What Would You Do?

Did anyone happen to catch this clip from the ABC series, “What Would You Do?”  You know me, unless its LOST or The Office, I don’t watch any TV shows live.  But, luckily the power of the internet has preserved it for us minimal TV watchers.

Overall, the edited reactions leave me satisfied.  The cultural progress made on this issue has been staggeringly quick in the scheme of things.  It’d be interesting to see how this would have played out in say, Mississippi or Georgia.  But, we’ll settle for a tolerant New Jersey for now. 

Confession: what I most crave is the option to slow dance.  At a wedding, a bar, a concert.  Whenever the mood is right and the urge is there to get close under the dim lights and celebrate being a couple.  We are not quite at the point where two people of the same sex can experience that without strange repurcussions.  Or, I should say, I’m not brave enough to do that yet.

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