Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #7

Apologies again for the latest post yet on the countdown.  This time, it was not caused by excessive celebration the night before.  Nope.  Instead, Kyle and I had to shovel out of our long driveway and get him to the airport in the morning.  Then, I was called up to cover the Governor’s downtown press conference where he emphatically denied all charges, quoted Rudyard Kipling, and promissed to “fight fight fight until my last breathe.”  It was most similar to a backstage WWF interview with a painted face wrestler.  Ridiculous.

Anyway, the next song is the classic theme from arguable the greatest Christmas movie of our generation.  We actually watched it last night, so it is quite fitting that it’s next up.  If you love the movie, then this song matters immediately gets you in the mood.   If not, then this won’t do a thing for you.  But I can’t imagine not loving this masterpiece.


Griswold’s Song – Christmas Vacation soundtrack

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