Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #1

For me, this was always the gold.  Legendary and Powerful.  It is the one song that gives me that Christmas warmth no matter the performer.   


I wish you the happiest Christmas with whoever you cherish.


Oh Holy Night – Mormon Tabernacle Choir


Oh Holy Night – N’Sync

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7 thoughts on “Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #1

  1. With a boringness level on par with lil drummer boy, not my favorite, but I definitely still approve of this classic – Good pick! You saved your list with your #2 pick, so I was in a much better mood for this post haha.

    I’m going to miss checking in for your countdown…

  2. AC, I figured you young kids wouldn’t like the boringness of many on this list. But us old folks appreciate the relaxed pace of songs like this. 🙂

    Thanks to you (and everyone) for following along on this fun little path the last month.

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