4 thoughts on “Imeem

  1. I use both! Imeem has an application on my phone, so that’s how I started with it… I like it, but my heart will always belong to Pandora.

  2. I use imeem all the time, while pandora is pretty good for background tunes I use imeem when control is important. The best thing about imeem is because any user can upload music the library contains things you’ll never find anywhere outside of p2p.

    For example I remember reading about a type of music called Kuduru – which is best described as Nigerian Booty Bass Electro. Nothing on amazon or itunes and the local Amoeba staff just looked at me funny, but typing that into imeem brought up loads of raw unfiltered nigerian techno.
    That’s the real power of imeem, the crowdsourcing of the catalog. Now if only some of the nice people that use youtube for the same thing would find out about imeem, then I wouldn’t be forced to watch fake videos while listening to low quality tranfers of ancient casette tapes.

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