The Faces of the CA Proposition

The LA Times profiled two couples in CA.  Each advocating for opposing sides in the Prop 8 struggle .  Each believing that they have a personal stake in the outcome.    The author of each story painted the picture of “Rich white family v. Poor gay couple” a little too neatly.  However,  it still provides a clear contrast, I think, to the arguments being bandied about.


*Abel and Robbie Ferreira

Says the legally married couple…

“The thing that affected me the most was knowing that my grandkids are going to be taught this ungodly and sinful act as if it’s OK,” Robbie said. “I thought from that point on, ‘No. I will fight for them. I don’t have them yet, but I’m going to fight for them.’ “


*Gordy Horton & Christopher Lewis

Says the hopefully still married couple…

“In a lifetime we both spent with no support for any of our relationships . . . it is so great to stand up in front of your friends and family, the state of California and the Pacific Ocean, and have somebody recognize it, appreciate it and celebrate it,” Lewis said. “That’s a huge deal for people like us.”

2 thoughts on “The Faces of the CA Proposition

  1. Looks like a good article, good pictures. Side note: “people like us” (slash “them”/”you”) is always a poor choice of words, no?.

  2. Very good point. Yes, “people like us,” always seems a bit short-sighted to me too. It’s hard to make oneself seem a victim for being boxed in, while willingly putting oneself in a box.

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