IL GOP = No Better

It’s a fact that the national Republican Party is slogging through an identity crisis without an end in sight.

However, what is less apparent (because fewer people pay attention to the politics closer to them) is that the state GOP has had the opportunity stop flailing and buck the trend (names like Blagojevich and Burris are Illionis Democrats, after all), but the state GOP is no different lately.  Kadner put it bluntly…

Conservative Republicans in this state hate moderate Republicans more than they hate the Democrats. […]

Just as Rush Limbaugh would rather see the U.S. economy fail than Obama succeed, it appears there are Republicans who would rather see their party fail than have moderates challenging the Democrats in the 2010 elections.

We have more than two kinds of people in the world, and so two major parties don’t exactly make logical sense.  However, that is the system that has developed over a pair of centuries in the U.S., and it ain’t budging soon.  But if a party commits to an orthodoxy too rigid they are doomed to either change or fail.  That is what is happening here.  My guess is that it will be failure for a bit, and then we will start seeing the change.

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