Marriage Equality Political Strategy

A debate is brewing between supporters of marriage equality: Should campaign ads feature actual gay people?  

The political consultant answer is No.  The movables of an electorate (the people that may be persuaded) are turned off by the ‘ick’ factor, which is avoided by discussing the issue is general terms of fairness, not by showing actual gay people.  This is the same attack plan used here in Illinois by those pushing civil unions legislation.  So, the prevailing logic has been that ads like this one change minds and win future elections…


Since the Prop 8 mess, however, more people are claiming a need to be honest in the advertizing, featuring actual homosexuals discussing how the ban affects them.   The belief is that the more natural, common, and expected the sight of gay people becomes in American culture, the less they will ultimately be feared.

Personally, I haven’t picked a horse.  My campaigns and elections background gives me a bias toward the first opinion.  As much as the open & honest approach seems more genuine, I have not yet been persuaded that it wins.  Though the political consultant answer hasn’t really won anything either (i.e. not a single state has beat down an anti-marriage amendment yet).

One thought on “Marriage Equality Political Strategy

  1. Perhaps heterosexuals should start an Institution of Mating that does legally acknowledge the existence of mating other than being a sexual offense.

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