HB 178

Have you heard?  HB 178 was officially filed down in Springfield, a bill which would legalize gay marriage in the state.  Instead of copying a snippet of a news article with details, I figured I would instead post a press release that an Illinois advocacy group issued when they found out.  

As you read this remember that for some, these press releases are the first and only news source that they trust.

I give you the Illinois Family Institute:

A three-fold outrage!

Earlier this month, openly “gay” State Representative Greg Harris (D-Chicago) introduced a bill to legalize homosexual “marriage” (
HB 178). Adding to this outrage is House Speaker Michael Madigan’s (D-Chicago) creation of a new committee — the Youth and Family Committee — which will be chaired by none other than Rep. Harris.

First, please clarify something for me: why on earth are there “quotes” around the word gay?    Is Greg just pretending to be gay because he isn’t brave enough to come out and honestly admit that he is attracted to women?  He has some explaining to do.  

The current co-sponsors of this legislation are: Rep. Deborah Mell (D- Chicago), Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago), Rep. Constance A. Howard (D-Chicago), Rep. Harry Osterman (D-Chicago).

TAKE ACTION — Step 1: Speak up!! Click >>>HERE<<< to send an email or fax to your State Representative today and ask him/her to vote ‘NO’ to the same-sex “marriage” bill or any other legislation designed to subsidize and legitimize homosexual relationships. The government has no business sanctioning and institutionalizing relationships like domestic partnerships or civil unions that undermine the public good and traditional Judeo-Christian morality.

Second clarification: which page of the Bible defines Judeo-Christian morality?  Perhaps,pages 785-804 of the King James version?  My bookmark slipped out.    

Respectfully tell your lawmaker that Illinois’ government should not officially recognize immoral, unhealthy, and changeable homosexual behavior. (Be assured, your calls and emails are very important; legislators take very seriously the number of emails, faxes and calls they receive.)

Yikes, they used some scary words here.  Immoral, Unhealthy, and Changeable.  Changeable is especially important.  The IFI really should package and sell the secret to changing one’s sexual orientation.  They could make a fortune, especially if it is in audiobook format.

Also, they are right that mass communication can effect state legislative votes.  Not usually, but sometimes.  It’s a key difference between state and national politics.

TAKE ACTION Step 2: Click >>>HERE<<< to send an email or fax to Speaker Madigan:

a.) Let Speaker Madigan know that his appointment of an openly “gay” man to the Youth and Family Committee is a slap in the face of every Illinois citizen who believes that the institutions of marriage and family have been defined by God Himself and are not open to revisions.

Wow.  This is one of my favorite paragraphs.  I guess we shouldn’t tell the IFI that there already are a lot of ‘gay’ people who interact with youth and family each and every day.  We wouldn’t want to give ’em too big a shock.   Seriously though, Greg scowls at children that he sees on the street and refuses to interact with any traditional family.  

And thank Jesus that we have the IFI to tell us what God Himself wants.  And luckily it is not debatable, so we don’t have to worry about actually thinking about the merits of each issue. 

b.) Insist that Speaker Madigan be fair and that he call the real marriage amendment — HJRCA 2 — which has been been introduced and reintroduced without even a hearing for 6 years now! This legislation is and has been sponsored by David Reis (R-Olney).


David Reis has always been nothing but nice to me.  And he’s the State Rep of a lovely little southern IL town called Cisne, where I have family.  But he’s way off base on this one (though he is reflecting his constituents).

Let me also remind you that 30 states have given voters a choice on whether to protect marriage as one man and one woman — and 30 states have passed amendments upholding natural marriage — even in liberal California!! Just who’s agenda are these lawmakers promoting?!!

Finally another factual statement.  Yup the anti-gay folk are 30 for 30 on amendments across the country.  But what the IFI fails to include (I’m sure  it was an accidental oversight) is that they have spearheaded 2 attempts to put an anti-gay amendment on the ballot here in Illinois (2004, 2006) and failed both times for lack of adequate signatures.  Hmmm…

In appointing Rep. Harris — an outspoken and proud gay activist, — to the 
Youth and Family Committee, Speaker Madigan has demonstrated his utter contempt for traditional values.

Another true statement; they are on a roll.  Yes, Greg is proud, gay, and active in his community.  He is also outspoken, as opposed to inspoken.

An ‘utter contempt’ for traditional values?  I’ll reserve judgment like that until he passes something like the criminalization of stay-at-home mothers or makes attending church three times a week illegal. 

IFI’s Laurie Higgins has pointed out the problem of having a self-identifying homosexual being appointed to head Chicago Public Schools. Laurie is absolutely correct to point out that: “We must courageously and publicly state that homosexual behavior is profoundly immoral, perverse, anti-family behavior. No one who publicly affirms homosexuality as an immutable, morally defensible identity is fit to oversee a committee dedicated to youth and family. The belief that homosexuality is morally equivalent to heterosexuality is a subversive, ahistorical, unproven, and destructive claim that is not the right of our government to affirm.”

The IFI gets a little off track here, but they should be forgiven because there is a lot of gayness in the news lately.  They can’t keep it all straight (pun very much intended).  In case you missed it, the new Superintendant of the Chicago Public Schools is a gay man.  Apparently the IFI thinks that anyone who doesn’t have a “morally defensible identity” shouldn’t interact with the rest of society.

Religious Freedom??

Finally, to add further insult, the same-sex “marriage” bill is misleadingly titled the “Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act.” This bill will not protect our individual religious freedom to object to homosexuality as public policy. In fact, Georgetown University lesbian law professor Chai Feldblum states that when same-sex marriage is legalized, conservative people of faith will lose religious rights.

Such a solid argument here.  I mean, they even turn the tables and use the words of an actual lesbian to make their case for them.  This is very interesting.  I thought all of us in the gay mafia were totally committed to the cause.  I am going to have to call my Godfather and report this malfeasant lesbian.  This cannot stand.

But anyways, I just figured out a way to counter this argument: I know over 15 straight people who think that same-sex marriage will not infringe on relgious rights.  Whew.  Crisis averted. I saw their argument and raised it by 15.  Game, set, match.

If the General Assembly yields to homosexual activists and enacts this same-sex “marriage” bill, parental rights and fundamental First Amendment speech and religious rights will be eroded.

This is what they call the “The World is Ending” defense.  If gay marriage  happens then no one will have the power of speech.  At all.  We will become mutes.  And thus we cannot pray.  Therefore religion will disppear.  Consequently, the world will end.

There have been numerous civil rights violations in Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, Sweden, and Canada ranging from the denial of parents’ rights to remove their children from explicit homosexual instruction to the denial of a pastor’s speech rights to the denial of private business owners’ right to run their business as they see fit.

Due to special gay “rights” legislation like HB 178, we are facing a showdown: Gay Rights vs. Religious Freedom.

We cannot have both — so which will it be?

Dun Dun Dun Dun Dunnnnn.  Showdown.  Fight to the death.  We cannot co-exist.


Whew.  That was an exhausting read.  I’ll let you decide whether you are persuaded by the IFI reporting or not.  It’s a tough call.

One serious point though.  I’m surprised that Greg actually pushed a marriage bill as opposed to civil unions.  The last I had heard, two weeks ago, was that the civil unions bill was on the docket.  My gut tells me that this is bad news.  We are not likely to pass a marriage bill right now.  Civil unions could have happened.  Not marriage.  And with next session being an election cycle, it won’t happen then either.  

I need to find out exactly what forces conspired to go the marriage route.  Doesn’t quite make sense politically.  When I find out, I’ll let you know.

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