The Coolness of a City?

Twentysomethings living in the city, a question:  Is it worth it?

My address has had an official Chicago zip code for only 8 months, so I can’t truly make reliable assessments yet.  If pressed I would say that I’m very glad to be here now and understand the opportunities that a city provides in the immediate future.  However, I don’t want this life always.  Or even for all that long.  

I am not a classy person.  In the city, we are all pressured to keep pace with each other in trendiness, even those of us who think we conciously avoid it.  It happens in small ways, like spending more money dining out for food that you really don’t like that much, and big ways, like paying $200 more a month in rent to live 5 blocks further south.

This article makes the same point…

I sold out. I moved to the big city with the enormous rent payments. I took the decent paying job to support my living and partying expenses. Most people I know did the same. Some are content, some are looking for a way out, some are happy. […]

What I now realize from first hand experience is unless you’re an investment banker with semi-realistic plans of retiring at 35 with a couple million; the big city is overrated.

Is it really imperative to live on New York’s Upper East Side, San Francisco’s Marina or Washington D.C.’s Dupont Circle? Why not say “screw you” to the boring job in New York and take the exciting job in Cincinnati, Ohio? […]

Since that is the case, I will not hesitate to choosethe fulfilling, under paying job in a small city rather than grind it out during the week to party until 4a.m. on Friday with the rest of the yuppies in the big city.

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