What Is the Morals of a Gay Person?

Background:  During the Prop 8 debate the Mormon leadership issued official statements saying that they were not intolerant.  Instead, they said that they supported basic rights for gay couples, but simply didn’t want to change the definition of the word ‘marriage.’  

Present Ground: Since Prop 8 was passed, the gay-rights organizations in Utah decided to take the Mormon leadership at their word and propsed 5 bills in the Utah general assembly that provided basic rights for gay couples: health insurance, hospital visitation, transfer of property at death…we are talking basic stuff.  How many pennies are you willing to bet that the Mormon leadership was consistent with their past statements and supported those bills?  

I’ll spare you the trouble:  they didn’t.  As of yesterday all 5 of those pieces of legislation had been killed.  Dead.  Gone.  The Mormon lobby officially opposed the legislation and worked their considerable political capital to ensure the bills destruction.

The death of these gay-rights bills have been big news this week in Utah.  Part of the debate included some truly astonishing comments from Utah State Senator Cris Buttars.  He gave a long interview to a reporter awhile back, with the remarks released this week.  

 Here’s a little snippet, but there is much more…

Some quotes:

Their number one goal is just to proselyte youth. That’s why I threw them out of the schools, I said it’s not a friendship club, that’s a recruiting station. [He is referring to his banning of Gay/Straight Alliance Clubs in all Utah schools]

They’re mean! They want to talk about being nice – they’re the meanest buggers I ever seen. It’s just like the Moslems. 

The underbelly is they do not want equality, they want superiority. … They say we want to be treated just equal. They don’t. And I believe that they’re internally they’re probably the greatest threat to America going down I know of. Yep, the radical gay movement.

And the clincher:

What is the morals of a gay person?  You can’t answer that, because anything goes.

The comments that anger me more than anything else are those that assume that I have zero morality because of an inborn trait.  Interpret the Bible however you wish and attack my sexual orientation as an awful, perverse thing.  But don’t make sweeping declarations about everything that I do and think because of that one trait.   


Future Ground: I fully expect radical groups and organizations to spew nonsense like this.  What continually saddens me though, are when elected officials not only send this out into the world but are then reelected for it.  

In state legislatures, most of the time a single official can kill most pieces of legislation if they are adamantly opposed.  

Men like this have a great deal of control over the policy that affects the lives of the people he despises.  Sad.

3 thoughts on “What Is the Morals of a Gay Person?

  1. Anyone who is paying attention has got to wonder when the Queer Community will gain the DIGNITY to finally say, “You know what, America? You want to EXCLUSE us? Fine. We’re taking our hard-earned TAX DOLLARS with us”.

    “I refuse to be treated like dog poop legally in the U.S.A. in 2009. Period”

    Given that the federal government EXCLUDES our families from U.S. law., why do we continue acting as if things are OK? A heterosexual in the EXACT SAME LEGAL SHOES would have gone to a far more extreme reaction than a mere tax revolt; most “He-Men” Americans would grab their gun if American Law worked tirelessly to demoralize, degrade, and oppress their family.

    We made a GRAVE mistake when we ALLOWED society to be able to vote on our family’s legal worth, along with votes on school levies, bridge construction, and toll roads. That further trivialized our families and children in the eyes of the law.

    We should have rioted in the streets the second things like PROP 8 first appeared.

    F. being “nice”.
    F. being “timid”.

    Are you FED UP with “having to be liked enough” for equality?

    Do you believe equality is OURS TO TAKE and refuse to beg for it?

    Amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression!

    EQUALITY TAX REVOLT – Wednesday, April 15, 2009

  2. Revenue Shortfall protests are the wave of the future!

    That sounds like an awful idea.

    The public sector isn’t the private sector, they’ll get your money eventually.

  3. I agree Kyle. Ill-conceived and counterproductive.

    Isn’t the whole arc of the gay-rights movement an effort to make one’s sexual orientation NOT a radical issue? If so, than advocacy efforts trending toward the radical are steps backward.

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