Work Hangover Help

An informative post at a nifty blog that may be of service to those of you in the working world.  One part of growing up is having friends who begin holding down actual jobs with regular work hours in the middle of the week.  Does that mean that you have to give up Wednesday afternoon beer garden trips on particularly beautiful summer evenings?  No.  Just be prepared for Thursday morning at work…

You had one (or several) too many drinks on a night out with friends, and – at 8 am in the office – you’re really regretting it. Your head is pounding, your mouth feels like sawdust, and you wish your colleagues would tiptoe and whisper when they’re near you. The thought of eating makes your stomach threaten to revolt, so you’ve skipped breakfast.

All you can think about is how you’re going to survive till four o’clock…

I think tip number 10 is important…

10. Don’t Mention The Hangover
It always surprises me how many people will tell colleagues outright “I’m so hungover today”. The last thing you want is for the boss to hear about this … and office gossip can spread fast. If anyone comments on your pallor, just say that you slept badly or that you’re feeling a bit under the weather.

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