: Delegates approved their beliefs as a party heading into the presidential election. But God is nowhere to be found.

But fear not: Yesterday the party (awkwardly and ridiculously) “amended” the platform via a voice vote to re-insert reference to God.

Drywall may not be strong enough.  I think the only way to recover from this inanity is concrete directly to the forehead at 35 mph.

There is a remarkable misconception that somehow we are becoming a country of heathens.  In the “good old days” we were a God-fearing country.  This DNC Platform is just another reminder of how far we have fallen, right?

Ummm, no.

Here is a graph showing how many times the REPUBLICAN platform included mention of God since the GOP’s founding:

I’ll summarize: For most of its history the GOP logically decided that a document about political positions did not need mention of personal spiritual opinions.  It is only very recently that the party *gasp* decided that politics and God were intertwined.  ‘

They’ve really out-done themselves, because God is mentioned TEN times in the 2012 platform–a subtle reminder that the GOP has simply  gone off the rails in recent years.

But I’m not sure mention of God in a political statement is an indicator of the quality of that statement.  Can you guess another political document that lays out a public governance plan that has ZERO mention of God?    The United States Constitution

5 thoughts on “The God Platform

  1. If the “God in DNC Platforms” chart was shown here we’d see that the Democrats had the two largest numbers of God references before this year (5 in 1996 and 7 in 2004). Additionally, in the four election years before this one–from 1996 through 2008–the Democrats out-God-ed the Republicans by a total of 17-10. If the GOP has “gone off the rails” they apparently fell on top of the DNC, already at the bottom of the hill.

    A more plausible explanation for all of this is that political parties use words they hope are politically advantageous to them. If they think it will work, they use it; if they think it will hurt, they don’t.

  2. Hi Kyle-

    As always, thanks for sharing your thoughts and providing the information on the DNC references. However, the post was not making the argument that the RNC has historically pandered with use of “God” more than the DNC. In fact, the information you provided reinforces what I wanted to convey:

    The RNC was historically NOT a party that pandered in this way. In the very recent past it HAS pandered (particularly this year). This is not a good thing.

    Of course, your explanation is obviously the correct one–it is entirely about using words that seem politically expedient at the time. But that is my very concern–the fact that the RNC finds it useful to throw in so many references to a higher power this cycle when talking about public policy is an indication of how far it has drifted.

    In other words, its just another sign (albeit symbolic) of why I can no longer consider myself a Republican (at least on the federal level).



  3. This should pretty much express my thoughts on the God Platform.
    I will be voting AGAINST BARRACK OBAMA for many reasons and regardless of the Nov.election outcome I will continue to cling to my guns and my religion. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on either subject & I respect that however I will not comment nor debate further on this subject here except for this link I posted.

    1. Hi Uncle JD-

      Thanks for the thoughts and providing the link to the NR article. I understand that you will not be voting for the President for various reasons irrespective of this “God Platform” stuff.

      I wasn’t using this post as a reason to vote for or against the President. It was merely an effort to express frustration at the fact that this sort of issue is even an issue at all.

      I guess I remain a little confused as to why “secularism” (as mentioned in the article you provided), it treated as some invasive ideology on par with communism. After all, we have secular Constitution and were founded and unabashed secularist principles.

      Hope things are well-


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