America Forever

I am coming around to the notion that anti-gay opponents will ultimately suffocate themselves.  I present Exhibit A as evidence.  This advertisement was in the Sunday edition of the largest newspaper in Utah, which is considering a bill that would add sexual orientation to the list of classes protected against discrimination.


Exhibit A



Click the link if you’d like to see a larger version of this cheeriness.  My favorite lines:

“It is our right to not have them part of our lives: in our businesses, living in our basements, barbecuing in our yards, or in common living areas.”

“Gays will have MORE rights than everyone else.”

“Anti-species behavior, as in homosexuality, promotes the use of these natural instincts against it’s own nature and should not be endorsed by law.”

I cannot see how any reasonable swing vote on any gay rights issues would be persuaded by the bonkers approach.  This ad wasn’t put out by the fringe groups, but the heart and soul of the gay rights opposition, a clan called America Forever.

In a related note, they need to work on their ad design.  Creativity is lacking, don’t you think?

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