The New Pepsi Logo

Any thoughts on the new Pepsi design?  Something about me likes it, though I’m not really able to pack up my opinion with rational thought or actual words.


Here’s a not-so-fan over at Mattress Police

Then there’s the fact that the can looks like something somebody in 1982 might have thought soda cans would look like in 1998. It’s cool! It’s futuristic! It’s badly dated!

The font basically says, “Hey, um. I’m, uh, Pepsi. Do you want to maybe… oh, you’re going with Coke this time? That’s cool.”

6 thoughts on “The New Pepsi Logo

  1. I like the simplicity of the entire thing. Its almost accepting the fact that in the early 2000’s we were over indulgent, even a little too promiscuous. Finally, everyone is starting to see the need to refine a bit and distill the toxicity of the early 2000’s. The blue is not your typical blue. It has a very powdery sheen to it saying hey there…I’m just a pepsi…you care for a sip?

  2. As a lifelong lover of Coca-Cola I am not a fan of Pepsi’s advertising/marketing of anything. However, I am in love with these new cans and I do not know why.

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