No Job, No Money, No Problems

Lawyers have struggled in this world known as The Recession.  Not all, but many.  In turn, law students have struggled.

For the law student, it is less a struggle than the awareness of an impending struggle.  Like being rooted to the ground watching a tidal wave barrelling your direction.  You know what’s coming.  In this case…a pile of student debt, no job, and an empty feeling in your soul echoing the creed, “I could have been a contender.  I could have been somebody.  Instead of a bum, which is what I am.

But maybe the path to being a bum isn’t half as bad as its cracked up to be…

Kaplan’s article could not have been more timely, then, to remind those JDs being compelled to pursue unexpected careers that the story is not all bad. In good economic times, many law students “default” into big firm jobs that they are desperate to leave within a handful of years. Since that default route is temporarily closed off, many recent law school grads and laid-off associates find themselves having to draft new life plans. […]

Among the former lawyers mentioned in Kaplan’s article are a stand-up comedian and professional speaker, a television producer and novelist, and a Lego sculptor.

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