Mr. Steele

The Republicans have just elected a new party leader, former Lt. Governor and Senate candidate from Maryland, Michael Steele.


First, of the 5 or so candidates, I considered Steele the superior choice by a long shot.

Second, the general wisdom is that Steele is the moderate of the group, which is a word that always makes me feel warm and tingly.  Says Marc Ambinder:

If he reverts to form, it means that the RNC has just selected a chairman who will not prioritize social issues above economic issues.  When people speak of broadening the party’s geographic diversity, they are speaking in code. They mean that the party needs to welcome more moderates; needs to be more forgiving of departures from orthodoxy; need to be less antagonistic to pro-choicers and gays.


I remember that my gut reaction to the Sarah Palin pick was similar to this, so I’m ignoring my gut for now.  We will see what direction Steele takes the party, and then decide.

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