This I Believe #6: Humility

Aly, from Port Hueneme, CA:

I am an evangelical Christian. Now, before you reach for the knob to turn down the shrill diatribe you know is coming, let me say this: we’re not all apocalyptic, politics-obsessed maniacs who can’t just shut up and focus on our own damn families. “Evangelical” means “people who love good news,” and even though the word has become synonymous with “people who want to run your life” or “people who think they have a corner on the market of morals,” I choose, probably foolishly, to hope the word can be redeemed and we can once again become good-news lovers, instead of bad-news makers. […]

Our culture applauds conviction and stalwart determination without counting the cost such certainty requires, and then we cry out in fury when a few unwavering, resolute individuals fly a plane into a building. Single-minded resolve is the quality most in demand among would-be terrorists. […]

The truth is, I don’t know. Yes, I have good reasons and great evidence for believing what I believe, religiously and otherwise. But those reasons and evidence don’t add up to certainty, if only for the simple fact that I am human and can be counted on to screw up a time or two before my number’s up. 

Humility is what reminds me we’re all on this bus together, rickety though it may be, and there’s room enough for everyone. Humility reminds me that while we’re all trying to get it right, we must give each other grace to get it wrong. That is the essence of peace. And that is truly good news.

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