President Missing in Action

Andrew Sullivan has long been my favorite mega-blogger.  His online audience is so huge, however, that it often seems silly to parrot things he says.  It’s like posting something said by Oprah because she needs help spreading the word.  Kind of unneccessary.  Yet, I like his stream of conscious comments today summing up his role in making hay about gay rights matters..

It’s that last point that brings this home. A gay couple can be together for thirty years and still be regarded as total strangers by their own government and by their own president and their own Speaker. They can be denied access to hospitals, thrown out of shared apartments if one of them dies, barred from the funerals of their spouses, and denied over one thousand federal benefits. They can be forced to testify against one another in court, or be forced to leave the country in order to have a stable home if one of them is an immigrant. […]

One major political party regards this kind of cruelty and discrimination as something so vital it wants to enshrine it in the federal constitution – a position championed by the last “compassionate conservative” president. And his successor pays lip-service in small gatherings of gay activists, takes their money and work and support but will not lift a pinkie finger to help. All the time he is firing gay servicemembers for the crime of being gay.

He may believe it is prudent to wait. That is his prerogative. It is my prerogative to call the first black president missing in action on the vital matter of a minority’s civil rights.

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