Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #4

Wow.  How quickly we reach the low digits.  This classic has made just about every Christmas movie ever because it provides the perfect background music that is both associated with the season and dramatic enough to constitute background music.  It’s unique.  It’s mysterious.  It stirs those memories that ultimately always determine whether a Christmas song is loved or ignored.  There is not a single version I could include to highlight the ideal version, so I’ve included a few…the theme in all of them is the power of the voice, very little (or no) instruments.



Carol of the Bells – Soul Children of Chicago


Carol of the Bells – Tuscon Boys Choir


Carol of the Bells – via Home Alone Soundtrack

2 thoughts on “Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #4

  1. Don’t worry, Trace- this is Paul we are talking about 🙂 I’m more worried that I haven’t seen Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday….

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