Prop 8 Redux Ads

Remember that pesky little CA initiative that halted marriage equality on the West Coast?  

Two updates:

First, the public is waiting with bated breathe to hear how the CA Supreme Court will decide the challenge to Prop 8’s validity.  It could come at any time.  The Court is essentially deciding if the Proposition was invalid and, if not, what should happen to the 18,000 couples who were married before the ban? 

Second, if the court upholds Prop 8’s validity (as expected), there will likely be a measure of the CA ballot yet again to reverse the Prop 8 decision.  Such is the joy of California’s ‘power to the people’ system.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Both sides are gearing up for a repeat of the fight.  You may not recall, but the last time around many were critical of the pro-gay marriage gaggle for running ads that never actually included gay people in them.  This time, things are different.  Here are the first two ads of this second go-round.  You may be pleased to note that they decided to use actual same-sex families this time…

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