Still Kicken’

To those still checking this site on a random basis in hopes of finding news of my demise in order to collect the insurance money, Think Again.

Contrary to popular belief, I am still very much alive, well, and dancing.  My latest hiatus was the result of getting my bearings on the new summer job and (mostly) dealing with the agony of moving to another Chicago apartment.  However, I am finally finished with the repetitive ‘rinse and repeat’ process of single-handedly taking all of my belongings and (1)packing them, (2) moving them from the old place to the truck, (3)driving the truck twelve blocks north, (4)moving them from the truck into the new place, (5)and unpacking them into their perfect spot in the new apartment.

But now, sitting in a studio apartment that finally feels like an actual dwelling, I am ready to begin again.  The Fourth of July holiday weekend seems to be a perfect time for new beginnings.  Scary? Yes.  Exciting?  Yes.  Monumental? Yes. Poised to change the world over the next two centures? Yes.

2 thoughts on “Still Kicken’

  1. Packing and moving is the bane of my existance. This is obscure, but if you ever had the opportunity to read The Phantom Tollbooth when you were younger, I find it a akin to the scene where the protagonist has to move a pile of sand from point A to point B one grain at a time.

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