This I Believe #2: Faith

Elizabeth, Syracuse, New York:

Every night while my children sleep, I tiptoe into their rooms and rest my hand on their backs, partly to feel them breathe, and partly in hopes that even in their dreams, especially in their dreams, they will feel my presence and know I love them. When I was a child, I thought that God, in some lavish attempt to convince me- a five year old- of his existence, would come down from the heavens, hold me while I cried, kiss my forehead and tell me everything was going to be OK, and then make it so. Now I believe that God is more like that hand on my children’s backs while they sleep. God may very well hold me while I cry, he may kiss my forehead and soflty console, but I must be the one to make it OK. And with him there at my side, his hand resting on my back, feeling my breath, I will. 

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