Arkansas Adoption Ban = Absurd

A NYT editorial this week laid out the blatant discrimination of Arkansas’s recently passed unmarried couple adoption ban.  You can read it HERE.

I’m at a loss to understand how anyone could honestly not find fault with the current policy. To paraphrase the article…


Can someone adopt who was convicted of a major crime, including, say, buying booze for a 14 year old girl?  


Can someone adopt who is single and sleeps with a new person he picks up from the bar every night?  

No problem.

Can someone adopt who is a 55 year old lawyer who has been in a stable relationship with her partner of 25 years?

Absolutely not.  

What if she wants to adopt her granddaughter who has been abused and has nowhere else to go?

Too bad.


I pray it is only a few short years before the folks who voted for this monstrosity cringe at their mistake.

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