Back Soon

Howdy gang.  

I trust the warm weather and beckoning summer is making your every day better than the last.

On my end, I find myself sitting at my desk in the office/workout room.  It is a spot I have gotten to know well over the past few weeks.  

The end of my first year of law school is painfully within sight.  I can taste the freedom, and the wait is quite agonizing.   Already in the books this semester: Trial team tryouts (success!), Legal Writing, Business Law, and Criminal Law.  About 12.5 hours from now I will begin taking my Contracts exam, and then 48 hours after that I will begin my Constitutional Law exam.  That means by noon on Friday, I will nevermore be plastered with the label of “1L.”  It also means that much celebration will come due shortly thereafter.  

I plan to take full advantage of the beautiful Chicago summer.  That likely includes spending long overdue time catching up with you.

I hope you haven’t forgotten me.

6 thoughts on “Back Soon

  1. Thanks all. 🙂

    KU: This summer will include (1)An awesome road trip on historic Route 66 including old-fashioned camping in both the Ozarks and perhaps Southern IL; then (2) Work in Da Mare’s (the Mayor’s) office in the city as a Public Policy Fellow (I can’t get away from the label of ‘fellow’) where I will work on either Olympic planning issue or other random city policy concerns.

    What about you?

  2. Congrats Paul! It’s hard to believe you’re already done with 1L. Once the weight feels fully lifted, we’ll have to get together and talk about how now that you’ve seen them bottom, you have nowhere to go but up 🙂 Have fun celebrating – you’ve earned it!

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