Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #2

Merry Christmas Eve!  In my childhood Christmases of yore, this day was almost better than the real thing, because the giddy anticipation and build up is what I remember now more than anything that actually happened on the 25th.  As the list winds to a close, we return to the type of song that had made many an appearance on this list, born out of the movie industry boon in the first half of the last century.  The list of artists who have covered it is a mile long, but, obviously, this list must include the original artist…the indominable spirit herself.


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Judy Garland

5 thoughts on “Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #2

  1. While I completely agree that this song should be on the list, a little part of me died thinking that Dolly won’t make the list since I’m pretty sure I know your #1, so I’m just gonna throw it out there that Dolly and Kenny should get an honorable mention…

  2. Tres-

    My deepest apologies for your heartbreak. Tonight (or tomorrow night)I plan on posting about my mistakes, additions, and or corrections from the list. Putting it together was an instructive experience, and I certainly may adjust some things if there was a do-over. As always, you are entirely correct.

    LK, you and me both.

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