Baseball Slurs

After a lucky Cubs-Sox trivia contest in the office on Friday, I won tickets to Sunday’s game at the Cell.  The roommate and I went.  He’s a big Sox fan.  I’m the opposite.  It was a horrible day to be a Cubs fan.  We played terrible.  We took our licks from the Sox fans as a consequence.  In the long walk out of the stadium with the fans giving each other a hard time, I saw this poster waved constantly.

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me feel uncomfortable.  I kept telling myself that the sign was the exact reason why I could never be a Sox fan.

I try not to be Mr. Politically Correct.  I find it counterproductive.  Yet, these types of displays (and the thousands of off-shoots) leave many people worse off.   They aren’t very harmful to me. But they can be  devastating to the countless individuals who are scared stiff every single day about actually being honest about their sexuality to the world.  Many will spend their entire lives in hiding, and trust me, living in hiding is a tragedy.  I didn’t realize how much of a tragedy until I was lucky enough to break out of it myself.  These posters kick those nameless strugglers even further into the closet.

Also, Roeper penned a little ditty about his experience at the Cubs/Sox game last weekend.  He criticized the sign as well.

This stuff should slowly fizzle away.  It’s overdue.

One thought on “Baseball Slurs

  1. As I was reading this I thought: I need to post an article Roeper wrote about this… but I should have know you’d be me to the punch 🙂

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