Zorn on Twitter & Facebook

Eriz Zorn has some quick interesting takes on social networking.  For starters…

1. No, I will not join your network on Linked-In.  I’ve drawn the line at Linked-In. I’m sure it’s a fine service and very valuable to some, but I’m already over maxed out on these kinds of sites. […]

2. Here’s a guess as to how Facebook is going to make money:  Once the service reaches a critical mass of users — and it looks to me as if it’s close — it will offer one or more premium levels of membership. […]

3. I hate Facebook’s “wall.” Actually, what I hate is how I can’t easily respond to what someone writes on wall on my own wall. Instead I’m supposed to click over to the other person’s wall so we can conduct a “conversation” that’s almost impossible for anyone to follow. […]

Should you post about your routine, daily activities [on Twitter]?  I tend not to, but we’ve been involved in a Tribune company round-robin e-mail discussion today about a letter from a reader who argued that too many Tribune Tweeters weren’t coming off like “real” people.

2 thoughts on “Zorn on Twitter & Facebook

  1. if he doesn’t know how to do wall-to-wall, then he is not stalking properly. it is very easy to see what you have said to one another and to respond.

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