This Week in “Things That Make You Want to Throw Up…”

Many of you may have already seen this sickening clip from a popular church in Indiana.  It might be hard to hear, but a 4-year old boy gets a standing ovation when he repeats this song…

“Bible’s right, somebody’s wrong.

I know the Bible’s right, somebody’s wrong.

 Roman’ s one and twenty seven,

Ain’t no homo gonna make it to heaven.”

You might not be surprised to learn that the town where this church sits (Greensburg, Indiana) is the same one where 15-year old Billy Lucas committed suicide after being repeatedly bullied about his sexual orientation last year. Billy’s death is what prompted the popular “It Gets Better Campaign.”

Also making news this week is a seemingly-normal Kansas pastor who argues quite plainly that the government should begin executing gays.  After all, if you believe Leviticus, it says unambiguously that “they shall surely be put to death.”  I guess he has a point…

If you need some clensing after that, consider reading this story about the youngest-ever American Olympic-hopeful diver, 13-year old Jordan Windle.  Jordan was adopted from Cambodia by a gay man.

I can’t quite see how the parents of the boy in the first video are somehow automatically better than the gay dads in this story…

Indianapolis 13-year-old has two fathers and an Olympics dream


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