Senator Franken?


Those who have been following know that there is still one Senate race yet to be decided…dragging on the last month and a half since election day in Minnesota.  For most of that time, Sen. Norm Coleman was up by a handful of votes and appeared to be clinging on to re-election.  However, satirist turned politician Al Franken had been inching closer after the ridiculously complex re-count procedures and now maintains a 48 vote lead.  Things are nowhere near finished just yet, but available challenges are winding down.  Odds are steadily increasing that Al Franken will be the first person to go from SNL to the Senate.  

If you are interested, THIS blog has provided the best coverage of the re-count.

And for those paying very close attention, you’ll note that I both picked that Senate seat to be the closest in the country AND picked Franken to win by a nose.  If this shakes out, I’ll have to readjustment my post-election self-scoring.  It’s a proud day for me.  My plan to one-day become the most accurate (but still inaccurate) worthless talking head takes a baby step forward.

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