DOMA Author Says No More

Former Congressman Bob Barr, the author of the Defense of Marriage Act, says that it needs to go…

I’ve wrestled with this issue for the last several years and come to the conclusion that DOMA is not working out as planned. […]

Even more so now than in 1996, I believe we need to reduce federal power over the lives of the citizenry and over the prerogatives of the states. It truly is time to get the federal government out of the marriage business. In law and policy, such decisions should be left to the people themselves.

2 thoughts on “DOMA Author Says No More

  1. do you think this is a legitimate change in view or a reaction to state after state upholding the idea that marriage is between one man and one woman and a fear that a Democratic Congress might not do the same?

  2. That’s a very good point, and I’m not 100% sure. I remember watching an interview with Bob Barr as little as 4-5 months ago where he seemed to strongly reinforce his personal view that marriage was between one man/one woman. But he always fell back on his libertarian view that the national government shouldn’t play a role.

    A federal gay marriage act is a LONG way away. A federal civil unions act is a little closer (though I still think not anytime soon). I’m banking on a state-by-state progress on this one. You think?

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