Special Election

For those living in the 5th Congressional District (Lakeview & Uptown & a lot of places west)…

Special Primary Election to replace Rahm Emmanuel is Tuesday, March 3rd.  Add it to your google calender.  Tie a string around your finger.  Do something.  But vote.  It’s worth it.


1. The media attention on the race has been woefully lacking.

2. That means that very few people will actually make it to the polls.

3.  Consequently, your vote in this election means MUCH more than in others.

4.  The Democratic Primary is essentially all that matters, because no Republican will have a shot in the general in this district.

5.  The winner will likely be one of three contenders: Cook Co. Commissioner Mike Quigley, State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, and State Rep. John Fritchey.  You can begin surfing about those three, and the myriad of other candidates HERE.

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